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By BearInMind

A while ago Mouse was kind enough to send me a short description about the qualities of the Onyx, but it's long-since been knocked out of my ezInbox, so I was wondering if I could trouble her, and anyone else with good information, to share it with me...? I will be doing my own Google but cannot do it now as I have a LOT I want to do and not too much time in which to do it. Thanks!

From Amandus Korse, author of a Dutch book about (semi) precious stones and their remedies:

“Onyx strengthens the skin, nails, hair and hearing. It improves concentration, makes serious and thoughtful, objective and meditative. Onyx helps calm down emotions and to remain in control of them, and activates the logical, calm thought. It makes precise and gives a sense of responsibility. It helps turn inward and protects against negative moods. Onyx doesn't suit somber and depressed people, but more those who are carefree (sometimes careless), flighty, superficial or led by fantasy. Through onyx, one gets to know and accept ones shadow aspects. It grounds a person and strengthens the root and throat chakra. The high quantities of violet gives the stone a spiritual tendency so that a well-grounded connection and stimulation is sent to the crown chakra.”


Metaphysical properties of onyx: ... Onyx is a strength giving stone, useful for athletes or for people under emotional or mental stress. This stone's ability to balance the mind and body, and its power to strengthen the body make onyx an excellent choice for those who are flighty by nature. Since onyx is such a strengthening stone, it can allow you to approach any task with greater self-confidence. Its energies act as a mental tonic and can help you cope with fears and worries, making you feel more in tune with your surroundings. Onyx is also a grounding stone. It is in tune with the natural energies of the earth. This property can help you feel more balanced and in harmony with nature and your environment. Traditionally, onyx was worn to cool the ardors of love, probably because of its ability to help balance the mental and emotional aspects of self. Onyx and synergy: Onyx is a good stone for those born during The Moon of Long Nights - (23 Nov - 21 Dec). Its ability to help us cope with fears and worries can allow us to look within and come to grips with the underlying problems in our lives. By aiding our ability to be more introspective, onyx can be helpful to those seeking to better themselves. Onyx also acts as a stabilizer or moderator, equalizing the mental and emotional. This ability can help those born during this time communicate more easily with less stress. Onyx is a good stone for those born under the zodiac sign of Sagittarius.


Onyx is associated primarily with the root chakra. It assists with challenges in life, especially those caused by a drain of energy. It prevents the draining away of personal energy and can be used for protection from such. It also helps with grounding and controlling or eliminating excess or unwanted energies. It has been used for wound healing, childbirth and to increase stamina and self-control. Black onyx and red onyx are associated with the base (root, first) chakra. White onyx is associated with linking the base and crown chakras to have balanced energy throughout the chakra system.


Onyx is an excellent mineral for initiating modes of centering and aligning the total person with the higher power. It can be used to get rid of grief, enhance self-control, stimulate wise decision making, encourage happiness and good fortune. It is used to cleanse ones intuition receivers, in that one feels whole, while continuing to be aware of opportunities around us fur use with intuition guidance. Onyx can facilitate one to see the duality of one’s nature and to energize the Yin-Yang into the whole. It aids in foreseeing of what lies beyond and provides for activation of ones memory with respect to ones roots and reality. It aids in one to become the master of their future. It has been used in the breast plate of the high priest.


Black Onyx is used to help one change habits. It is also believed to be a valuable tool for helping concentration levels and aiding absentmindedness. Some think it makes the wearer more eloquent and thus is worn for public speaking engagements. This stone is used to banish grief and enhance self-control, encourage happiness and good fortune. It is an excellent stone to use too, for centering and alignment of the total person with higher powers. It furthers the awareness of the instincts, helping you see and feel the guidance. It promotes the recognition of personal strengths and assisting you in the understanding of the reality of the moment. It helps you to become the master of you own domain. Black Onyx is excellent for grounding negativity and releasing stress. It can be worn for protection, to banish grief, and to encourage happiness and good fortune. Onyx is a semi-precious gemstone of quartz variety with an extremely fine crystal formation.

Thanks Mouse, much appreciated.
Black Onyx A gemstone that helps channel and clarify intuitive wisdom so that it can be used for practical purposes here in the physical world. Black onyx can help you to find and focus on your dharma, your "true path" and help you to safely, confidently & successfully walk that path. Combining black onyx with moonstone can help to ground and protect you while accessing the psychic centers... in deep meditation, magical ritual and spellwork, or during divinatory readings. Onyx is an excellent stone for initiating the modes of centering and alignment of the total person to the higher powers. It can be used to banish grief, to enhance self- control, to stimulate the powers of wise decision making and to encourage happiness and good fortune. It helps one to absorb, from the universe, those energies which are needed. It can be used to provide glimpses of
that which lies "beyond" while providing for activation of the memory with respect to ones roots and reality. It helps one to become the master of one’s own future. Onyx is a protective stone worn when facing adversaries in battles or conflicts of all kinds. It can also be used as a defense against negativity consciously directed against you.

From my notes: Symbol of discordance, fear, and sadness. It promotes chastity but induces quarrels, fitful dreams, and ominous forebodings. The onyx is reputed to improve concentration and devotion. Perhaps it is for this reason that it is frequently to be found in rosaries. Regenerates the heart, kidney and nerve tissue.

*Scott Cunningham: Projective, Mars, Saturn, Fire, associated stone: diamond; powers of protection, defensive magic, reducing sexual desires. Ritual Lore: In times past, onyx was thought to be the manifestation of a demon imprisoned in the stone. This demon woke up at night and spread terror and nightmares to any persons within its range of influence. This demon was also thought to provoke discord between lovers (though see below for the reason why "discord" might occur if this stone is misused).

Magical uses: Onyx is a protective stone worn when facing adversaries in battles or conflicts of all kinds--or while hurrying down a dark street at midnight. (Isn't it nice that magic is practical?) In classical ceremonial magic, the image of the head of the god Mars or a figure of the hero Hercules was engraved on onyx and carried for courage. Onyx is used for protection as well as defense against negativity consciously directed toward you. While such things as 'psychic attack' or 'hexing' are raer and often exist only in the mind of the 'victim', performing defensive rituals can be psychologically cleansing.

A defensive spell:
Place a square mirror on your altar. Set a purple candle before it so that the flame is reflected in the mirror. Empower 9 onyx stones with reflective, or defensive, energy. Place one piece of onyx three inches from the candle's right side. Then from right to left, until the candle is half-ringed with onyx toward you, but is clear in front of the mirror. Light the candle. Visualize the onyx as collecting the negativity and sending it into the candle's flame. Then see the flame acting as a lens, focusing the negativity and sending it into the mirror. The mirror is a doorway onto the spiritual plane. The negative energy is sent through it back to the original sender. Protection is conferred.

Onyx has been used to reduce the sexual impulses. This is dangerous, for sexual release is a natural part of life. When it is repressed, mental illness, physical illness, antisocial behavior, religious delusions and even murderous tendencies can result. Natural sexual impulses exist for pleasure, for union with other humans and the divine, and for the continuance of human life.

Suppression of them leads to hatred, isolation and a lessening of respect for all life forms. To counter the restraining protection or reactivate desires combine the onyx with a set diamond in the stone. The balance will return.

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