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By ElkWoman

Can anyone tell me about this stone as there is one i'm drawn to that is for sale only a few hours left! the stone looks light bluish with a hint of pink.

I don’t have much personal experience with opal but I have a reference here that may be helpful. Of course, my favorite thing is to just ask the stone LOL. Opal: Harmony is the accent on the emotional, mental, and psychic level. In it's red/orange (fire), black, jelly blue and white/yellow forms, it's impact is accented for different body areas, acting as a regenerator. Opal is known to emphasize the prevalent tendency of a person, positive or negative. (affects 4th chakra and up)

Opal should be used with caution if it is not your birthstone. It both attracts and reflects your energy signature energies and it can scatter energy if it is not worn with focus. It is a stone that is a blessing for sure, but also a bane if you are careless with it.

From my notes:
To some opal has the reputation of being an unlucky stone. This could actually be because it is supposed to induce daydreaming in the wearer--and daydreaming can be detrimental if it causes the loss of a sense of reality. Daydreaming, however, can also equal inspiration -- and the dreamer may spend his 'lost time' formulating plans and ideas which will have rewarding results, or visualizing a piece of creative work which will later bring beauty to others as well as himself.

Dark Opal: This opal affects the ovaries, testicles and pancreas as well as helping to release depression and acting as a grounding element for the emotional body. With this elixir the thought force is amplified.

Light Opal: Helps ease autism, dyslexia, epilepsy and visual problems. Helps the individual who is seeking higher inspiration.

*Scott Cunningham: Projective/receptive; all planets; all elements,
deity: cupid;
Herb: bay;
Powers: astral projection, psychism, beauty, money, luck, power.

Ritual Lore: To many the opal is a stone of misfortune, sorrow, and bad luck. This is a modern idea, however, and is untrue. A reference by Sir Walter Scott in his novel "Anne of Gierstein" to the misfortune associated with an opal is the cause of this unfounded idea.

Magical Uses: The opal contains the colors as well as the qualities of every other stone. As such it can be 'programmed' or charged with virtually every type of energy and used in spells involving all magical needs. In the past opals were used to create invisibility. The gem was wrapped in a fresh bay leaf and carried for this purpose.

Usually, stones (and herbs) linked with invisibility were actually used to promote astral projection, and the opal is ideal for this purpose. There isn't room here to describe the various techniques used to consciously separate the astral body from the physical, so consult a standard book such as Denning and Phillip's "Astral Projection" published by Llewellyn Publications. Opals are worn during astral projection for protection as well as to facilitate the process. They are also used to recall past incarnations. Hold the opal in your hands and gaze at it. Move your attention from color to color within the opal until contact with the psychic mind is achieved. Once this occurs, go into the past. The stone is favored by many to develop psychic powers and is often worn in jewelry for this purpose. Earrings are ideal. Opals are also worn to bring out inner beauty.

A beauty spell: Place a round mirror on the altar or behind it so that you can see your face within it while kneeling. Place two green candles on either side of the mirror and light them. Empower an opal with your need for beauty--while holding the stone, gaze into your reflection. With the scalpel of your visualization, mold and form your face (and your body) to the form you desire. Then, carry or wear the opal and dedicate yourself to improving your appearance.

Fire Opals are often used in drawing money. They can be carried or placed beside green candles which are burned during visualization. If you own a business, place a fire opal within the gilding after empowering it to be a magnet to draw customers. Black Opals are prized by magicians and Wiccans as power stones. They are often worn in ritual jewelry designed to increase the amount of power aroused and released from the body during magic. And finally, due to its flashing colors and beautiful, unique appearance, the opal is a luck-bringing stone. Unlucky for all except those born in October. Originally it was attributed with the power to give wealth and beauty to its owner, even the ability to become invisible. It is known to grow dull if it is unlucky for the wearer. This quality makes it a symbol of infidelity or fickleness. The milky-looking opals are symbolic of sadness, melancholia, and a subsequent turn toward seclusion and prayer.

Thanks Cinn.

Sorry it's taken me so long to reply to you Usagi, I haven't been on much. I hope this helps a bit, Opal is a beautiful crystal to work with! From Crystal Awareness Guide, by Legion of Light: Opal stimulates pineal and pituitary glands. Aids eyesight. Emotional balancer. Enhances intuition. The full spectrum of colors resonates with all chakras. Helps conscious connection with highest aspects of being. Chakra(s): heart and others, depending on color. From Gemstone Feng Shi, by Sandra Kynes: This gemstone takes its name from the Sanskrit word upala, meaning "precious stone," as well as the Greek word opallios, "change of color." In ancient Rome it was called opalus. Containing as much as 10 percent water, the opalescence, or "play of color" is produced by miniscule spheres of silica. Along with the water, these tiny spheres create different rates of light diffraction. The more aligned the silica spheres, the more brilliant a stone's "fire". If the stone is heated at high temperatures, the transparency of the stone and its background color also affect the overall depth of color. Six thousand year old artifacts found by Louis Leakey are the earliest known use of opal. Ancient Greeks and Romans prized the use of opal and its value was greater than diamond. The Romans nicknamed it " Cupids stone" because its color can be evocative of a sensuous complexion. The Aztecs also used and valued opals. During the 14th century plague years, the opal became known as a stone of bad luck. It was said that the stones of those who wore it and died changed color. It is now thought that the fairly rapid change of temperature in the wearer's body (from high fever to cold after death) may been enough to cause an opal to change color. An opal that has a fracture can easily break, a fault that added to this gemstone's connection with bad luck. Opal has been called the "stone of visionaries" The Greeks believed that it had powers of prophecy. The Romans saw it as a symbol of hope. Opal attracts inspiration, insight, and stimulates a wider vision. Some believe it enhances clairvoyant abilities.

