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Smoky Quartz & Healing
By Lotus

You may be interested in trying this. Several months ago while working on a client one of my Guides suggested I try using a smoky quartz to help remove toxins and extract painful/blocked energy from my client's knees and ankles. I placed one under each of her ankles and another on top of each knee. The result was impressive, her pain eased and she continues to use quartz crystals when the pain returns. I had forgotten about this until last night when she called me. During the past few weeks, I have been having difficulty with my right foot and after our conversation, I felt guided to give myself a Reiki treatment and to use a smoky quartz. It wasn't long before relief set in. Today, my foot feels a little better and I will continue on and let you know what happens. If you are experiencing pain you might want to give this a try and see what results you get.

A note about the smoky quartz: This is an excellent stone to use for removing psychic debris, entities and unresolved past issues. Many healers use this crystal to draw negativity out of the body.

Woohoo! Great timing Lotus, and I'm sure I'll be giving this a go!

I have a large, single terminated smoky quartz crystal, about 3 or 4 inches long, and wished I could find it. Its been missing for a few years. Maybe I should ask the pendulum to locate it, as my joints have been bothering me from the antibiotics.

Why not give that a try Mizz, the pendulum may be the perfect tool to help you locate your crystal. I am curious, did you by any chance move during the time you lost the crystal?

Moved rooms, possibly, I got a general room that it may be in, but its full of dads kitchen stuff and Christmas stuff. I asked if it was in my bedroom, but got a maybe, then a yes for that storage room. I acquired it from the trunk of an old camaro we got, but that was back in the day when I was clueless to its attributes.

You might want to check out your storage room Mizz, and if there are any open boxes or containers, it would be a good idea to have a peek. Good luck.

Smoky quartz is wonderful for drawing out pain as well as negativity. I have a smoky quartz ring I wear when pain is driving me nuts and it helps.

I have a nice cluster of smoky quartz. I put in in my fountain & I was shocked to see that the dark color has faded & it has clear places now. This was after several years of it being in the water. I removed it from the fountain when I was cleaning it. I did not realize that water would change it. The cluster is now part black & clear. I was kinda bummed to have this happen to that cluster. It seems that this cluster was not as solid as I thought it was. It came from Montana near Lolo pass. Can Quartz be dyed? I did not think so. It was still covered in the dirt it came from at the time of purchase. I washed it up & it was very black in color, now it is not. To many years in a fountain I guess. The fountain is an outdoor one. So maybe the weather & all that water had it's way with it? I have often ponder this & wondered have you had anything like this happen?

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