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Herkimer Diamond
By Mouse

Chinese (Himalayan) Herkimer Diamonds assists one in clearing the mind/body system of unconscious fears and repression, allowing for total relaxation and expansion of the life energy. It is very useful in the removal and dispersion of toxins, which have accumulated in the body and for rebuilding the cellular structure. It is very helpful in relieving tensions, producing a calming of the outer bodies and the physical body, which helps to align the energy structure of the user. The "Chinese" Herkimer Diamonds are actually a type of Tibetan Quartz which is found in the Himalayan Mountains. Since China occupies Tibet, and these pieces are sent to China for cleaning, etc….They carry the more general name of Himalayan Herkimers. Both the properties of the Herkimer and the Tibetan Quartz will apply here. (from:

The elixir releases stress and tension -- in particular the type of stress which leads to malignant tumors. In a similar fashion to the diamond, the Herkimer radiates energy. Strength, Power, Courage, Willpower, Activity. Projective, they are a miniature, double-terminated quartz crystal. They are fine substitutes for diamonds in magic....Scott Cunningham

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