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By Wolfspirit

Hey SL, Does anyone know anything about Jasper? I would be interested to hear the purpose/meaning of this stone!

Found this at

Jasper and its properties
Physical properties of jasper:
Jasper is a member of the chalcedony family, part of the quartz group. It is found in a wide variety of shades of red, yellow, green, and brown. Mixtures of two or more colors are also sometimes seen. Jasper has a hardness of 6 1/2 - 7 on the Mohs' scale, and a specific gravity of 2.58 - 2.91.

Metaphysical properties of jasper:
... (see Note on Properties)
Jasper's energies are subtle, and work slowly over time. This quality insures that you will not be over stimulated by jasper. Because of this, it is suggested that jasper be worn or carried for long periods of time. Many people carry or wear jasper all the time. All colors of jasper are said to unify and balance all aspects of your life. Its subtle energies can help restore a continuity of spirit and body that can improve both work and play. Jasper is said to aid quickness of thought, allowing your mind to function with less distractions and aiding clearness of thought. It is also said to help dispel negative energies and reduce stress. These qualities make jasper an excellent choice for executives and others in the business world.

The different colors of jasper also are said to have specific qualities of their own:
Brown Jasper is attuned to the energies of the Earth. This quality can help you find stability and balance. It is said to help your body cleanse itself from the negative effects of environmental pollutants and other toxins. This cleansing effect is said to improve the skin and also stimulate the cleansing organs such as the liver and kidneys. Wearing this color jasper can also help you become more in tune with the Earth. This quality can lead to greater environmental awareness and help remind you to strive to lower the amount of pollution you generate. This quality of brown jasper makes it a good choice for those wishing to quit smoking. Brown jasper is said to retain memories of the past, making it an excellent choice for those wishing to relive past events through regression or analysis. By reliving these events, the negative energies associated with them can be dispelled, allowing you to overcome them and move forward with your life.

Green Jasper is said to help balance the factors in your life. Its subtle energies allow you to stop concentrating on one aspect of life at the expense of the others. It can serve to remind you that the whole is a result of all of the parts. Green jasper is especially beneficial to the heart and upper torso, the digestive tract, and the cleansing organs. Its energies work slowly, over time to help restore harmony to these areas.

Red Jasper is closely tied to the blood and circulatory system. Its gentle energies are said to aid in detoxifying the blood and liver. Its subtle energies are stimulating, and an excellent aid to overall health. Red jasper is also thought to increase awareness of problems, allowing you to take action before these problem become a real threat.

Yellow Jasper is said to be helpful to the endocrine glands and the cleansing organs. It can make you feel more energetic, stronger, and in better physical condition. Yellow jasper is said to amplify positive energies, and this can help your thoughts assume a more positive light. Thoughts can and do have a dramatic effect on your overall physical and mental well-being.

Jasper and synergy:
Jasper, and especially red jasper, is a good choice for those born during the The Moon of Growth - (20 Apr - 20 May.) Those born during the moon of growth often find themselves in situations of rapid change, and jasper's grounding and balancing abilities can help them cope with these influences. Jasper can also help those born during this period see all sides of an issue, often helping them take the appropriate action before a minor problem becomes a major one. Jasper is a good stone for those born under the zodiac sign of Taurus.

Hi Wolfie, I like working with Jasper, as a matter of fact one of my last creations was made from Picture Jasper. SEDD has shared some wonderful information on Jasper and if I may, I would like to add a little more ...In addition to the properties common to Jasper that SEDD has shared, there are specific types of Jasper stones that possesses further qualities: Arizona Lizard Stone Jasper - Astrological Sign: Gemini Vibrates to the number 8 Colors range from light to dark green and this stone is used to promote healing on all levels. Healers often use this stone to assist in the release of causes of dis-ease. It's also a great stone for the removal of energy blockages. Bat Cave Jasper - Astrological Sign: Sagittarius

Vibrates to the number 6 Bat Cave Jasper appears is some magnificent colorings ranging from a deep chocolate Brown to a lighter shade of brown/tan. It can be used to facilitate a very deep state of meditation and to assist one in the attainment of centering "self." It is often used by those who enjoy astral plane travel. It is said, Bat Cave Jasper enhances night vision.

