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Crystal Reference
By SilverEagleDreamDancer

I have a greasy, vitreous luster, and is often opal-like in appearance (often bluish green rocky exterior). I decompose in hydrochloric acid, leaving a silica gel. I can help promote honesty, and help you to feel more comfortable speaking the truth without feelings of guilt. My subtle energies are an aid to open communications. My soothing energies may help you to overcome stress. I can promote serenity, peace, and tolerance. I can help you become more open to intimacy and attract and nurture feelings of unconditional love. I may make you more sensitive and better able to express the love you feel for those around you. I promote and encourages gentleness and nurturing. I may help to ease fears and allow you to let go of past pains. I sooth and refreshes the heart and emotional aspects of yourself, helping you find the inner wisdom that can manifest as clarity of purpose and renewed hope for better times to come. Physically, I may help with arthritis and other diseases of the bones and joints. I may also be beneficial to the organs of the digestive tract. This effect, combined with my stress relieving properties, may help those suffering from ulcers. I may help women during childbirth and help regulate menstrual irregularity.

I'm closely tied to the blood, probably due to my iron content. I may aid the kidney's blood cleansing function, speed tissue regeneration, and contribute to the overall better health of the blood. This can, in turn, help with the overall health and energy levels of your entire body. I am a protective stone. My energies are grounding, and can help you to connect with the Earth and its beneficial properties. I can help bolster low self-esteem, allowing you to feel more comfortable and allowing you to feel better about yourself. I have historically been used as an aid to astral projection. Use me during meditation to help you escape the illusionary chains of this physical reality and become more connected to your true, spirit self. I am a good stone for those born during the Moon of Renewal - (22 Dec- 19 Jan.) I have grounding and soothing energies can help you relax and unwind both physically and mentally. I have renewing qualities also make me an excellent match for those born during this time of the year, but everyone can benefit from me. I'm a good choice for those born under the zodiac sign of Virgo. Smoky quartz I am a brown form of crystal that can range from medium to dark brown due to impurities like iron, carbon, or titanium. I may contain minute amounts of radium. I have a hardness of 7 on the Mohs' scale, and a specific gravity of 2.65. I'm associated with the anchoring energies of the earth. This association makes me a good choice for those wanting to gain a deeper appreciation of nature or a greater concern for the environment. I'm said to benefit the lower torso, especially the sexual organs, kidneys, abdomen, and pancreas. Some healers use me to treat kidney disease, menstrual cramps and fertility. My subtle energies are also soothing to the heart and nervous system. My energies are more subtle than those of clear quartz, so its influence is more gradual. I can neutralize negative energies, but my slow working nature makes me more suited for situations where caution is called for or where gradual changes are desired. I'm a good crystal for gazing. Meditations using me as a focus can lead to "hidden" secrets being revealed. I aids you in meditation by clearing worries and emotional blockages. I'm a grounding and protective stone.

I'm a member of the feldspar group. I was named after my distinctive blue-white sheen which is caused by its laminar structure. I can be found in colorless, white, gray, or orange. I have a hardness of 6 to 6 1/2 on the Mohs' scale, and a specific gravity of 2.56 to 2.62. My energies are soothing and nurturing. I can help calm and prevent over-reactions to personal situations that involve the emotions. My energies are feminine in nature. I can help us all become more sensitive and loving. My subtle energies can help to open and cleanse your heart. I am soothing and healing to the mind, emotions, and body. Although I'm seen as a feminine influence, I can also help balance the male and female aspects of yourself. This makes me a good choice for men too because many men could benefit from being more sensitive and better able to express love. In India, I'm considered sacred. I bring good fortune, but, more importantly, it is seen as a tool to promote spiritual enlightenment. I can help you become more intuitive by boosting psychic ability. I have a powerful effect on women's menstrual cycles. Women are cautioned about wearing or carrying me at times of the full moon or when they are menstruating. I'm a good choice for those born during The Moon of Flowering - (21 May -20 Jun). This is the time to extend your perceptions beyond your senses and explore intuition, and those born during this time can benefit from this influence. I'm a good choice for those born under the zodiac sign of Gemini

I am historically known as the jewel of wisdom. The priests and priestesses of Egypt used me to enhance their spiritual consciousness. I've long been used as an aid to meditation, helping the user to more easily attain a deep meditative state. My subtle energies can cleanse your mind by helping you to release the past and move forward into a new future. I'm is said to revitalize the brain and rebuild gray matter, making you more capable of insight and pure thought. I enhance your ability to reach deep within the subconscious and examine your mental state objectively. I can help you recognize and utilize the resources hidden within yourself. My energies are said to increase psychic abilities. By dissolving mental blocks and negativity, I can help you become more attuned to your spiritual guides and more connected to the spirit realm. I can also make you more intuitive. Physically, I'm said to benefit the spleen, bones, thyroid, and skin. Although I can be carried or worn anywhere, I'm best when worn as a ring on the right hand. I'm a good stone for people born during the Moon of Long Nights - (23 Nov - 21 Dec). Those born during this time would benefit from my ability to help you look within. Such introspection is important to help you discover new pathways to personal growth. I'm a good stone for people with the zodiac sign of Sagittarius.

