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By ShaeTheFireWitch

What have been your experiences with Fluorite? I am totally nuts about this stone and love it! Anybody?

I like to use it in healing massage for the lower back. But my favorite piece is a fluorite carved like Grandmother Moon. It's my writing companion and sits on my desk with me. Anytime I'm having trouble with words, I pick her up and tune to her for a while and my block melts away.

Metaphysical: This mineral's energy helps the evolution of harmonious, peaceful and organized spiritual growth. Fluorite has been said to help clear the mind and heighten mental achievement while increasing the ability to concentrate. It can open unexplored avenues for investigation. It can help one to see the truth behind illusion. Fluorite is said to help eliminate the discord which causes infection and disease and to protect against ill health. It can be used in the treatment of bones, teeth and cell structure. It has been used to assist in the prevention and repair of RNA and DNA damage.

Cube clusters look like advanced space cities and are frequently placed on desks to tune into when one is working under pressure.

Blue Fluorite is good for creating order, calm and clear concise communications. It has been used in treating eye problems, blocked tear ducts, inflammation, and disorders of the inner nasal passages, inner ear, throat, and speech disorders.

Chinese Fluorite is said to be excellent for treating and protecting against disease.

Colorless fluorite is said to stimulate the brain and to clear and energize the aura. It has been used to open the pathways between the energy of the universe and the physical body. It has been used to clear the eyes and improve sight.

Green fluorite can clear emotional baggage by helping to eliminate negativity. It has been used to clear a room of negativity by bringing in a higher energy. It has been used to treat digestive disorders by circulating a soothing energy throughout the digestive tract.

Purple fluorite is a third-eye stone. It can bring an order to psychic and spiritual growth. It has also been used in treating disorders of the bone and bone marrow and cellular structures. It has been used to help make one open to accept healing.

Yellow fluorite can be associated with enhanced creativity and intellect. It can help promote cooperation between all that exists. It has been used to help balance cholesterol and mental discontinuity. It can assist in releasing toxins from the fatty deposits within the body. I am partial to the green and purple fluorite myself...

I have several pieces of jewelry that I wear that are fluorite. My favorite is a large oval cut piece of purple fluorite mounted in silver. That is my High Priestess piece- and I got it from my husband when I did his initiation last year. Every time I wear it, people are almost knocked over from the energy it puts needless to say I only wear that for special occasions..hehehe..

Yttrium-Fluorite occurs in massive and granular form and is usually violet, gray, red-brown, green, yellow, and brown. It does not correct disorganization. It is said to help increase wealth and mental acuity. It is said to have the properties of manifestation and is an excellent stone for assisting in service-oriented activities.

I don’t know what type my moon is but she's got deep blues, greens and purples. Thanks for the info. I was curious.

Strengthens the teeth. Eases bone tissue and dental disease. In a mouthwash this elixir helps to prevent dental decay.

*Scott Cunningham: Projective, Mental Powers.

Magical Uses: Fluorite is one of the New Age stones. It is becoming increasingly easier to obtain in stores. Found in various colors and in masses of interlocking, interpenetrating cuges. Single crystals that resemble two pyramids fused together at their bases are available for sale as well. This stone has no long history of magical use; its influences are only now being discovered. In general, it seems to work with the conscious mind. It is useful for straightening your thoughts, for reducing emotional involvement in a situation in order to gain a more accurate perspective. Strengthens the user's analytical abilities and is useful for theorizing and assimilating information. Because it affects the intellectual mind, it quells strong emotions and smooths thought over the angry sea of desperation, depression or anger. Some use it to strengthen the effects of other stones.

I am wearing my fluorite bracelet while I am making this site up. Helps me to concentrate!

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