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Various Stones
By CinnamonMoon

By JaguarEyes
I was absolutely delighted last week when Dolphin man came back to the Hotel in Doha, were we were staying, looking very excited, his cheeks were even pink! He gifted me with two fossil stones which are absolutely incredible to look at. They are cut and polished ammonite from Madagascar.. but, get this, they are from the Jurassic period that makes them around 160 million years old! I was absolutely speechless and feel so privileged to have these incredible stones. They are quite big with spectacular patterns inside the polished stone. When I lie down and put one on my chest I can sense it's intense power. I disappeared for half an hour the last time I lay with one, I have no idea where I went in that half hour period. I have a lot to learn from these fossils I haven't come across an energy akin to this before, and I'll enjoy working with them. Another point of interest is the name of the fossil - Ammonite. The name 'Ammonite' originates from the Greek Ram-horned god called Ammon. *s* Ammonite were predators…If anyone has any comments about the importance of these stones or any comment at all I'd be happy to hear from you! If I ever get round to getting photos of them I'll let you see them.

By Cinnamon
*The elixir alleviates psychosomatic illness, anxiety and buried fears (particularly those which originate from the first 7 years of childhood). This elixir is applicable to psychotherapy in that it encourages the development of emotional tranquility and a more positive attitude to life. *Relieves migraine headaches and soothes the eyes. Leave a piece in water overnight and use the water the following day to bathe the eyes. Or the same water can be used when bathing irritations of the skin with reputed good results.

*Scott Cunningham: Projective, Mercury, Air, Mental Powers, Eyesight, Gambling, Money, Peace, Healing, Luck.

Magical Uses: Green aventurine is worn to strengthen the eyesight. It is also worn, carried or used in spells designed to increase perception to stimulate creativity and to enhance intelligence. This stone is utilized in games of chance magic and is a popular gambler's talisman. Aventurine is also used in money-attracting magic. Its green color tells us of its usefulness in calming troubled emotions and in speeding healing. An all-around luck stone.

By Cinnamon
*The elixir is effective in the treatment of diseases of the bone, such as arthritis and spinal curvature. Azurite Malachite is used in an elixir that has an impact on the liver, skin and thymus, as well as upon muscular dystrophy and cirrhosis of the liver. *Edgar Cayce recommended this in his writings as an aid to psychic development. A powerful stone said to be used as a general healing stone in Atlantis.

*Scott Cunningham: Folk names of Lapis Linguis, Lapis Lingua; Receptive, Venus, Water, Psychism, Dreams, Divination, Healing. Magical Uses: A beautiful, deep blue stone, has long been to increase psychic powers. Put beneath the pillow it is used for prophetic dreams. Held or worn when divining the future. Also used in healing magic.

By Cinnamon
*Scott Cunningham: Receptive, Moon, Neptune, Water, Akasha, Silver, Protection, Wealth

Ritual Lore: Mother-of-pearl is the lustrous, opalescent interior of various sea mollusks. Though not a stone, it has been included here because of its long use in magic. Mother-of-pearl has been used in ritual jewelry throughout the ages. Seashells were the medium of exchange (money) in many parts of the world where metals were scarce or lacking, such as Polynesia. Since this substance is the product of a living creature--the exterior skeleton, or shell--it is related to the fifth element, Akasha. Collect mother-of-pearl yourself in stream beds or the ocean. Since commercial m.o.p. is obtained by killing the animal which created it, it is therefore rather risky to use in magic. Magical Uses: M.o.p. is placed on newborn babies to protect them from the perils of their new existence. It is also a fine substance to use in wealth, money and riches spells. Empower a bit of m.o.p. with your magical need for money. Anoint it with seawater (which contains gold) or a money-drawing spell, such as patchouly or cedar. Place a silver coin or any pieces of silver next to the shell. Wrap a dollar bill or green paper tightly around the m.o.p. and silver object and secure with green string. Place this talisman on your altar between two green candles. Let them flame for ten to fifteen minutes while visualizing. Then carry the charm with you.

