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Quartz "Physical" Properties
By Cara

Quartz was well known to the ancient world, especially the purest variety - rock crystal. The name 'crystal' is of Greek origin and means 'ice'.

Rock crystal ( or Clear Quartz ) was named this because it resembles ice, and remains cold for a long time in warm conditions, unlike glass for instance. Quartz is one of the most abundant minerals in the world. With varying conditions on where it occurs, it will transform into many variations.

Pure Clear Quartz or Rock Crystal is crystal clear (so to speak!). It is a silicon dioxide. It may have fractures which will make a rainbow appear when turned or inclusions of other minerals (milky or cloudy appearances are common) as well as rutile, chlorite etc.

Amethyst owes its beautiful purple hues to an iron admixture and radio-active decay. In direct sunlight, Amethyst will fade fairly quickly. So don't keep it on the window sill!

Citrine's pale yellow to deep amber yellow coloring is caused by the presence of iron trioxide.

Smoky Quartz are anything from a pale brown to brown black. The black almost non-transparent variety is known as Morion. The coloring of these is caused through silicon ions being released from their positions in the crystal structure during radioactive decay.

Rose Quartz is mostly found in massive form. It ranges from pale pink to rose-pink, sometimes with a violet hue. This color is due to the presence of manganese oxide. Prolonged exposure to the atmosphere does cause fading over time.

Sapphire Quartz (incorrectly called Siderite) is lump, blue-green quartz, whose coloration is caused by the presence of numerous needles of fibrous blue amphibole-crocidolite.

Tiger Eye is a fibrous banded quartz that has yellow fibers of weathered crocidolite that gives the shimmering effect. There are also green Cats Eye and blue-grey Falcons Eye.

Aventurine Quartz is an exception. It is massive and contains many minute scales of mica or hematite, which are responsible for the sparkle of the mineral. I love to be with a crystal for a period of time to feel its energies and discover how it may help or aide me spiritually or for healing. I also like to know what its made of since I make many Gem Essences/Elixirs, and I thought I'd share this.

Some of this information was obtained from the Encyclopedia of Minerals & Rocks. Some of the information was from me.

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