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River Stones
By Earthwalker

Hi, Does anyone have any information on just plain old smooth river stones (grayish to black). They are my favorite. I absolutely love then set in sterling silver. Both the stones and the metal has a warm feeling to them. I don't get the same feeling from gold and gems. These always feel cold. I haven't had much luck on the web.

Greetings! I also love the smoothness of river stones. Here is what Mary Summer Rain's Guide to Dream symbols says:River rocks signify a spiritual "roundness' in one's life. I find that to aply to reality also. I like to paint them into animals and bugs. They become my 'pets' LOL! No feeding no poo!

Tarra, Thank you!! I just like to wear them (small ones)

Hi earthwalker, I've been looking for info on stones as well. I love river and sea pebbles and I've got a collection that keeps on growing! I've got the little ones all over the place, my favorite beside my bed and in piles on window ledges. Last year I "branched out" into bigger ones about the size of a small fruit. I don't feel much for semi-precious stones and I really don't like diamonds at all (Too cold and lifeless), but pebbles get me every time. They're so warm and comforting. I love the soft subtle colors. All those shades of smoky greys and browns. I've never found any info on pebbles and stones either. One place suggested they might mean a basic love for Mother Earth. If I ever find any better information I'll post it here for you.

Pebbles are very high in "silica", which is also available as a "schuessler salt" (aka cell-salt or tissue salt). Silica is mostly associated with healing properties regarding infections, but also has strong associations with hair and nails.

This link: will give a very extensive overview of what silica is used for in homeopathic treatment. Perhaps it is interesting to see whether it resonates with you?

Unregistered Guest:
Gosh, I never thought of anything like that. Thanks Mouse. My mom has a book on homeopathy. It has a less complicated list of symptoms. I must ask her to check silica for me. I seem to remember she has a book on tissue salts and what they relate to as well. Might be interesting to see if there's anything in there that relates. I know a some of the ones I have are granite. I seem to think granite has some unusual qualities as a stone. My grandfather was a self-taught geologist. I have some of his books packed away somewhere. I must see what they say about what is inside granite too. I'll let you know if I find anything.

Simply put, the cell salt Silicea will be used for the connective tissue of the skin, hair and nails. Areas of application are Abcesses, Acne, Bedwetting, Boils, Colds, Coughs, Constipation, Earache, Eye inflammation, Swollen glands, Hair and nails split, Injuries and neglected injuries, Septic wounds, Sinusitis, Splinters, Styes, Tonsillitis, Ulcerated throat and Ill effects of vaccination. The characteristic symptoms that would indicate the possible need for silicea (aka silica): A chilly, timid but obstinate personality. Person anticipates that he will fail in his normal business, from loss of confidence, but he is very capable once he begins, e.g. speaking in public. Lack of action or "grit", seen in slow maturing of boils, styes, etc., which may harden instead of coming to a head. Sensitive to draughts, cold, noise. Every little injury goes septic and refuses to heal. Smelly feet. Symptoms from suppressed foot sweat. Sweats on head. Helps bring splinters to the surface. Colds with earache. Colds go to chest. Coughs up smelly lumps of phlegm. (From: "Practical Homeopathy" by Sylvia Treacher)

I'm very glad to say I don't have most of those symptoms! I do get sinusitis and throat infections. Personality…I do have problems with self-confidence, but no- one ever realizes that as I'm usually a cheerful outgoing sort. I'm a good actor and it's only close family who know I get bad bouts of the timidness. I think I picked "Maftet" because she's "the runner". I'm good at running.. and hiding! Interesting then that my stones make me feel comforted and safe. The one I keep beside my bed calms me down. I've certainly got a lot to think about here! Oh, I went and checked granite and it has quartz and mica in it. I have some quartz river pebbles as well. I hadn't even thought about it till now. Amazing what you overlook.

Hi EarthWalker, See if there are any rock formations in the area around the river you get your rocks from. They may be the same kind. Around our area, many of the river rocks are granite, concretion or quartz.

Hi all, Thanks for your comments. I seemed to have missed them allsince I only go to certain forums when am busy and during the week. As for healing, I honestly don't think about healing too much since I seldom even get a cold. I think I just love the feel of them. I was also given or allowed to take a river stone about 2-3 inches longs from a place in Pennsylvania called Swiss Pines. It was an 80 acre reserve of which about 20 acres were Japanesse gardens but with Swiss influence. The donor who was very old and often sat in Pagoda by the pond within the protected gardens gifted us one day with a river rock that had been transported from Switzerland. I use to try to get there on lunch hours but never had enough time to really get to know him well; but now know that he had a very special aura about him. Even when we didn't get to see him, the 30-45 minutes spent walking through the gardens were always wonderful times. Since that experience river rock has always been a favorite stone. The particular stone now resides in my daughter home. WalksWith, I will check out that what the river stones are made from but I don't think it really matters to me. It is just the smooth warmth I like, probably due to it's porosity or larger crystal structure as compared to a gemstone. However, it would be interesting to see if I have a preferences, in the spring, well maybe summer.