Petrified Wood:
By Cinnamon
*Scott Cunningham: Receptive, Akasha Powers: Longevity, Past-life regression, Healing, Protection

Magical Uses: Petrified wood consists of ancient trees that, eons ago, were covered with mineral-rich water. The water slowly dissolved the wood and replaced it with various minerals. This process produced what we know as "petrified wood." It is a fossil and is ruled by Akasha. Because of its great antiquity (fossilized wood is millions of years old), it is carried or utilized in spells designed to extend the life span or, alternately, to increase the enjoyment of, and evolution within, our lives. Also, due to its age, petrified wood is used to recall past incarnations. The "stone" is carried as a protective amulet because of its hardness and strange appearance. In earlier times it was thought to "scare off" evil. Today we view it as setting up barriers of energy which deflect negativity. It is also carried as a charm against drowning.

By Cinnamon
*Scott Cunningham: Projective, Mercury, Air, Easing childbirth, banishment, protection.

Magical Uses: Pumice, a volcanic product, is a curious substance. Light and rough to the touch (one soap boasts it contains pumice to help in cleaning dirty hands), it also possesses the unique property of floating on water. At one time pumice was pressed into the hands of women during childbirth, or worn, to ease the passage of the new life into the outside world.

A banishing spell: Take a piece of pumice and hold it in your projective hand. Visualize the problem you wish to be rid of -- a damaging habit, negative emotion, physical ailment, or unrequited love. While holding the stone, through your visualization send the energy which is behind the problem into the pumice. You might imagine it as streams of thick, black smoke, the consistency of molasses, flowing into the light, porous stone. Then throw the pumice into a lake, stream, the ocean or any body of water. As it hits the water, it releases the problem and its root causes into that element. Floating on the surface, the pumice strengthens your ability to "rise above" any and all negative conditions. If you do not have access to bodies of water, fill a large basin or bucket with water and perform the ritual; then pour the water, stone and all, onto bare earth. Pumice can also be placed on the altar during protective magic or in the home as an amuletic sponge. Empower it with the property of absorbing negativity.

By Cinnamon
This gemstone is being used more and more frequently to integrate the physical, mental and emotional energies of the user. Helps detoxify the kidneys. There is a general strengthening of self-identity and an ability to function better in life.

*Scott Cunningham: Projective, Mars, Fire, Energy, Peace, Love

Magical Uses: This beautiful pink stone is carried or worn to lend extra energy during times of extreme physical activity. It is also soothing to the emotions and the body, de-stressing it. For a soothing bath, add a piece of rhodocrosite to the tub or wear the stone during the bath. While this may seem to be opposed to the first magical usage listed here, remember that it is your empowering of the stone that fine tunes it to your magical need. It is also carried to draw love.

*This elixir strengthens the inner ear--particularly bone tissue and the sense of hearing.

*Scott Cunningham: Projective, Mars, Fire, Peace, Anti-confusion

Magical Uses: Wear rhodonite to be calm, to cast off confusion, doubt and incoherency. Rhodonite is also a fine stone to wear or carry to shut down the psychic centers. This reddish stone, usually veined with lines of black, can also be worn to promote balance within the stone magician, shaman, or Wiccan.

*Scott Cunningham: Projective, Mars, Fire, Love, Protection, Courage, Facilitating Childbirth

Magical Uses: Sard is a reddish yellow or brown variety of quartz (related to carnelian). It is thought to be more magically effective for women than for men. In the 1300's, sard was engraved wtih the image of a grapevine (symbolizing male energy) and ivy (female energy). This was worn by women for good fortune and to draw love. Ruled by Mars and of a reddish color, sard is also used in protective rituals and in defeating negative spells (hexes) as well as to promote courage. Courage, which is 'knowing' that you can face any situation, is created by strengthening self-confidence and also the body's projection of personal power. At one time sard was given to women in labor to facilitate trouble-free childbirth.

*Aids the lungs, larynx, thyroid and the nervous system.

