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By SilverEagleDreamDancer

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Amethyst is the purple variety of quartz and is a popular gemstone. If it were not for its widespread availability, amethyst would be very expensive. The name "amethyst" comes from the Greek and means "not drunken." This was maybe due to a belief that amethyst would ward off the effects of alcohol, but most likely the Greeks were referring to the almost wine-like color of some stones that they may have encountered. Its color is unparalleled, and even other, more expensive purple gemstones are often compared to its color and beauty. Although it must always be purple to be amethyst, it can and does have a wide range of purple shades. Amethyst can occur as long prismatic crystals that have a six sided pyramid at either end or can form as druzes that are crystalline crusts that only show the pointed terminations.

As a mineral specimen, amethyst is popular for its color and nice crystal shapes that produce a handsome, purple, sparkling cluster. However, amethyst is not the same everywhere. Different localities can produce a unique amethyst to that particular region or even to that particular mine. Experts can often identify the source mine that a particular amethyst came from. The key to this is the specimen's color, shape of crystal, inclusions, associations and character of formation.

The following is a list of many of the more noteworthy localities and some of the attributes that characterize the amethyst found there.

Vera Cruz, Mexico -- very pale, clear, prismatic crystals that are sometimes double terminated and have grown on a light colored host rock. Crystals are typically phantomed, having a clear quartz interior and an amethyst exterior. Some are sceptered and phantomed.

Guerrero, Mexico -- dark, deep purple, prismatic crystals that radiate outward from a common attachment point. Often the crystals are phantomed opposite of Vera Cruz amethyst having a purple interior with a clear or white quartz exterior. These are some of the most valuable amethysts in the world.

Minas Gerais and Rio Grande do Sul, Bahaia, Brazil -- crystals form in druzy crusts that line the inside of sometimes large volcanic rock pockets or "vugs". Some of the vugs form from trees that were engulfed in a lava flow millions of years ago and have since withered away. Other vugs are just gas bubbles in the lava. Some vugs can be quite large. The crystals that form are usually light to medium in color and only colored at the tops of the crystals. Most clusters form with gray, white and blue agate and have a green exterior on the vugs. Calcite sometimes is associated and inclusions of cacoxenite are common.

Maraba, Brazil -- large crystals with unattractive surfaces that are of a pale to medium color and often carved or cut into slices.

Thunder Bay, Canada -- a distinct red hematite inclusion just below the surface of the crystals is unique to this locality. Clusters are druzy crusts that line the fissures formed in ancient metamorphic rocks.

Uruguay -- crystals are dark to medium and form in druzy crusts that line the inside of volcanic vugs that have a gray or brown exterior. The crystals are usually colored throughout, unlike the Brazilian crystals, and form with a multicolored agate that often contains reds, yellows and oranges. Often amethyst- coated stalactites and other unusual formations occur inside these vugs.

Africa -- crystals are usually large but not attractive. However, the interior color and clarity are excellent and polished slices and carvings as well as many gemstones are prized and admired.

Maine, USA -- Dark druzy clusters that are not widely distributed today.

North Carolina, USA -- Druzy clusters that have a bluish-violet tint.

Pennsylvania, USA -- druzy clusters that filled fractures in metamorphic rocks. They are generally a brownish purple and patchy in color.

Colorado, USA -- druzy clusters form crusts inside of fissures in sandstone, often on top of a crust of green fluorite. Crystals are dark but rather small.

Italy -- both Vera Cruz like crystals, although not as well defined, and large parallel growth clusters with good evenly distributed color.

Germany -- associated with colorful agates that form a druzy light-colored crust.

Ural Mountains, Russia -- a very clear and dark variety that is cut for fine expensive gemstones, natural uncut clusters are rarely on the market.

***Often cut gems of amethyst are graded using the terms: Siberian, Uruguayan or Bahain; to represent high medium and low grade respectively, regardless of the actual source. Because of the patchyness of the color distribution in the crystals, Amethyst is often cut as brilliant round cuts to maximize the color.

Other cuts can be used when the color is better distributed. The color purple is traditionally the color of royalty and amethyst has been used since the dawn of history to adorn the rich and powerful monarchs and rulers. Today, amethyst is a lovely and affordable gemstone that is fortunately available in a wide variety of cut and uncut stones that we can all possess and admire.

Amethyst is only one of several quartz varieties. Other varieties that form macroscopic (large enough to see) crystals are as follows:
Citrine is a yellow to orange gemstone variety that is rare in nature but is often created by heating Amethyst.

Milky Quartz is the cloudy white variety.

Rock crystal is the clear variety that is also used as a gemstone.

Rose quartz is a pink to reddish pink variety.

Smoky quartz is the brown to gray variety.

