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Lapis Luzuli
By GreyWolfTribe

I have a stone that I purchased a few months back. It's called Lapis. Its oddly shaped like Africa and it appears to have the colors of the earth as it would appear when looking down on the earth from space. When I hold this stone it gets very warm but when my friend holds it, it was cold. Why would the stone carry different temperatures? Also, the stone draws people to it. I had it sitting on my desk and my son was sitting at my desk he looked at the stone and said he is very drawn to it like it has the energy of the earth. My husband carries it in his pocket with him to work every day. I have collected many different stones in the past but none have ever had this impression on so many people. Are certain stones meant for certain people the same way as animal totems, astrological signs etc.? The most unique thing about the stone is when I am holding it I feel as though I can bend it. I never feel like the stone is going to break, only like it is bending in half. And of course it cannot bend.

Isn't that a great stone? Ahhh... I carry mine around right now, wherever I go. It is just great! When you have an affinity for stones they work great. Every stone works differently for different people. Right now for me it is the Malachite, a wonderful looking green stone, and my Lapis Lazuli.

Wiseowl, You are totally connected to these rocks and stones. I went to your board and there I found a wealth of information about stones and crystals of many kinds. I feel as tho many of these rocks and stones speak to you. You understand these objects as you understand your own body. Within you exists a higher understanding of the connection between all things great and small. Your name is true to who you really are. I knew my spirit was being elevated while I was reading your board. Thank you. I will spend much time learning from your board and I will pass this on.

Thank you, GreyWolfTribe! High praise indeed. Yes, I have a connection to Mother Earth and Stone People, and Runes. ....and yes, I have the right name! *Smiles* My owl has been with me for many years and has taught me a lot, and I am her and she is me!

Thank you for sharing your insights. Owl is not one to toot her own horn and she has much to share so perhaps now we'll find a way to draw those teachings out of her on a larger scale at her site. It's like having a library at our disposal to scoot over there and check out the resource information she provides.

Hi guys When i bought my Lapis I was told that it is a very powerful stone that can act in many different ways both as protection and healing and that if you could only carry one stone this would be the one to carry for all-round well-being and protection. Does anyone have any thoughts on this?

Unregistered Guest:
It’s a stone I love as cat is actually named after it (she is a blue spotted cat)

Sorry, I should have reacted a bit faster to your question. First, here is what I have written on my site about it: It promotes healing, love, joy, fidelity, psychism, and gives the wearer protection and courage. It is an uplifting stone and will boost your psychic awareness and promote gentleness in the wearer. Also: Improves emotional, physical, spiritual, and psychic conditions. Works best with a water cleansing or the moon. Writing and creativity. It's a cooling stone, it helps to draw fevers out of the body. It calms the nervous system, helps with anxiety and insomnia. It can soothe autism. It also aids with speech and hearing difficulties. Its vibrations are so high that it is best used by people who are on a dedicated spiritual path. Besides all this I have found it is also great to get rid of bad feelings in the Solar Plexus. It happened to be the stone that helped me pull all the bad stuff out!

Represents tenderness, sympathy, and love. Long used as the lucky birthstone for those born in December. Virtue of giving the owner power to transmit love to another person. Effective in treating toncillitis. Its impact extends to the larynx and bronchial passages. Releases buried emotions and anxieties. Improves meditation. Ancient Egyptians called this 'The Stone of Heaven' and it is thought by many to be the stone upon which were carved the laws given to Moses. It is said that it has the power to prevent fits and epilepsy and to improve the eyesight.

Scott Cunningham: Receptive, Venus, Water, Isis, venus, Nuit, Gold, Healing, Joy, Love, Fidelity, Psychism, Protection, Courage.

Ritual Lore: Timeless associations with kings and queens. In ancient Sumer the stone was closely associated with the deities in genera. Carrying it, its possessor bore the potent magical power of a deity, for the stone contained the force behind all divinity. Some said the stone contained the soul of the deity, who would "rejoice in its owner." It was a popular substance for cylinder seals in Sumer. These were small round stones deeply carved with images of deities as well as their symbols. Cylinder seals were used as "signatures" by pressing the carved stone onto wet clay documents and were also prized as amulets and talismans. Some believe that lapis, a beautiful royal blue stone with flecks of iron pyrite, combines the influences of Venus and Mars since pyrite is ruled by Mars. This isn't too convincing as the pyrite content is minimal and, in some pieces, is virtually nonexistent.

Magical Uses: A rather expensive stone, is healing and soothing. Simply touching the body with this stone improves your mental, physical, spiritual, psychic and emotional condition. It is used specifically to alleviate fevers and diseases of the blood. Strengthens the eyesight if habitually worn. Held in the hand during any healing ritual, or placed around blue or purple candles, the stone helps the magician focus energy toward the magical outcome.

If performing a healing ritual for a friend, hold the stone and visualize the sick person as a healed, healthy, and whole human being. Visualize the energy streaming into the stone and, thus magnified and specified, onto the person. An uplifting, spiritual stone. Its deep blue color reflects its peaceful vibrations. Useful for relieving depression and promoting spirituality, and it is a fine meditative stone. Stimulates gentleness in its wearer. This stone is used in rituals designed to attract spiritual love. Take an un-tumbled piece of lapis with a sharp edge. Empower the stone and a pink candle with your need for love. Then, using the lapis, carve a heart onto the candle. Place the stone near the candleholder and burn the candle while visualizing a love coming into your life. Considered a potent fidelity charm, it is worn to strengthen the bonds that have grown between lovers. Perhaps its most common use today is to strengthen psychic awareness. It breaks the hold of the conscious mind on the subconscious (psychic) mind and allows intuitive impulses to become known. Wearing a necklace of lapis beads or holding a piece in your hand enhances your awareness of these often difficult-to-perceive impulses. To generally increase your psychic awareness, wear lapis every day. Or use it only when scrying, gazing, consulting the stone tarot or otherwise utilizing symbols which speak to the psychic mind. Remember: such divinatory acts and the rituals associate with them are usually 'tricks' which are designed to relax the conscious mind. A protective stone, especially for children. In contemporary India, lapis beads are strung on gold wire. The resulting necklace is worn by children to ensure health, growth and protection. It was once place around children's necks to drive away frights and disturbing fantasies. This courage-inducing influence is also utilized by adults and is perhaps due to lapis lazuli's psychic and protective qualities. Despite its somewhat higher price, it is one stone every stone magician should own and utilize.

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