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By Cinnamon Moon

From Ambrose Hawk
Flint Folklore ~source unknown~

Flint, deriving its name from the Greek, plinthos, meaning brick, comes in colors of black, grey, grey-white, light brown, red and yellow. Flint is a form of chalcedony consisting of silica, lime, oxide of iron, water, carbon and trace organic matter. A tough stone, chipping easily and leaving sharp edges, flint was one of the first materials used for the making of weapons and tools by early man. Flint was used in ancient Egypt to make the first incision in a body prior to embalming.

Flint has had many properties assigned to it throughout the ages. Below are a few remedies for the use of flint. Having the nick names of Elf Shot or Fairy Dart, flint was used in the middle ages to ward off bewitchment by elves and fairies, being crafted into an arrowhead and worn as a necklace. Connected to the Norse god Thor, it was stated then that flint will protect a house from thunder and lightning strikes.

Physicians of 300 b.c.e. prescribed flint for breaking up kidney stones. Too, if flint were worn, it would prevent stomach ailments. And if placed under a bed, flint would relieve rheumatism and cramps. Midwives in Scandinavia poured ale through a holed flint to ensure easy childbirth for the soon-to-be mother. In England, a flint amulet was usually hung in a dairy to prevent the curdling of milk during a thunderstorm. Also, to prevent any elf or fairy harassment on the dairy animals.

Other nick names for flint, such as Hag Stone, Holey Stone, Nightmare or Witch Riding Stone, the holed flint stone prevented both people and animals from elf or fairy bewitchments. In Ireland, ailing people would be cured by drinking a beverage that was steeped with a flint stone. If the owners of horses and cattle thought their creatures were fairy or elf enchanted, they would be given the same flint beverage to drink.

Until recent times, Ireland farmers often wore a flint stone set in silver to ward off fairy or elf spells. These amulets were called 'saigead talismans.' It was common to find flint knives in Scandinavia homes, and they were treated as holy objects, the owners 'feeding' the stone knives beer and melted butter. - CinnamonMoon

Flint: *Scott Cunningham:
Folk names:
Thunderstone, Elf-Shot, Fairy-Shot, Elf-Arrow, Adder-stone. Projective, Mars, Fire, Silver, Protection, Healing, Divination

Ritual Lore:
Flint, a term vaguely applied to varieties of opaque quartz, was widely used in religious/magical rites by American Indians. Among the Cherokee, it was invoked by shamans prior to medicinal treatments. One of the first trade articles of early peoples, flint was used extensively to make blades. Ancient flint knives, found throughout Europe, were and still are used as protective amulets. They were known as "Thunderstones" and "Elf-Shot," revealing that
their origins long remained unknown. The Irish set flint knives in silver and carried them to guard against mischievous 'fairies'. In Scandinavia flint knives were sometimes honored as family 'gods'. Beer and melted butter were poured over them, much as holy statures are revered in contemporary India.

Magical Uses:
Ancient flint implements are protective amulets. It is thought to be particularly potent when placed above the door. If you obtain an ancient flint knife (or modern replica), place it on the altar or hold during protective rituals. Flint is used in modern-day Brazil in divining gold, water, gemstones and other underground treasures. A modern American flint spell: To cure a headache, strike a flint several times. As the sparks fly, visualize the pain traveling out from your head, into the sparks and dissipating with them.

(((Cinn))) adding to what you have already written: Flint is sometimes referred to as the "emotional" stone helping to severe emotional ties attached to stressful situations. It is not unusual to use Flint as a talisman to bring rational, intellectual, and physical strength during disputes. Flint is also used to relieve shyness and to promote more intimate and personal relationships. It has been said that Flint is an excellent stone related to thought transference especially if you are interested in sending and receiving loving messages. Flint vibrates to the number seven. Astrological sign: Scorpio.

Thank you, Lotus! *S* Much appreciated.

Cinnamon Moon
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