Jimmy WhiteBear:
River rocks are said to be the original "spirit stones". Many of the holy people will instruct someone to go to the river and look for the stone that calls to them. Then sit with it for sometime and let it tell you it's story. I live not too far from the Berkshires in Massachusetts and the White Mountains of New Hampshire. The roundness of the stone have been worn down for centuries by the water, sand and other stones Have clashed and worn the others down smooth. I have a Stone that comes from a pot hole. A Pot Hole is where the water swirls and cuts a hole in the stone bottom of a river that sometimes go down several feet. In the bottom of the Pot Hole there will be a stone that is cut perfectly round like a marble. I was told they were called "Shamans stones" because of the age and the place they come, it from gives it special energies. I have yet been able to unlock those energies. But i can feel it when I take it from its' bag. There have been times when I have been able to heal muscle pain with it, but i know there is much more to this little grandfather. I know the secrets will come when it is time. Si Norhama, Bear

Jimmy, Thank you for the information in regards to meaning of River Rock. In addition to the river stones I also liked the stones on the beaches of Cape Bret Isle of Nova Scotia. They too are smooth; smooth from the endless washing of the surf and their color is unique with speckles of pink, orange and red. I actually brought back a couple from a visit a few years ago and they are mixed in a stone path. Still, they don’t have the same appeal as River Stone. River Stone is just warmer to the touch. I would have to say though that I have never seen a perfectly round one before. The Little Grandfather you have must be very special. I am sure you will someday understand his meaning. I cannot say that I have ever truly connected spiritually with stones at least not consciously. Yet, after thinking about it, stone is something I have always favored. Some of my fondest memories as a very young child growing up was fishing with my father. He fished and I played in the stream (at least 2 holes upstream was the deal). I liked to see if I could find the fish hiding in the stones and loved jumping from stone to stone to see how far I could jump before I fell in. I have also purchased four homes /cabins during my life. They were completely different from one another and the land was always the deciding factor but they all had fireplaces and the three that had working ones were made of stone. I would have to say today there is probably at least an unconscious pull towards the. I am always disappointed when I looked at a home had a brick one. It’s just not the same.

I currently live in south central Vermont near the Connecticut River and the land is extremely rocky. The log cabin I live in is quite high on a plateau area (about 1100ft) with a mountain and pasture to the north and I have front and back stone walls. When I first moved into this cabin my mother lived with me and her initial observation was that the ground wasn’t flat. We both laughed as I asked her why she thought it should be flat given we live on a mountain? To make a long story short we had a deck built so she / we had some flat outdoor living space. I then cleaned out the back yard (woods) of its surface stone by filling in between the deck and the ground with the stone of this land. I love the stones, their look and their feel. I think for me, stone just has a very strong connection to the land which I love and therefore I try to bring nature within by transitioning it into my home whenever possible. I also find that when I am very stressed if I run my hands across stones usually on the fireplace they seem to absorb or somehow dissipate the anger or frustration. As I feel each stone I can feel the subtle differences and think about all the pressure they have been through to get to their current state. I guess by comparison the stress I am feeling is so miniscule that it simply dissipates. I also wear a favorite piece of jewelry of a child on a cradle board on a long chain. It’s made of silver and has a face made from stone. I always wear this during important meetings or presentations and often find myself feeling the stone. It is simply a comfort to hold. I would think that having the Little Grandfather near might have a similar effect as well. Thank you for sharing the information on where to find these round River Stones. I go over to the head waters of the Hudson River in NY State (Adirondacks) and another place a few miles downstream occasionally/ often and will look for potholes when the river is low.

Jimmy WhiteBear:
Sounds to me that your connection to the stones is pretty good. Native people look at the Stones as the bones of mother earth. We also call them "grandfathers". They seem to hold the masculine energies whereas the soil, plants etc. are hold the feminine energies. The stones that come from potholes are not crystals but a granite or sedimentary type stones. Mine is black and very heavy for such a small grandfather. Good luck finding one! Sitting here realizing how well I don't know the stones I carry. Maybe I won't mention any more on the stones until my relationship with them strengthens. Or more simply, re-develope my relationships with them. Haven't used any crystals or river rock in sometime.

