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Copal - What is it?
By Dragon

Can someone tell me what Copal is exactly? Brian bought some at the pow wow yesterday. They came in a little plastic pouch and they are pebble size pieces and they are rough. They seem to be a very, very light amberish color. I guess they told him it was for clearing negative energies. I was just hoping to get a clearer picture of what it is, how it works and how you use it? I got too many different answers in my online search.

Hi Dragon, Copal is a fossil resin of vegetable origin similar to Amber and it's color ranges from yellow, red to brown and can help stimulate the Crown chakra. The properties of Copal: Used to remove energy blockages and is an excellent stone to help strengthen the body's meridians. I sometimes use this to bring balance to the physical and ethereal body. A good choice for meditation as it assists one to remain focused and aware. It's a familiar stone to healers especially in the European countries. Vibrates to the number 2 Astrological Sign: Gemini.

I'll add to what Lotus shared in saying it is very much like a bleach for energies in the air. I use it if they are feeling contaminated. However it's very strong when burned and you should only do so in a well-vented area or in very small doses. A few grains of it will create strong smoke and aroma. Spare use at first would be my recommendation to get a feel for it. It does clear the air though, in fact, it takes over. It’s used in clearing negative spirits.

Thank you both, I was hoping to not light it at all due to Tyler and I's allergies. Do I have to light it to work or can I do something else to it? Thanks again.

No you don't have to burn it. You could set it out in a dish and let the energies it gives off work on subtler levels. Up high enough so the little one doesn't get at it of course. That way it would be working all the time for you and start to permeate the room on a more gradual level. I burn it when there is a need to clear contamination that is strong.

Thanks Cinn, that’s what I was hoping you would say. Brian was really drawn to it so I was hoping we could still use it. I will set it up tomorrow. Thanks again!

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