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By Lotus

Copper has a very interesting history dating back to ancient times. Copper gets its name from the Latin "cuprum" meaning the town Cyprus, where the metal was mined. Since this island was called, "The Sacred Isle of the Goddess Venus", copper has since been associated with the planet, Venus. Copper is representative of the astrological signs, Taurus and Sagittarius as well as Earth and Fire elementals, the Sun and Mars and vibrates to the number one. Copper activates and opens the base and sacral chakras balancing and stabilizing the energies of intuition, sexuality, desire and vitality, providing a harmonic connection between the physical and astral bodies. It is said to be the "bestower" of "luck" and "good-ness" bringing benefits to the user. The use of metals for medicinal purposes is found recorded throughout history. One of the world's oldest text, the Egyptian Ebers' Papyrus - 1552 B.C. states, "Treat inflammation with pulverized copper".

For centuries, people around the world wore and continue to wear copper bracelets and other copper devices to relieve pain in their joints caused by arthritis and other joint disorders. Although several in-depth studies have been conducted over the years claiming to have proven the healing properties of copper, the American Arthritis Foundation calls copper bracelets an "unproven remedy". Even without the blessings of the American Arthritis Foundation, the use of copper as a healing agent has steadily increased since the early 1970's. Not only is copper being used to assist with Arthritis, Bursitis, and Rheumatism but also to increase circulatory functions when necessary, fight bacterial infections and help stabilize metabolism.

Copper's color is a softly reflective reddish-brick tone, its hues quite vibrant in the sunlight. Exposure to oxygen causes copper to tarnish and turn a Teal Green, as is the case of America's most famous monument, the Statue of Liberty. It has been said that when the greenish hue appears on the wrist while wearing pure copper, this is a result of the body slowly absorbing and dissolving the copper.

Because copper is one of the oldest metals used by humans, it has played an important role in many Aboriginal cultures. Michigan's Keweenaw Peninsula, were the first to discover some of the richest copper mines in the world. In the earliest of times, copper was used in ancient rituals to prepare the dead for the hereafter. In sacrificial rituals, clerics or priests poured water or wine to honor a Deity. In Egypt, China and India, tradition prescribed the use of copper vessels as symbolic and important in these rituals. Egyptian rites also called for the use of copper mirrors, to be placed under the head of the deceased. In Christianity's Libation rites, the Chalice or Grail Cup containing consecrated wine had to be made of Copper, Silver or Bronze. Prayer Diagrams carved on Copper stones or engraved on plates provided a method of connecting to the spirit world in many Eastern cultures.

If you are feeling lethargic, restless and a need for stability, try wearing copper and add a little brass and iron to help balance the energy. If you are in the midst of a policy-making transaction, copper may help provide insight into the avenues for the right attainment in all areas.

“In the earliest of times, copper was used in ancient rituals to prepare the dead for the hereafter. In sacrificial rituals, clerics or priests poured water or wine to honor a Deity. In Egypt, China and India, tradition prescribed the use of copper vessels as symbolic and important in these rituals. Egyptian rites also called for the use of copper mirrors, to be placed under the head of the deceased.”

Thank you for this beautiful information... Do you know more about the specific use of copper for the deceased? Dear Lotus, please only answer if it is not too much work for you... You do so much for us here at Spirit Lodge - and I see all the time and also the Beauty you share... Thank you for all you share so freely, Lotus!

Hi Sweetie, right off the top of my head I can't think of anything but I will go through my notes when I have a little more time. If I come up with anything new, I will post.

I have 2 copper raspberries also known as Copper crystals. I just loved them from the very first time I saw them. I used to carry them with me. But have since put them in my kitchen/dining room in a small wooden bowl with some egg shaped rocks by my roosters. They are always within site whenever I'm in my kitchen. Our dining room & kitchen are a combo room... no walls to separate the 2…So I am always calling it my kitchen. Your thread has reminded me of a wonderful & funny story about my Granny. We were out shopping & an older man her age was talking to her About copper & its healing abilities. I gave her the business about him liking her.. I ran her into him in every chance I got in the store until she caught on to what I was doing. I was still a teen at the time. She was widowed & I thought she could use a friend.. she was not thinking so though... She says I'll be helping you to find one for yourself.. LOL.. she tried too! Just too funny... She picked a man out & said there’s you a bullger that’s what she called men with full beards. I laugh every time I remember this story concerning copper

*Scott Cunningham: Receptive, Venus, Water
Deities: Aphrodite, Astarte, Ishtar
Associated Stones: Quartz Crystal, Emerald
Associated Herb: Mimosa
Powers: Energy direction, healing, luck, love, protection, money

Ritual Lore:
Copper, a reddish orange metal, has long been linked with the divine. During ancient Mesopotamian times it was attributed to the Queen of Heaven as well as to goddesses associated with the planet Venus.
These include: Ishtar, Astarte and perhaps Inanna, the Sumerian predecessor to the first two deities mentioned above. It has also been sacred to the Sun in Babylon as well as to the early inhabitants of the Pacific Northwest (U.S.).

Magical Uses: Copper is well known as a conductor of electricity. One modern use of this metal is to fashion wands of copper tubes. These are topped with quartz crystals and sometimes wrapped with leather or another shielding substance. Such wands are used in magical ritual to direct energy. This metal is also worn during ritual for the same purpose--to heighten the magician's ability to direct energy to the magical goal. Copper has long been used to stimulate healing. This seems to be because of copper's ability to balance the body's polarity. or the flow of the projective and receptive energies. Blockages in this energy pattern, according to shamans and healers alike, lead to imbalances and thus disease. Copper's healing applications are boundless. In Mexico a copper penny is placed on the navel before a trip to prevent motion sickness. Copper is worn for relief of rheumatism, arthritis and any painful condition. Copper wire is loosely fastened around legs and arms to relieve cramps. Pure copper in any form is often worn for general healing and to prevent sickness. To be most effective in health-related applications, copper is usually worn on the left side of the body by those who are right-handed, the reverse by left-handers. Copper is a lucky metal, perhaps because of its past solar attributes, and so can be used in combination with any luck-bringing gemstones. A metal of Venus, copper is worn to attract love. Emeralds, if you can afford them, can be set in copper and worn for this purpose. Anciently, seeds of the mimosa (Acacia dealbata) were set into copper rings and worn, especially during confrontations, for protection against all manner of ills and negativity. And finally, copper is used to draw money. Though the pennies of the U.S.A. are no longer made of copper, older pennies, especially those minted in leap years, have long been placed in the kitchen to attract money to the household.

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