Bruneau Jasper - Astrological Sign: Gemini Vibrates to the number 7 Bruneau Jasper occurs in a variety of color combinations of browns and ivory. The structure of this particular Jasper stone exhibits a smooth flowing circular or oval pattern resembling an eye or an infinite passageway to beyond reality. It's very neat to spend time just gazing at the stone. It allows one to "inter-connect" with all worlds especially during astral travel. This is a great stone to help enhance your expressiveness and to bring balance to those erratic emotional states.

Picture Jasper - Astrological Sign: Leo Vibrates to the number 7 I love this stone and its wonderful color combinations. This is a mystical looking stone that exhibits hidden messages and/or pictures from the past. If you are seeking more harmony in your life, this would be an excellent stone to have. Picture Jasper from the vicinity of Biggs, Oregon is one of the most beautiful picture jaspers providing scenes from the Earth and is known as the stone for "Global Awareness." It emits an energy which promotes the spiritual affinity to achieve a perfect accord between humanity and nature. There is also an unusual form of "Biggs" Jasper known as "Biggs Blue" that has an added property which promotes understanding of the actual advanced technology of ancient civilizations. I have never seen this particular stone but it sounds magnificent. Picture Jasper helps bring hidden thoughts, griefs, fears and hopes to the surface so that one may face the cause of disorders.

Red Jasper - Astrological Sign: Taurus Vibrates to the number 6 Another good stone for meditation, can help rectify unpleasant situations and can facilitate the reiteration of dreams to help the dreamer to remember.

Rose-Eye Jasper - Astrological Sign: Capricorn Vibrates to the number 8 This one is often used to provide protection. It can be of further assistance in all areas of dispersing.

Royal Plume Jasper - Astrological Sign: :Leo & Virgo Vibrates to the number 9 Fabulous stone to help stimulate the crown chakra. Often used to stabilize emotions and treat disorders associated with mental instability and loss of memory.

Glad to see all this as I was going to say which one cause there is so many different kinds of Jasper to choose from. one could become dizzy trying to list them all. Lots of arrowheads were made from jasper.

*Green jasper is reputed to be able to improve the sense of smell and also overcome depression, bringing stillness to a troubled mind. Red jasper is known to contain iron oxide which is used medically to control excessive bleeding for this reason, it is claimed, it can be useful i overcoming disorders of the blood and even in reducing a tendency to hemorrhage. *Green jasper elixir is used to promote healing on all levels and aligns intuitive forces.

*Scott Cunningham: Folk names: Gug (ancient Assyrian), Rainbringer (American Indian. Helaing, Protection, Health, Beauty.

Ritual Lore: American Indians utilized jasper in rain-attracting ceremonies, hence its name 'rainbringer.' It was also used by the early inhabitants of the United States in divination. A green jasper which had been engraved with the image of a dragon surrounded by rays was worn by an ancient Egyptian king, Nechepsus, to strengthen his digestive tract.

Magical Uses: Jasper is a common stone, an opaque variety of chalcedony, which is a form of quartz. Found in a wide range of colors--red, brown and green being quite common--it has been used in magic since the earliest times. Generally worn or carried to promote mental processes and to restrain dangerous desires or whims which could lead to hazardous situation. It is also a protective stone, against both physical and nonphysical hazards. A piece of jasper held in the hand during childbirth guards the mother and child. It is also worn to relieve pain, especially during childbirth. Perfectly carved arrowheads of jasper are worn to attract luck to its wearer.

Each color has its own corresponding magicl nature and uses:

Red: Projective, Mars, Fire. Engraved with images of lions or archers and carried to guard against poison and to cure fevers. A fine protective stone, it is utilized in defensive magic, for it sends negativity back to the original sender. It is also carried or used during healing and health spells. Worn by young women to promote beauty and grace.

Green: Receptive, Venus, Earth. This is a healing amulet and health talisman. Ring green candles with green jasper to promote the body's healing or to ward off ill-health. Wear to halt hallucinations and to promote restful sleep. It is also worn to become more sympathetic to others' emotional and mental states.

Brown: Receptive, Saturn, Earth. Wear for centering and grounding, especially after heavy magical ritual, psychic or spiritual work. If you tend to live with your head in the clouds to the point of endangering your physical life, wear a brown jasper.

Mottled: Projective, Mercury, Air. Wear for protection against drowning. It is said to be especially potent for this purpose when carved with the image of an equal-armed cross, representing the powers of the four elements, of foundation and control

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