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Astrology Birth Stones
By 2CrowWoman

Baeldorn and Pathwalkah were discussing how they don't like their month birth stones so I thought I'd list the astrology birth stones as alternative choices. I've listed the traditional and newer stones and I've also listed the important colors for each sign. I think this is as important when choosing a stone to work with an astrology sign. The color listed as symbolizing that sings true "self" I've put it first in bold. The colors listed below are secondary. The colors to be avoided as bad for the sign might be worth looking at too, although I'd say that if you are drawn to these colors in clothing or stones it might just mean you want to get some balance in your personality.

Aries - fire,
or garnet red white
avoid browns and khaki

Taurus - earth,
or emerald greens rose pinks
avoid orange

Gemini- air,
or crystal yellow blues
avoid navy

Cancer - water,
or mother-of-pearl silver
or silvery blue white, silver grey, pale gold,
avoid reds

Leo - fire,
topaz and ruby gold sun colors from white,
through yellow and orange to red
avoid grey and black

Virgo - earth,
sardonyx, jade or sapphire orange
or blues navy, pale greens
avoid neon colors and bright yellow

Libra - air,
(sapphire, jade)
white opal or jade rose pink
or pastels blues from powder blue to ultramarine, emerald green
avoid dark purples

Scorpio - water,
black opal or aquamarine dark reds maroon, blue green
avoid black

Sagittarius - fire,
topaz, turquoise
or lapis lazuli purple all blues, turquoise
Avoid yellow browns

Capricorn - earth,
turquoise, amethyst, onyx, malachite browns, dark greens, dark grey, black, indigo
avoid bright colors

Aquarius - air,
Uranus aquamarine
or amethyst electric blue turquoise, violet
avoid pastels.

Pisces - water,
bloodstone, moonstone
or tourmaline lavender sea green, pinks, lemon
avoid orange and orange red

Great! Thanks 2Crow!!
You forgot to mention that you were complaining about your birthstone too...heh…heh I looked briefly through it and realized that none of it was what I knew. I found my handy dandy list and was ready to post it when I reread your post. You were listing ALTERNATIVES. Good thing I double checked huh? If you want me to post the "classic" list, let me know.

Oooops, forgot that! Please post your list. The more info the better, I think.

Thank you Crow Woman. Does hematite count as a black stone?

I was thinking about that myself. I'd say it seems more like a dark grey to me.

Ok. These are the "classic" birth stones. I cut it out of a dept store flyer because I could never remember them.

January: Garnet
February: Amethyst
March: Aquamarine
April: White Zircon or diamond
May: Emerald (weird I know- keep thinking emerald is March myself)
June: Pearl
August: Peridot
September: Sapphire
October: Opal
November: Citrine or topaz
December: Blue Topaz
Feel free to add any common substitutions to this list.

Probably a silly question but in the colors to avoid is that only in stones or those colors in general?

Not a silly question at all. The colors were meant just as colors to avoid. I was the one who added them thinking about stones. They are colors that are supposed to have a negative effect on the star sign, but I'd say if you're drawn to a color or a stone you already know that it's not going to have a negative effect on you. So I'd just take them as a bit of interesting guidelines, but not a cast in stone (giggling at pun) rule.

I liked the pun The reason I was wondering actually is that I'm a cancer and I dislike red stones and always have but I like dark reds in other things.

Hi Tink, I'm amazed how often people like/dislike colors related to what's negative/positive for their sun sign. I'd say red stones (especially bright reds) would be draining for a moon-based water sign Cancer.

Additional astrology info, just to confuse everyone with MORE choices!
Rosicrucian Astrology birth stones
Aries - amethyst or diamond
Taurus - moss agate or emerald
Gemini- crystal or aqua marine
Cancer - emerald or black onyx
Leo - ruby or diamond
Virgo - pink jasper or hyacinth
Libra - opal or diamond
Scorpio - topaz or malachite
Sagittarius - fcarbuncle or turquoise
Capricorn - white onyx or moonstone
Aquarius - sapphire or opal
Pisces - chrysolite or moonstone
From "The Message of the Stars" originally published in 1927 by Max and Augusta Heindel

Amethyst & Diamond~ Yeah I love them both for wearing.. I am Aries & I am not fond of Red even though I'm supposed to be! So I can relate to not always being a picture perfect rep for these things. LOL I wear an aquamarine it’s my birth stone from the classic list. By the way loved those stone puns!!

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