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Tiger's Eye/Tiger's Iron
By BearInMind

The Little People took my Red Tigers Eye this morning. It was in a plastic baggie on my bed. When I went to pick it up, all that was there was the empty baggie. Oh well... *sigh* So I have a few different Tigers Eyes, and was gifted with a Tigers Iron recently. I thought I'd share some information I found on it; if anyone has other stuff to add, that would be great!

Insight into self; intellectual stimulation; lifting the spirit; luck; mental clarity; mouth troubles; positive outlook; prosperity; prostate; psycho-somatic pain; public speaking; self-expression; self-image and confidence; shyness; smell (to increase sense of); solar energy stone; strength; success; tension (emotional); thinking (improve); throat trouble; ulcers; vitality; wealth; will power Emotional balancer, grounding, centering. Enhances connection with personal power and will. Helps soften stubbornness, slightly masculine energy. Enhances clear perception and insight. Tiger's Eye is wonderful to work with the energies for Balancing, Connection with feelings, emotions and Grounding. Helps bring good feelings and to alleviate depression. Tiger Eye - psychic protector, great for business, helps achieve clarity. Provides Insight + Assists in Attunement + Brings Optimism + Promotes Intuitive Impressions

Grounding, vitalizes, strengthens, especially for the physical body. Alleviates fears associated with survival. Assists in manifesting ideas/dreams/projects. Enhances creativity through meditation, good for motivation on all levels. Prompts artistic abilities and brings out creativity plus stimulates physical vitality. Protection; strength.

Passion; positive outlook; practicality' sensuality; vitality.

Personal Will Power

It is claimed that the tiger's eye will counteract feelings of hypochondria and the onset of psychosomatic illness, and will also give a feeling of self-confidence and belief in himself to the wearer, thereby inducing increased self-knowledge. This stone is also believed by some to be of assistance in healing eye diseases, but there is little support to be found for this claim and it could be that the reputation arouse merely because of the name of the stone itself. Works on the adrenal glands and cleanses the bowel and bladder areas.

Scott Cunningham: Projective, Sun, Fire, associated metal is gold; Powers: Money, protection, courage, energy, luck, divination

Ritual Lore: Roman soldiers wore tiger's-eye engraved with symbols for protection during battle.

Magical Uses: Tiger's-eye is a fine stone for promoting wealth and money. They are also carried for protection against all forms of danger. a tiger's-eye cabochon set in gold is a fine protective ring or pendant. ruled by the Sun and possessing a golden flash of light, tiger's-eye is worn to strengthen convictions and create courage and confidence. This is a warm stone, and it promotes energy flow through the body when worn. It is also beneficial for the weak or sick. Sit outside on a sunny day. Hold a tiger's-eye in your hands and gaze at the flashes of light. Still your conscious mind and look into the future. Or, use the stone as a tool to delve into past lives.

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