I'm an aid to perception, allowing you to see things more clearly and to see reality in a new way. My subtle energies help balance the spiritual and physical aspects of yourself, promoting a more harmonious way of life. The double images produced when you look through me (clear ones) are a reminder that things are more than they seem. We are both physical and spiritual creatures, existing at in the material, every-day world and in the realms of energy. I'm a calming stone. My influence is said to help you look within and determine if some of the aspects of your life are in need of change. I can help you make the transitions between a stagnant or negative situation and a more positive one. I've long been believed to aid memory. By helping you remember important information at critical times, it can allow you to gain more insight from your personal
experiences, and often prevent you from repeating your mistakes in life. I can be used as an aid to meditation. My soothing energies promote a peaceful mental state that will help you get more benefit from meditation. I'm also used to facilitate astral projection and other forms of non-physical exploration. Physically, I'm said to be beneficial to the bones, joints, and the cleansing organs. I can also be used for those suffering from ligament damage, arthritis, and nervous tension. I'm a good choice for athletes and anyone that puts undue stress on their bodies. I'm a universal stone, well suited for those born at any time of the year.

I'm a balancing stone. I'm said to help unify the emotional, spiritual, mental, and spiritual aspects of self and thus can help us feel more centered. This makes me an excellent stone for people seeking a more well-rounded existence. I can also help us to live in the present instead of dwelling in the past. I'm said to help us release the mental or emotional blocks that can often stop us from moving forward. This, in turn, can help us cope with the stress of changing situations. I can also help us discover the root causes of mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual problems before they can become a threat to our well-being. By helping us see the underlying causes of such problems, we are better able to take corrective action. I'm said to help stimulate the health of the heart and circulatory systems. My soothing energies also are thought to help insure a healthy reproductive system, especially in women. I'm a good stone to carry or wear during pregnancy for this reason. The energies associated with me can also help us to love ourselves. This love of self can, in turn, help us attract and keep the love of those around us. This can also help us reach a more spiritual level by allowing us to fully appreciate the many aspects of love. I'm a good stone for those born during The Moon of Falling Leaves - (22 Sep - 22 Oct) People born during this time can benefit from my unifying qualities, which can help us appreciate the different aspects of self. This, in turn, can allow you to slow down enough to contemplate, consolidate, and enjoy the fruits of your labors. I'm a good stone for people with the zodiac sign of Libra.

I'm a positive stone, and am said to help improve perception and creativity. I'm said to benefit the thymus gland and nervous system, improving one's overall state of mind and health. My ability to aid both mental and physical aspects makes me a good choice for those seeking to improve their general well-being. I'm said to help dispel negative energies while amplifying positive ones. I can be placed anywhere on the body to help heal that specific area. Simply carrying me can help restore balance and aid one in becoming more centered. I'm closely tied with the thymus gland, and this makes me a good stone to help in the development of this gland, especially in the first 7 years of one's life (when the thymus is most active). My soothing, balancing qualities also make me a positive influence during this important phase of life because this period is one of constant stimulation and discovery. My subtle energies make me a good choice for people of all ages, imparting a positive influence on every aspect of one's life. I'm a good stone for those born during The Moon of Brisk Winds - (19 Feb - 20 Mar) Those born during this period can benefit from my grounding and stabilizing qualities. My balancing abilities make me good for people born during the moon of brisk winds, helping them evaluate all of the factors involved before making decisions. I'm a good stone for people with the zodiac sign of Pisces.

I represent a link between the plant and mineral kingdoms. My energies are grounding and
harmonizing, and I readily share my subtle vibrational powers with those working with me. I have the ability to balance opposing forces. I'm said to draw out negative energies, promoting physical, emotional, and spiritual health. I'm especially beneficial to the endocrine system, spleen, heart, brain, thyroid, inner ear, and neurological tissue. My subtle energies promote good health. My grounding and stabilizing properties make me a calming stone that can facilitate energy balancing and cleansing. Healers often use me to shield them and prevent them from taking on the pain of those they heal. I'm also said to be an effective block against psychic attacks and energy draining from others. (Good empath stone!) My calming energies can also help to dispel depression and bring about a more positive mental state. My subtle energies bring joy, inner strength, and peace of mind. I'm a good stone for those born during the Moon of Ripening - (22 Jul - 21 Aug), The Moon of Harvesting - (22 Aug - 21 Sep), and The Moon of Renewal - (22 Dec- 19 Jan). I'm well suited to Leos, Virgos, and Capricorns.

The effect of stones on us seems reliable and mysteries. I have a great interest in the power of stones. I've heard about a crystal which has a tiny drop of water with its inside. I've longed to see it, but I've not seen yet. Have you ever heard about this crystal?

I think the crystal you're looking for is an Opal.

Thanks a lot for precious information, Katt! I'm very glad and happy to meet you. Have you ever seen this opal? Could you tell me where I can see this stone? Australia? I would be happy if you would reply to me. Thanks.

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