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Big, Big, Really BIG, Crystals Site
By Minna

Hi, a friend sent me this site in an e-mail - the crystals are called earthkeepers - they are still covered with their earth-coat now. I asked SED about it, because it's a commercial site. Apparently these were unearthed during both the Harmonic Convergance and the Harmonic Concordance. If I remember correctly, if you've got about $180,000 to toss at them you can have the lot. But - oh wow - I just want to sit on them...roll around on them. Two of them, I really just sort of lusted after - I know just the place.... Anyway - here's the site link:
(This site is now closed - Dragonfly Dezignz)

Minna, They are lovely! My sweety brought me home a big quartz lump about the size of a basketball a few months before Christmas. I must be one of the few gals who'd rather get a rock than roses! If you like stones, but not the prices you should check the builder's quarries. You'd be amazed what lovely stones you can find lurking in places like that. Just sitting there about to be turned into driveway gravel? No way! I've "saved" several so far from being crunched up. Mostly I can only take home small ones, but now and then I've sneaked a bigger one home.

Those are HUGE!!! Wouldn't it be amazing to feel them in activated state? Not all at once though, I feel that they'd be zapping anything around if they were all together. But yeah, one such huge one... *swoon*

“I must be one of the few gals who'd rather get a rock than roses!” You're not alone there! Talk about confusing the men in my life.

What about...big rock, little roses...yes, please...or big rock, big wildflowers - that's it. I just moved two of my big crystals out of my bedroom - I had them in the window on my side of the bed. Hoping that will stabilize my sleep a little. Minna asleep: busy, busy, busy, busy.


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