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Two Dreams


New Year Dream

By SwanFeather
I don't remember many of my dreams. I have worked at this. Asked Spirit and my guides to help me remember them. Journaled the ones I do remember. But, -poof!- they're usually gone as soon as I come to consciousness in the morning. The ones I do remember, therefore, are always very significant for me.

This morning I awoke remembering just a bit of one. Someone, who doesn't register, but it was a nebulous, short, pudgie fellow with glasses, came to me with an envelope. He was almost bouncing with glee. He handed it to me to open, grinning all over. I opened it to find a cashier's check made out to me for exactly $10,050! He told me it was from an old savings account I'd forgotten about. I was thrilled! I could pay off some of those menacing old debts of mine! I was so excited that I woke up.

Now, I have no such old savings account. But I figure something has been stored away for me, blessings of some sort, somewhere, and maybe they will come to fruition. But that amount was so specific. How odd.

Here's to manifestation!

Yippee!!! What an awesome dream. I don't think it is odd at all. You've come through a year full of change and transition - looks like the time is approaching where you'll "cash in"!

Thanks, Cinn and ES!

Now this is really weird. I had to wake up the Old Goober from a nap yesterday and he told me he was having a wonderful dream. He collects Occupied Japan porcelain and bisque figurines. In the dream he was in a little shop in Russia. He was overwhelmed by about 100 pieces that he knew were very rare as he had never seen them in a catalogue. Several were child-sized. He knew he couldn't afford them even though they were priced way under what he knew they must be worth. A gentleman walked into the shop whom he knew as a millionaire. The OG struck up a deal with him that if he (the millionaire) bought them, the OG would resale them on eBay and get a return of twice his money for the millionaire and a healthy sum for himself. I woke him up before the millionaire could respond.

I think these two dreams must be connected. Neither of us dream about money concerns much even though they are constant concerns for us both. Seems there is manifestation and abundance of some sort on the way for both of us!


Two Dreams

By BlackDove
I've had two dreams in the past few days that I feel are important. I've been able to mostly interpret the first one, but the second one is a bit tougher to understand.

In the first dream I was in a house with my mother and there was a tornado warning. I could see several tornados moving in the distance, but then suddenly one appeared out of nowhere and dropped right on the house ripping it to shreds. My mother and I sought shelter behind a couch and debris flew around us, but eventually the tornado passed and we were okay.

Whenever I have a dream involving tornadoes, it usually means that I'm about to experience some form of emotional turmoil within the next day or two. I had this dream on Sunday and last night I got bad news from my mother that my father's health had deteriorated to the point where she can no longer care for him at home and would have to check him into a full-time care facility as early as today. She was very emotional and upset and I did my best to comfort her. Having recently visited my parents over a month ago, I know she made the right choice since it was becoming almost impossible for her to take care of him. But it was still hard on her emotionally.

Then last night after I spoke with her I experienced my own form of turmoil. My wife and I went out for dinner and I accidentally parked somewhere I shouldn't have. We came out of the restaurant and my car was in the process of being towed! I freaked out and raged at the tow truck driver who was trying to be nice and explained he was just doing his job. I had to pay a fine to get my car back and in my rage I really treated him like scum even though he was trying to be understanding. He didn't deserve to be treated that way, and this morning I am full of regret and remorse for my actions. I'm going to see if I can get in touch with him today if I can track him down and apologize for my behavior.

The second dream I had this morning and I'm sure it's related to the events of the past 24 hours, but I'm not sure how to interpret it. I dreamed I was driving in a car with both my parents on a windy mountain road. My dad was driving, but he still suffered from Parkinson's and shouldn't have been behind the wheel. On a sharp curve he lost control and we went over the cliff. The car tumbled in free fall and I bounced around the interior knowing I was about to die. But then I woke up before we hit the ground.

I had a similar dream about twenty years ago that symbolized a dramatic change that was about to happen in my life that changed my entire life path. This one feels different, and I can't tell if it was simply a psychological dream that was based on my current emotional state regarding my parents, or if there is a deeper symbolism to it. Any help would be appreciated.

It seems that this dream would be there to prepare you for your father's health situation.

But the feeling I had when reading this post was not about him at all, there wasn't really a connection to your father so much as though it is something within yourself.

It is about what it is you need to face, it could be about the issues you need to face with your father's health.

It has a strong feeling that there are unseen changes, and turns coming into your life. I am not sure what they are about at this time.

I get a strong feeling you are going to be side swiped somehow, blindsided by something that suddenly comes into your life.

Loss of friend or family that is not your father or a new baby into your life.

The child doesn't have the feel of direct connection that parent child has, it has more of grandparent/grandchild or aunt-uncle/niece-nephew feeling to it.

I am willing to do a reading but you will need to get cards

Get a deck of regular playing cards.

Remove all the 2’s, 3’s, 4’s, 5’s, and 6’s.

Shuffle the remaining 32 cards, and make a wish while shuffling.

If you don’t have a wish, wish for an accurate reading, then the cards will come out on the strongest issues in your life.

Let me know what all 32 cards are.


1 – KD or 1 – king of diamonds
2 – 9s or 1 – 9 of spades

Do this for all 32 cards. Each card and each placement represents something how they are placed will determine the meanings.


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