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From my notes - different sources:
Obsidian is a fire stone, born of the volcano. Used to create tools and weapons by many primitive people, it lets us slice to the core of a matter. Grounding and protective and deflects negativity. Aids healing of wounds, dissolves pain and improves circulation. Aids digestion and intestines.

Apache tears: Legend says they are the tears of Apache women who mourned the loss of their husbands in battle, when the cavalry drove them off a cliff. Comforts in times of grief. Also a stone of precision and analytical thought. Promotes forgiveness.

Astrological sign: Aries Snowflake obsidian can help the wearer recognize and transmute negative patterns and modes of thought. It helps to transform negativity into a positive and brings peace and balance to mind and body.

“Rainbow Obsidian shows the presence of light within darkness. Purpose is to show mankind and womankind that within darkness of despair and depression, there is a light of hope and healing. Within the darkness every color of the rainbow is vibrating with a purpose. More likely to be love:-) The black color may be a veil or an illusion; we must go to a deeper level to discover the light.

Obsidian reflects our true-selves.....the good AND the bad. Helps us to understand the dark side of ourselves so we can walk into the light. A circle of color in rainbow obsidian /compared to rings: The circle of color seems to be more of a focusing point; where the rings are secondary but still in unison. Cannot have a ring without a circle of color and vice a versa. Maybe the circle of color is the heart chakra and the rings relate to the other chakras. OR- The circle of color is the physical body while the rings represent the etheric, emotional, mental, astral, celestial and ketheric bodies.

Each ring maybe a past life. You can use Obsidian to tap into these lives to see where one went wrong and correct the behavior. A mirror which reflects our weaknesses, allowing us to become aware of our dark side. Obsidian is associated with negativity because of this. People are fearful of their dark side so they avoid Obsidian.

Being Obsidian is natural glass, it seems it would allow one clarity into their lives. It is from a volcanic flow, so therefore Obsidian could help us to flow with life. Rainbow Obsidian vibrates to the number 2 which is about harmony and gentleness, a willingness to cooperate and to be thoughtful of each other.

Togetherness… (from:

*Obsidian is actually volcanic lava and is said to be good for improving the eyesight. Mystics also believe that it is beneficial in improving the higher vision of spiritual awareness. *Balances the stomach area and intestine and muscle tissue in that area.

*Scott Cunningham: Projective, Saturn, Fire Deity: Tezcatlipoca (Aztec, "Smoking Mirror" or "Shining Mirror") Powers: Protection, grounding, divination, peace Ritual Lore: Obsidian is simply lava that cooled so fast that the minerals contained within didn't have time to form. It is a naturally occurring glass. The ancient Aztecs fashioned flat, square mirrors of this black glass for use in divination. According to legend the famous Dr. Dee, a magician-alchemist hired by England's Queen Elizabeth I, may have used one of these mirrors in his scrying sessions. It was a popular material for fashioning stone knives, spear points and arrowheads, and when used for these purposes, it is often known as "flint." Such arrowheads have magical properties. (See: Flint).

Magical Uses: Obsidian is a grounding, centering stone. Hold it in your hands or place your bare feet on two small, polished pieces when you're flighty or can't seem to get your physical life in order. Remember--the physical is the path to the spiritual. Each is a reflection of the other. Obsidian is effective when carried or used in protective rituals. One involves surrounding a white candle with four obsidian arrowheads that each point to one of the directions. This sets up aggressive energies which guard the place in which it is set up. Spheres of obsidian, still fashioned in Mexico, are fine scrying tools. If you don't have good results scrying with quartz crystal, try a piece or sphere of obsidian. For some, the blackness of the stone allows easier access to the subconscious mind.

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