Associations: Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, throat, third-eye and crown chakras, Mercury, yin.

From Love is in the Earth, by Melody: Elemental Astrological signs of Cancer, Libra, Pisces & Scorpio. The intrinsic properties of the numerous forms of opal include the amplification of ones traits and characteristics, therefore, providing impetus to overcome the lesser attributes. It helps one to recognize and to feel the creativity which is within the self, providing inspiration and imagination to all situations. It furthers clean, true and spontaneous action, enhancing that which one is feeling and allowing for the release of inhibitions. It can be used to strengthen the memory and to instill faithfulness and loyalty with respect to love, personal afflictions, and business relationships. It has been used to assist one in becoming "invisible" in circumstances where one does not wish to be noticed. It brings one a quality of "fading-into-the-background" when the energy is so directed. It is known as a stone of happy dreams and changes, the happy dreams arising from the understanding of personal higher potentials coupled with the glad acceptance of ones inherent perfection. The happy changes emanate from those events and situations which allow ones aspirations to surface. This mineral has been used to awaken both the psychic and mystical qualities. It helps one to understand the higher powers of intuition and mysticism and to utilize these powers to enhance personal understand and personal experiences in the realms of the sacred and avant-garde aspects of being. Opal which exhibits a spectral of color, commonly called "fire" contains tiny spheres of silica; it can also be used to encourage flashes of intuition and insight. The ancients believed that the storm god, jealous of the beauty of the rainbow god, broke the rainbow-pieces of the rainbow falling to the Earth to become a part of the opal which exhibits the appearances of the "rainbow fire". The "fire" represents a glowing inner flame, producing a gentle vitality to stimulate ones pursuits in the spiritual realm, and assisting in the alignment between the spiritual self and the psychic and astral planes.

Opal has been used by the Native American Indian and the Australian aboriginal shaman to invoke visions; it has also been used during the Native American ceremony of the visions quest, and by the Australian aborigines during ceremonial "dreamtime". It can be used to disperse infections, to purify the blood and the kidneys, and to regulate insulin production. It can also be used in the treatment of disorders of vision and the eyes, to alleviate fevers, and to stimulate circulatory functions. It can be used to clarify and to strengthen the eyesight, to assist in the recovery from Parkinson's;s dis-ease, and to provide comfort and ease during childbirth. Vibrates to the number 8.

I just started wearing mine again recently and was looking in the mirror yesterday to see it "catch fire" it was glowing so radiantly! I had to smile when I saw your post Katt, thanks!

Wonderful post, (((Katt))) very information and I enjoyed reading what you shared. If I may I would like to add a little more information about the Opal. There are a variety of Opals available, each one reflecting their own properties. Here are but a few properties of each one ...

Andean Opal - contains a swirling of pink, black beige and sometimes blue. Used to activate the heart chakra while providing centering and grounding.

Black Opal - this particular color can vary from black to grey and usually displays an spectral of color. The Black opal is another excellent grounding stone and can be used for "gazing" ... insights into matters of the past, present and future.

Black Plume Opal - Sufi Dancers are attracted to this Opal for stabilization of dizziness and for promoting clairsentient.

Blue Opal - ranges in color from blue-white to deep blue. It is a beautiful stone and I wear mine to help bring balance to my metabolism.

Boulder Opal - shades of brown sometimes depicted with "fire" image provides a connection to the stars facilitating communication between the Earth plane and the "star people."

Boulder Matrix Fire Opal - found in Queensland, Australia, is known as a stone of purity and intensity. It brings forth mental and emotional balance. Cherry Opal's color ranges from orange-red to pink-red. Used to stimulate, to activate and to cleanse the base and sacral chakras.

Common Opal - color ranges vary including white, white to green, green, grey, grey to black, purple, brown and even colorless. It contains "no fire." Used to increase ones’ ability to both earn and retain money. Also used to balance the male/female energies and the chakras within the body.

Dendritic Opal - this can be any form of opal. Its markings are what makes this opal intriguing ... the dendritic formation is a branching figure or marking resembling moss, a fern or a tree.

Fire Opal - ranges in color, red - orange and contains the spectral of color called "fire." The energy is conducive to mystery, variety, progress and change.

Golden Opal - red - orange in color. It is often used to activate the crown chakra and to provide for the alignment of chakras with the ethereal plane. A good stone to remove negative vibrations from the chakras.

Green Opal - used to promote a relaxed state similar to meditation.

Honduran Opal - this opal exhibits properties of stability and enhancing the flow to and from chakra centers.

Opalized Nature - consists of opalized shell, naturewood, limb casts, bot, etc. Each one differs but in general they are used to assist one in progression toward ones destiny. Pink Opal ranges in color from pink and white to lavender and cream. Sometimes called the "peppermint candy stone." Similar to the color ray of pink, it is used to enhance love and non-violence.

Red Opal - used to stimulate positivity and reduce hostility and offensive behavior. Also has been used in body balancing.

White Opal - another amazing stone, colored as a milky white containing a spectral of color. It can be used to stimulate the crown chakra and brings a sense of peace and calmness.

Water Opal - is colorless and clear with a spectral of color suspended within the structure.

Another stone that can be used for "gazing." I think I have captured them all

Wooooooooow! How wonderful!!! Thanks a lot for the gorgeous information, Ghostkatt and Lotusbud. My eyes are glued to brilliant opals which are exhibited in the 'Ghost and Lotus' jewelry museum. They are like a meteor shower. I feel so happy!

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