Jimmy, While you may not know a lot about the stones it is still more than I do. I have never really worked with them or any other stones for that matter; I simply like the feel of them. My favorite are the dark charcoal gray ones which are probably similar to the one you have although I am not sure about the weight. While I will look for one I suspect if I am to find it will happen just like the information you provided. Thank you so much for the Native American perspective on River Rock and where to walk. As I was answering and thinking about the Little Grandfather, I saw briefly the white Native American Spirit figure working with another individual (male) and a little Grandfather which the Spirit figure was holding. I cannot tell what is being said since I am purely an observed here. However this Spirit is strong (I think the word I am looking for is definitive to define strong). I hope your relationship will grow with the Little Grandfather; I suspect it is special and that it will. I hope I am not intruding by noting this observation here. I sometimes just get flashes.

A few years ago Wisowl told me about some Shaman Stones sold at Whispered Prayers (A Mystickal Grove's store). They are different than the river rocks being discussed here so I thought I'd share DragonHawk's description of them. Owl uses hers’ a lot. I'm working with mine off and on and like what I'm finding with them though she's been far more successful with them than I have.

Shaman Stones: These stones are incredibly powerful. They are roundish iron coated sandstone deposits. Extremely helpful in healing, protecting, meditating, shapeshifting, and contacting spirit/animal guides. They give off an incredible energy vibration. Some scientists believe them to be from 120 to 155 million years old. We have recently learned that these "Shaman Stones" have been found all around the world--at many different native sites. Since these stones are older than any "international trade" it is highly likely that many different tribes around the world had their own Shaman Stones. With this in mind, it begs the question--WHY? Why would many different tribes have the same item. Did the stones hold a deep spiritual meaning for them? Was there a universal calling to "own" these? Or were they just left over from the meteors that wiped-out the dinosaurs?

The Shaman Stones that we receive are from the Moqui Reservation...hence the sub-name "Moqui Marbles". These strange ironstone concretions are found at the base of the Navajo sandstone formation. The Moqui Indians that inhabited the Southwest used these small balls for marble-like games and in slings for hunting. The centers are filled with hard packed sandstone and the outer surface is a composite of iron, phosphorus, and lime (the outer surface tends to be 1/8th to 1/4 inch thick--we have a cut sample of a Shaman Stone available for viewing at the Whispered Prayers Store *[online at A Mystickal Grove's website]. How they were formed and what caused their unusual rounded shapes remain a puzzle. There are various theories as to their formation.

Some of those theories include: *Meteoric splash-over that covered sandy areas -- eventually creating the "balls". *Inadvertently created by superheating the sand. IE: They may have been created over a long period of time in native fire pits. *Intentionally created through a primitive alchemist method. Their energies are somewhat like those of Boji Stones, and Kansas Pop Rocks...Yet Shaman Stones may have a greater and older "power" (and at a much lower price). Shaman Stones are highly protective, and will absorb negativity and replace it with useful energies. They are wonderful for healing, as their energies flow easily up the Chakra column. The first time I held one of these stones in my hand, I could not believe the energy I felt inside them! If you sit calmly, holding a Shaman Stone in each hand, you can actually feel a tingle travel up your arms and into the core of your body. Meditations and spiritual journeys are greatly enhanced by holding a Shaman Stone in each hand. They may also be used to contact your animal spirits, totems, and guides, and to aid in shapeshifting. Shaman Stones are equally balanced between grounding and energizing, and act as a connector to the Earth's energies.

There are likely many more magickal uses for shaman Stones....Blessings, DragonHawk. If you are interested in these stones you can see them clicking on this link Whispered Prayers is a store that offers many path supplies and I highly recommend them for quality and honesty with your secure purchases. I use them quite a bit.

Cinnamon, Thank you for the input. The shaman stones are interesting but there is a waiting list. I am still not really too sure about tools anyway although if I felt a strong connection, well who knows. In reality and when seeing from a different perspective in some ways one could say that I have some any way; albeit the choice of them was unconscious. I love pottery and have a favorite potter from upstate New York. I was looking at the platters I have on the kitchen cabinets and thought about what was it that I liked so much about pottery and his designs; immediately, I saw the connection. Pottery is circular nature and reflective of the wheel from which it is created. Most of the designs I like and have chosen emphasize in addition the pull towards center. Strange how only now I am seeing the unconscious connections that have been there my entire life.

Ahhhhh Earthwalker, that is a good thing, you are seeing in a different way and you're going to find it just keeps those horizons going. *Smiles*

Cinnamon Moon
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