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By Cara

Hi Everyone, I just got a pyrite. I read it's supposed to have a golden luster but it's not as goldish as it's greenish golden brassy kind of luster. Is that ok? How can I help it and how can it help me? And one more thing, I usually cleanse my stone in sea salt water, then charge them in the sunlight, however I had a strange feeling tonight when I was getting ready to soak it, like I don't want to soak it. I felt it really didn't want to. I was burning some incense (frankincense, sandalwood, myrrh, cinnamon) so I held it in the smoke and it felt like it was charged and like it didn't want to leave the smoky space. What do u think, should I no matter what, cleanse and charge it the normal way? Love, Light and will Cara

Hi Cara, Yes, the coloring can vary slightly but should be a brassy-yellow. A great stone to possess for shielding one from negative energy. Simply carrying a piece on one's person begins the process of protection for the carrier. There are a multitude of methods for cleansing crystals/stones.

Here are some examples: Cleanse in sea salt - allowing the water to wash over it and then let it dry in the sun. Some folks prefer the moonlight vibrations. Smudging the crystal with sweetgrass, sage, cedar, incense etc. This method has been used by Native Americans, First Nations People and Native African tribes and others for centuries. [my favorite method] You can choose to soak the crystal in salt water for 7 - 24 hours. Then charge in the sun. Place the crystal on a larger crystal cluster or on another specific energizer for about 12 - 24 hours. Surround the crystal with a visualized white or golden light, intending any present negativity to be transformed into a positive light energy. [Concentration on intent must be held] You can even soak the crystal in flowers - rose petals, orange blossoms, or whatever you like for 24 hours. The essence of the flowers strips away negativity and cleanses the stone while the purity and energy of the flower is transmitted to the stone. [I also use this method and I especially love to use lavender]

Believe it or not, some people soak the crystal in brown rice for 24 hours. The rice balances and centers the energy as it removes negativity. Upon completion of the soak, the rice is purified, energized and quite wonderful to eat. So as you can see, these are just a few methods. I would suggest to follow what Spirit is moving you to do and what feels right to you. There really isn't one way. On a final note, I have a friend who doesn't believe crystals need to be cleansed, and she uses crystals in her work. Hope this helps a little.

thanks lotus that was very helpful

“On a final note, I have a friend who doesn't believe crystals need to be cleansed, and she uses crystals in her work.”

I generally don't either. I used to take them to the ocean just for a treat.. not really to cleanse. Sometimes, they feel 'tired' and need a break from use but I seldom formally cleanse them, unless it's in the literal soap and water sense.

Silver Eagle, up till now I cleansed my crystals the usual way, but my last experience with the pyrite and points of view like yours got me thinking. From now on I guess I'll ask the crystals more often how they feel about the cleansing, however what if the stone has gathered a lot of bad vibes and needs to be cleansed but feels like it doesn't want to? would it be too aggressive to cleanse it no matter what it feels like it wants? Since everybody thinks crystals and stones have some kind of memory wouldn't cleansing it add to some kind of negative charge? Just wondering

SEDD, your way is similar to mine. Every once in a while I will wash the stones and crystals because of the dust gathered. I always smudge my healing room before I pray or meet with a client and so on, and when the task at hand is finished, I smudge again. This I feel, is all my crystals/stones need. But that's just my two cents worth. Cara, there are a lot of people who feel crystals do carry energy and need to be cleaned on a regular basis, while others believe as I do, it is not a necessity. I would suggest you follow your intuition and allow Spirit to move you in whatever way feels right to you.

Iron pyrite is used as well to charge magical tools. If the tool, let's say a knife for example, is stroked in an away from you fashion it charges the tool with projective energy. If the stroke is toward you it charges the tool with passivity to receive. It works in a magnetizing manner to either receive or project just as a magnet does. *From my notes: It is a digestive aid for the abdomen and upper intestines. Aids in the production of enzymes. Pyrite is claimed to increase the oxygen supply in the blood, to strengthen the circulatory system in general, and to be useful in clearing congested air passages.

*Scott Cunningham: Folk names: fool's gold, pyrites, iron pyrite Energy projective; planet is Mars, element is Fire, powers are money, divination, and luck.

Ritual Lore: Pyrite was used by ancient Mexicans in fashioning polished mirrors, which may have been used to divine the future. Pieces of this strange mineral were also placed in American Indian shamans' medicine bundles, perhaps to lend extra energy. In ancient China this stone was used to guard against crocodile attacks, a problem which, fortunately, most of us seem to avoid without the stone.

Magical Uses: Popularly known as fool's gold, pyrite is often found associated with real gold. So who, exactly, is the fool? Because of the yellowish shimmer and shining nature of this 'stone,' it is used to draw wealth and money. Set five pieces of pyrite on your altar. Surround them with five green candles. Light the candles and visualize money coming your way, fulfilling your monetary needs. Pyrite is also carried to bring money and luck. A flat, shimmering surface of pyrite can be used as a magic mirror to awaken psychic impulses. Carried, it is a luck-bringer.

I received this following contribution from at crossroad via inbox, with the request it be posted in this thread. Thank you for sharing your lovely experience with us!

“If I may contribute, one day I was shopping, I randomly run into a Peruvian store, I went in and found pieces of this stone, grinded in tiny glass containers, on each, there is a label that says it is a money bringer, at the time I was looking for a job, I got one, and within 3 days I got hired by this company, I hardly tried to begin with and a job landed on my lap. About a month or so later, I had my back pack stolen, that container was in it, I was sad it was there, but it was not a big deal since I was going to go back and get another. Well, in the meantime(about 2 days or 3 before I went back to another store) I stared having all sorts of psychic visions of very scary areas I have never been, and also emotionally I was very rattled and absolutely restless, I didn't link that to the loss of the pyrite container nor have I made the connection, but nevertheless I was. Because of my busy work schedule I didn't have time to go back, one time as I was thinking about that stone, I decided to pull a twin reference cards that I have gotten a while back from a metaphysical store. Those cards give the basics about many crystals main "properties", when I got to the pyrite, the reason finally downed on me for what I was dealing with emotionally when I read that that stone is an excellent grounder and also, I think it also said something within the psychic area. Needless to say I went back to another store and got several pyrites. Ever since I have been feeling the most beautiful peace and state of relaxation I have ever known, it's amazing. Yes, in regard to my job, I quite that one but, right before I've done that, I've applied for another that hired me on the spot. So, to confirm, since I've had that rock, my financial situation has been doing nothing but improving. I am planning on going back to that same store and buy more to ground my whole apt, because I've internally/emotionally more than felt a huge difference as far as my stability went. I absolutely believe it works.”

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