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Planetary & Elemental Correspondences in Stone
By CinnamonMoon

Sun These stones are useful in legal matters, healing, protection, success, illumination, magical energy and physical energy. Candles used in rituals with these stones are usually orange or gold.... Scott Cunningham

Amber Calcite, orange Carnelian Crystal Quartz Diamond Pipestone Sulfur Sunstone Tiger's-eye Topaz Zircon

Moon These stones are suitable for use in rituals involving sleep, prophetic dreams, gardening, love, healing, the sea, the home, fertility, peace, compassion and spirituality.

Candle colors: white or silver...Scott Cunningham

Aquamarine Beryl Chalcedony Crystal Quartz Moonstone Mother-of-Pearl Pearl Sapphire Selenite

Mercury These stones are used for strengthening mental powers and for eloquence, divination, studying, self-improvement, communication, travel and wisdom.

Candle color: yellow...Scott Cunningham

Agate Aventurine Jasper, Mottled Mica Pumice

Venus Venusian stones are useful in rituals promoting love, fidelity, reconciliation, interchanges, beauty, youth, joy and happiness, pleasure, luck, friendship, compassion and meditation, and in rituals involving women.

Candle color: green...Scott Cunningham

Azurite Calcite: Blue, Green, Pink Cat's-eye Chrysocolla Chrysoprase Coral Emerald Jade Jasper, green Kunzite Lapis Lazuli Malachite Olivine Peridot Sodalite Tourmaline: Blue, Green, Pink, Watermelon Turquoise

Mars These stones are useful for promoting courate, aggression, healing after surgery, physical strength, politics, sexual energy, exorcism, protection, defensive magic and are suitable for rituals involving men.

Candle color: red...Scott Cunningham

Asbestos Bloodstone Flint Garnet Jasper, Red Lava Onyx Pipestone rhodocrosite Rhodonite Ruby Sard Sardonyx Tourmaline: Red, Watermelon

Jupiter These stones are fine for spirituality, meditation, psychism and religious ritual. Purple candles can be burned in conjunction with these stones in ritual...Scott Cunningham

Amethyst Lepidolite Sugilite

Saturn Saturnian stones are used for grounding, centering, protection, purificaion and luck.

Candle colors: gray, brown...Scott Cunningham

Alum Apache Tear Coal Hematite Jasper, Brown Jet Obsidian Onyx Salt Serpentine Tourmaline, Black

Note: In common with other authors and magicians, I've just started utilizing the energies of Uranus, neptune and Pluto, the three planets unknown to the ancients, in magic. Magical information relating to them is limited at present, and opinions vary greatly. In the future more stones will be determined to be under the influence of these planets. In the meantime, here are lists of the stones I've tentatively placed under the rulerships of Neptune and Pluto. (Some of these stones are co-ruled by other planets.) ... Scott Cunningham

Neptune Amethyst Celestite Lepidolite Mother-of-Pearl Turquoise

Pluto Kunzite Spinel Quartz, Tourmalated

*Notes from Scott Cunningham:
Air: Air is the element of communication, travel, and the intellect. Its color is yellow. Aventurine Jasper, Mottled Mica Pumice Sphene

Fire: Fire stones are used for protection, defensive magic, physical strength, magical energy, courage, will power (such as dieting), and purification.

Candle color: red.

Agate, Banded, Black, Brown, or Red Amber Apache Tear Asbestos Bloodstone Carnelian Citrine Crystal, quartz Diamond Flint Garnet Hematite Jasper, Red Lava Obsidian Onyx Pipestone Rhodocrosite Ruby Sard Sardonyx Serpentine Spinel Sulfur Sunstone Tiger's-eye Topaz Tourmaline, Red or Watermelon Zircon

Water: Stones of this element are used in love rituals and for healing, compassion, reconciliation, friendship, purification, de-stressing, peace, sleep, dreams, and psychism. Agate, Blue Lace Amethyst Aquamarine Azurite Beryl Calcite, Blue or Pink Celestite Chalcedony Chrysocolla Coral Crystal, quartz Geodes Holey Stones Jade Lapis Lazuli Lepidolite Moonstone Mother-of-Pearl Pearl Sapphire Selenite Sodalite Sugilite Tourmaline, Blue, Green or Pink

Akasha: This is the 'fifth' element, and its stones are usually of organic origin, i.e., either substances from living creatures or fossils of long-deceased animals and plants. They are useful in a variety of magical applications, including longevity and past-life regression. Amber Coral Fossils Jet Mother-of-Pearl Petrified Wood

Earth: Stones related to this element are useful in promoting peace, grounding and centering of energies, fertility, money, business success, stability, gardening and agriculture. Candles used in conjunction with these stones should be green. Agate, Green or Moss Alum Calcite, Green Cat's-eye Chrysoprase Coal Emerald Jasper, Brown or Green Jet Kunzite Malachite Olivine Peridot Salt Stalagmite, Stalactite Tourmaline, Blace or Green

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