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By CinnamonMoon

Meteorite: *Scott Cunningham:
Folk names: aerolith, aerolite
Projective and associated not with planets but the universe itself. Elements of Akasha and Fire. Deity: the Great Mother. Associated stones: peridot and diamond.

protection and astral projection. Ritual Lore: Meteorites have long been held in fascination by humans. They have been thought to be gifts from the gods and goddesses. Certain meteorites, such as the Kaaba stone in Mecca and a stone thought to represent the Great Mother Goddess of Phrygia, have been worshipped as symbols of divinity.

A four-ton stone has been revered in China as a holy object since the 1200's. The stone, shaped like a crouching ox, resides in a Buddhist shrine. Recently, however, a team of Chinese geologists studied the stone and determined it to be a meteorite that landed about 1,300 years ago. The stone is no longer worshipped. In Babylon the meteorite was a powerful magical protectant. It was thought to remove all evils due to its strange appearance and the 'roar of its awful might.' Peridot is often found in meteorites.

I held a small cut meteorite recently and studied the green peridot crystals that were packed inside it. The stone was worth about $3,000, so it didn't go home with me. Recently, tiny diamonds were found inside meteorites that fell in Mexico in 1969--the first discovered that had formed off our planet. At one place or another on Earth, meteorites were used to explain the origin of life. If rocks fell to the earth from space, so too could plants, water, animals and people. Symbolically, meteorites can be viewed as the spiritual penetrating the physical, as astral power, divine order or whim, though a friend of mine says they're melted remains of spaceships from distant galaxies!

Magical Uses:
Meteorites are unearthly things, literally. They possess the powers of intergalactic flight, of movement, of speed, and of energy unhindered by gravity. Use them in rituals of protection. Place one on the altar near white candles; or carry in the hand. They are also called upon to promote astral projection. A small meteorite or a fragment of one is placed beneath the pillow during attempts at conscious astral projection. Yes, they are available for sale at reasonable prices. I visited the Ruben H. Fleet Space Theatre's gift shop in San Diego a few days ago and found small meteorites for $3.00.

Cinnamon Moon
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