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Boji Stones
By Lotus

Today I was gifted with a Boji Stone. As soon as I held it, I felt its energy charging through me and at the same time felt very grounded. Quite an amazing feeling. Boji® is a trademark name since 1972 and from what I have read, came to light by a trance-channeler in Colorado. My Crystal book tells me "each stone is distinguished by the characteristic of a small, smooth pattern of crystallization(female) or a larger uneven pattern of crystallization(male). Boji stones has been found with rainbows upon the surface; the rainbows making a lovely expansion of the energies of the mineral. The crystallization mineral within the boji stone is primarily pyrite, analysis of the composition of the stone has also indicated the presence of palladium, an excellent healing mineral, and a variety of other minerals. Boji stones come in male, female and androgynous forms and in various sizes, generally from the size of a dime to as about as large as a silver dollar. The male stone is characterized primarily by the uneven, sharp, protruding patterns on their surface. The female stones are all smooth in their configuration. The androgynous stones display a point or points of some uneven characteristics but not as contiguous as displayed on the male stones." Mine is blackish-brownish in color with a flattened spherical shape and a few protruding platelets. I am not sure if it is male or female but I am leaning more toward androgynous. I am eager to see what may unfold in it's use.

I have 2 sets of these stones... One set is like coins.. round and sort of flat, one has what is called smooth surface & one has the points, male & female pair. The other pair I have is called figure 8 or peanut shape They are used in meditation one in each hand. It does sound like you have one that is both male & female. They have been used by native tribes for centuries. They were taken on quests. I really like mine & used to carry the peanuts with me all the time in a pouch. I was going through some really ruff stuff & they helped me. I still have them but they are resting. I no longer feel the need to have them with me at all times. My husband used to carry a round set with him one in each pocket. I hope you enjoy your new mineral friend.

Oh Luna, yours sounds wonderful. I love how the stone feels, very calming and soothing so I can understand why they would bring comfort during stressful times. I am not called to use crystals to often in my work but every once in a while I feel the tug toward one, perhaps this stone will call to me during a healing session.

*Scott Cunningham: Projective, Mars, Fire, Akasha Powers: Power, protection, healing, balancing energies On my recent trip to Denver, the owner of Isis Bookstore piled several bizarre-looking "stones" in my hands. "Here," he said. "What are they?" They were grey, metallic, heavy. Were they magnets? No. Some were grainy-surfaced ovals, fairly smooth, while others were studded with what appeared to be three-sided corners of some metal that had formed crystals within the "stone" itself. A few were tubular-shaped, lookin like two stones that had been smashed and fused together. "What are they?" I asked, stumped. "Boji Stones," Leon said, smiling. “Yeah, I'd never heard of them either. They apparently come from some place in Kansas. Holding one in each hand, I felt a tremendous flow of energy through my body.” Magical Uses: Boji Stones are something of an enigma. I've taken them to experts, but they aren't sure just what they are--crystalline forms of iron? Pseudomorphs (where organic or mineral substances are replaced with, in this case metal)? At lease one specimen, I was told, seems to be a fossilized vertebra of some ancient animal, in which the bone has been replaced with a form of pyrite. Whatever they are, Boji Stones emit forceful, projective vibrations. They appear to be useful for balancing the body's energies, with the resultant effects of calming, grounding and healing. One woman said that holding a stone in her hand had removed the pain from it. They are certainly protective, in that they charge up our psychic defenses. As for their other uses, maybe we'll discover them together.

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