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Colored Stones
By Cinnamon Moon

Blue Stones:
The color of the ocean, of sleep, and of twilight. Ruled by the element of Water and the planet Neptune, these are receptive stones and promote peace. Holding a blue stone, or gazing at it by a soft light calms the emotions. If you have difficulty sleeping, try wearing blue stones to bed. This is also excellent for halting nightmares. Blue stones are worn to promote healing, in general, and specifically to reduce fevers, remove ulcers and their causes, and for eliminating inflammations. They are sometimes held to reduce or remove pain from the body. If you feel in the need of purification, wear blue stones, perhaps while bathing, to purify your inner being as well as your outer flesh. This is often done prior to magical ritual....Scott Cunningham

Black Stones:
Receptive. They represent the Earth and stability and are ruled by Saturn, the planet of restriction. Black stones are symbolic of self-control, of resilience and quiet power. They are sometimes viewed as protective, but black stones are more often used to 'earth' a person. If you're light-headed, dizzy, or so focused on the spiritual that your physical life suffers, wear black stones. Magically, black is the color of the outer spaces, of the absence of light. If you wish to perform a spell of magical invisibility, to ens;ure that your actions will not be noticed by others, use a black stone for this purpose. For example, make a small image of yourself out of black clay and adorn this with black stones. Place it in a black box or one made of mirrors, and then put the box in a dark place. This simply hides you from others if they represent a threat to your life....Scott Cunningham

Green Stones:
The color of nature, fertility, life, often linked with red in religion and magic. These are receptive stones, used in healing magic, perhaps by surrounding a green or blue candle with the gems, lighting the candle, and then visualizing the sick person as a vibrant, totally healed person. They can also be carried or worn to guard the health. Specifically, green stones are thought to strengthen the eyes, control the kidneys, relieve stomach problems and prevent migraines. Ruled by Venus, green stones are worn during gardening to promote luxuriant growth, or are placed in the earth for this purpose. If you have house plants, try putting a few empowered green stones in the earth. Due to such usage, they were also thought to increase fertility and therefore promote conception. Associations with the element of Earth also lend to their use in spells involving money, riches, prosperity and luck. They are grounding and balancing stones which can be worn to attune with the Earth...Scott Cunningham

Multi-colored Stones:
Stones which consist of various colors, such as bloodstone (green and red), tourmaline (many combinations) and the opal (all colors) are, obviously, more complex in their magical make-up than single hued stones. For most of these, simply look at the colors individually and determine the stone's uses by combining the energies of each. Opals are a special case, as are all stones which exhibit rainbows or a variety of colors. For those stones that contain flecks of metals, such as lapis-lazuli (which contains iron pyrite), the metals need to be considered. Various shades or combinations of the basic colors (such as lime green or turquoise) again require combining the information regarding each color....Scott Cunningham

Orange Stones:
Orange stones have some of the fire of red but are gentler in their effects. Projective, they have often been seen as symbols of the Sun. They are ideal for use in protective rituals and those designed to promote illumination. These stones are related to personal power. Wearing one will enhance your ability to tap into and direct this energy during magical rites. These are excellent stones to wear for those people with low self-esteem, for they expand your awareness of self-worth. Orange stones are also thought to be luck-attracting, and as symbols of success, they are worn during spells to assure a positive outcome...Scott Cunningham

Pink Stones:
Pink stones are receptive, packed with loving vibrations. They are calming, soothing, and used to de-stress and relax the physical body as well as the mind. Sometimes thought to be ruled by Venus (though green is a more Venusian color), pink stones are used to attract a love or to strengthen love already present. They may work to smooth over difficulties in long-standing relationships. They can be worn to promote self-love. This isn't narcissism but a realization of your faults, acceptance and release of them, and then getting on with life. We cannot expect others to love us if we don't love ourselves. Pink stones are one energy we can utilize to achieve this. They promote peace, happiness, joy and laughter. They stimulate the lighter emotions, help attract friends and encourage openness toward others. Ideal to utilize in group rituals...Scott Cunningham

Purple Stones:
Purple or indigo-colored stones are receptive and spiritual. Ruled by Jupiter and Neptune, they have long been associated with mysticism and purification. These are excellent stones to wear for meditation, psychic work or during any ritual designed to contact the subconscious mind. As with green and blue stones, purple is the color of healing and peace. These stones are worn to maintain health and are sometimes given to unruly children to promote obedience. Physically, purple stones are utilized to relieve complaints in the head such as headache, mental illness, concussion and hair problems. They relieve depression and produce restful sleep when worn at night. Associated with organized religion as well as the more spontaneous, Earth-oriented systems. They are worn to contact higher forces...Scott Cunningham

Red Stones:
Red is the color of blood, of birth and death. In many cultures it has been sacred, or dedicated to the deities. Red stones are projective and active. They are related to the planet Mars and the element of Fire, both aggressive energies. These are protective stones and work to strengthen the body and will power. Red stones are used to promote courage, to lend energy to the body, and to provide additional power to rituals by their presence on the altar. In ancient times they were worn as antidotes to poison, to keep one's thoughts pure, and, by drawing out the causes, to banish anger and all violent emotions. They were also used as a guard against fire and lightning. In healing, red stones are intimately linked with blood. They are often worn to relieve anemia, to halt bleeding and to heal wounds. They also seem to work on rashes and inflammation. Perhaps in association with its blood links, red stones were once carried to prevent miscarriage. Red
stones can be empowered and used to overcome sexual dysfunctions, usually by placing the stone near or on the genitals while visualizing....Scott Cunningham

White Stones:
White stones:[/u] Receptive and ruled by the Moon. As such they are intimately linked with sleep and psychism. In the past, especially chalcedony, they were worn to promote lactation by mothers having trouble feeding their babies. In contemporary America, these are considered to be lucky stones, often carried in the pocket or worn to promote good fortune. Because the Moon glows at night, Her stones are used for protection after dark, often when walking alone in hazardous places. Sometimes white and red stones are carried or worn together for protection at all hours. To be rid of a headache, carry a white stone in your pocket. Some workers say that white stones, because they contain all colors, can be magically charged to act as substitutes for stones of any color. This done through visualization...Scott Cunningham

Yellow Stones:
Yellow stones and minerals are projective. Ruled by Mercury, they are used in rituals involving communication. If you're having trouble expressing yourself in an intelligible way, try wearing a yellow stone. Writers may receive help with their work by utilizing yellow stones, while public speakers wear them for eloquence. Also ruled by the Sun, yellow stones are protective, while the element of Air, also a ruler, tells us that they can be used to strengthen the conscious mind. They are worn during magic to heighten visualizing yourself traveling to your desired location. Healthwise, yellow stones are used to promote digestion, to regulate the nervous system, and for skin problems. Stones of movement, of exchange, of energy and mental awareness...Scott Cunningham

Cinnamon Moon
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