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Amethyst has long been prized for it's protective qualities but that's not how I've ever used it. I've always related to it as a clarity of thought stone. It helps to enhance the flow of the third eye energy as well as the throat chakra (for clarity of communication) Amethyst likes to travel and is an excellent stone to carry in your pocket as a worry stone. It has an instant calming effect when used in this way.

Amethyst is not only good for communication with others, but it like to talk with it's owner as well. All you have to do is ask it what it can help with and it'll tell you. It doesn't speak in a chatty energy but rather a smooth, deep and rich energy so you have to listen with softer ears. Amethyst is also an excellent cleanser of other stones. If you have wands, balls or eggs that need rest - set them on an amethyst cluster in the sun for awhile.

A little more on the Amethyst. Amethyst is known as a "stone of spirituality and contentment," often used to balance the energies of the mental, emotional, and physical bodies. There are many wonderful properties of the amethyst and one of my favorite ... this is an excellent stone during meditation, as it help facilitate a clearer connection between the Earth and spiritual plane. It opens and activates the crown chakra and is a wonderful tool to accompany the Third Eye [opening] exercise I wrote for Spirit Lodge. Healers may decide to use this stone to clear the aura, stabilize and transmute any dysfunctional energy in the body. Amethyst vibrates to the number three Astrological Signs: Pisces, Virgo, Aquarius and Capricorn.


Amethyst: An elixir used to calm down stressful situations, allows clarity of thought, good for headaches and migraine. Gives confidence, stimulates those who lack vision, and helps to have a greater attunement with God. The spiritual stone. Helps those who wish to develop psychically and gives protection to those wh feel they may be under psychic attack. Sleeping with it under your pillow promotes intuitive dreams and inspired thought. Many healers find it useful in the relief of insomnia and to bring serenity in times of grief. Brings contentment and sincerity for the wearer. In ancient days it was carried to prevent the desire for drinking. Also worn to attract favor of people in high office or importance.

Scott Cunningham: Receptive, Jupiter, Neptune, Water, Bacchus, Dionysus, Diana, Dreams, Overcoming Alcoholism, Healing, Psychism, Peace, Love, Protection Against Thieves, Courage, Happiness.

Magical uses: Amethyst, a purple quartz, is a stone steeped in ancient amgic. It is, perhaps, as popular today as it was 2,000 years ago. Placed beneath the pillow or worn to bed, it drives off insomnia and nightmares. It produces a peaceful sleep and pleasant, healing, even prophetic dreams. However, it will also ensure that its wearer doesn't oversleep. A spiritual stone, with no negative side effects or associations with violence, anger, or passion, it is the stone of peace. When the stresses of daily life well up hold it in your left hand (or right hand if left-handed). Let its soothing, de-stressing, calming, peaceful vibrations sink into you. Or better yet, wear it so that it touches your skin, and you may avoid such highly wrought emotional states. It calms fears, raises hopes, lifts the spirits and promotes thoughts of spiritual reality behind our lives. Worn, it wards off guilt and self-deception, helps you overcome addictions such as alcoholism, curbs overindulgence and bestows good judgement. It calms emotional storms. Amethyst lends courage to its wearer, and it is a powerful amulet for travelers. Worn, it protects against thieves, harm, sickness and danger.

In Renaissance magic, amethysts engraved with the image of a bear were worn as protective amulets. In Graeco-Roman times rings set in bronze were worn as charms against evil, and magical cups carved from amethyst banished sorrow and evil from all who drank. Because it is such a spiritual stone, it is often worn during contemplation or placed on simple meditation altars. A piece set before a white candle and a censer burning a soothing high-vibrational incense, such as sandalwood, is conducive to meditative practices.

Pre-meditation baths can be powerful attunement experiences. Have a light purple candle burning as you bathe, and ring the candle with amethysts. Also used to increase psychic awareness and to sharpen the sixth sense. Some keep an amethyst with their tarot cards, I Ching yarrow stalks or coins, rune stones to heighten their inner energies.

It is worn during psychic or divinatory acts. Since it is also a stone of wisdom, it allows the information received through the psychic mind to be appropriately utilized. Sharpens the conscious mind, quickening the wit and enhancing mental powers.

It is used to improve the memory, relieve headaches and to keep thoughts in line with life goals. A stone of pure, true emotional love, it is often exchanged between lovers to strengthen their commitment. Carved in the shape of a heart and set in silver, it was presented by a woman to a man to ensure love. It is one of the few stones said to be used b y men to attract women.Worn by a man, the stone draws "good women" to love him.

Often thought to be a stone of chastity, this attribute dates from past centuries when the ideal love was platonic. Today this idea is slowly fading from folk memory. Used by those with lawsuits to insure that right is done. In prosperity magic to bring success in business. Moistened with saliva and rubbed on the face to banish pimples and rough skin, and in spells to magnify beauty.

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