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By Walks With

photo ©: Mario Hendriks 2006

"You're walking barefoot along the beach with the Ocean roaring loudly at your side. Your face is turned up to the sky, watching a storm dance above you. As your attention is drawn back to the Ocean, you stand still to look out at the dark waves crashing towards your feet. A loud rumble of thunder resonates around you, followed by a brilliant bolt of blue-white lightning, that strikes the sand 10 metres from where you stand. You're amazed at the intensity you feel as you slowly wander toward the site where the lightning hit.."

Fulgurites are created by lightning striking sand with such energy that the sand is melted into a type of natural glass.They are hollow, tubelike formations that are not true crystals.The inside is smooth, the outside has a sand texture. Fulgurites are very fragile.

Many use Fulgurite as a type of "Prayer-pipe". Thought I'd share this with you all. I was lucky enough to come across one last week, that has now joined our family.

Vicki EastTexas:
Great post WalksWith! My mom lives in Florida in an area that is known for a high number of lightning strikes. I'll have to remember to walk on the beach the next time I'm down there and see if I can find one.

I am sure that if we had sand in our back yard we would have had a Fulgurite made the other night. There was a strike of lightning so close it made all of us jump six feet. (Especially the poor cat, she is very frightened of thunder). How thick are they? I think I might have seen one before but not sure.

They sound beautiful. I'll have to remember to look for them when I'm in shops that sell stones. Isn't it amazing how things come into being through nature and the elements? It seems Spirit is always showing us how to mix them somehow.

They're not overly thick Lune. Think of an Earthworm as the size of the inside, with a sandy casing around it. The one I have looks like the base of a tree tree trunk with branches growing from it.

Greetings and Thank you! I thought that was a movie trick. In a love story my girls watched the guy makes a business out of fulgurite. The girls are still sleeping I will try and get the name of the movie for movie buffs…The film is called "Sweet Home Alabama" with Reese Witherspoon.

I was given one of these on my return to England in 2011, it included details of where it came from. Amazing piece of artwork from the Creator. I watched that movie at the weekend Tarra, interesting wtching him putting the lightning rods all along the beach.

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