*Scott Cunningham: Projective, Mars, Fire, Metals: Silver, Platinum, Gold Powers: Protection, courage, marital happiness, eloquence, peace, luck

Magical Uses: Sardonyx is chalcedony layered with brown sard. It is used in protective rituals and is worn to promote courage and fearlessness. In ancient Rome a figure of Hercules or Mars was engraved on the stone for this last purpose. Sardonyx is used to promote good relations between lovers or married couples, ending domestic strife and promoting communication. It is worn or carried for eloquence, especially by lawyers and those who speak to the public. Because of this, jewelry containing sardonyx can be worn to court to ensure that the wearer's testimony is clear and concise. Worn or placed near the heart, it relieves depression and despondency, producing peace and joy. Sardonyx was at one time engraved with an eagle's head, set in silver, platinum, or gold and worn to bring good luck.

*Scott Cunningham: Folkname: Za-tu-mush-gir (Assyrian) Projective, Saturn, Fire, Protection, Lactation

Magical Uses: The above correspondences as to energy, planet, and element are tentative as there is little information available about this stone. Seals made of serpentine were carried in ancient Assyria so the gods and goddesses would send double blessings. Serpentine is also worn around the neck by nursing women to regulate their milk supply. Otherwise, its main use is guarding against poisonous creatures such as snakes, spiders, bees, scorpions, and other troublesome reptiles and insects. This may seem rather useless, but think about it. Have you gone camping in the mountains or hiking through wooded areas in the spring? How about rock-climbing expeditions in the desert? When we leave our artificial environments (our homes), we're subjected to nature in all its manifestations, including creatures that bite and sting us in defending their territory or lives. Don't get mad--bring along some serpentine and carry or wear it while tramping through the woods or exploring nature. Perhaps you can prevent such misfortunes.

*From my notes, source unknown:
It is believed that the serpentina increases the wisdom and self-control of the one who wears it. Tradition has it that this stone should always be worn attached to a cord rather than to a metal chain.

Blue sodalite is reputed to assist in the lowering of blood-pressure and also to have a cooling effect upon those suffering from a fever or an over-high temperature. Strengthens the lymphatic system. Helps to attain emotional balance expressly for the purpose of spiritual growth.

Scott Cunningham: Receptive, Venus, Water, Healing, Peace, Meditation, Wisdom Magical uses: Sodalite is a deep blue stone veined with white. It is often mistaken for lapis lazuli but lacks the golden flecks of iron pyrite often contained in the latter stone. It is healing, especially for emotionally related diseases or those caused by stress, nervousness, anger or fear. Wear or rub the body do dispel fear and guilt. Wear or hold to still the mind, relax the body and calm inner turmoil. It is a fine meditative stone, and when used conscientiously, promotes wisdom.

*Scott Cunningham: Folk Name: Titanite Energy is projective, planet is mercury, element is Air Powers: Mental powers, spirituality

Magical uses: This greenish yellow stone is rarely found in transparent crystals. it is seldom used in jewelry due to its softness. Sphene is a Greek word for "wedge" (describing the shape of its crystals). When found, it is used to improve the mind and the processing of information. It is excellent for studying, theorizing and debating. Sphene is also worn to promote spiritual enlightenment during meditation and mystic rituals.

*Also known as the 'Fairy Stone', the staurolite is claimed to be of benefit to those who feel
generally below par but cannot identify the reason for this. It is also thought by many to be a stone bringing good fortune, but this could be because of the markings of the cross which can be seen on it.

*Scott Cunningham: Folknames: Fairy Cross, Fairy Tears, Staurotide, Cross Stone Elements: Earth, Air, Fire, Water Powers: Protection, health, money, elemental powers

Ritual Lore: Staurolite (from the Greek word stauros, 'cross') has many legends surrounding it, most quite recent and related to Christianity. These stones are twined crystals which form into equal-armed crosses, or x-shapes. at least 3 presidents of the US--Roosevelt, Wilson and Harding--carried staurolite as luck charms. It is often stated that they are found only in the Blue ridge Mountains of Virginia. In fact, they also occur in North Carolina, New Mexico, France and Scotland, and perhaps in many other localities. In Brittany they were said to have fallen from the skies and were worn as charms. Though the cross is usually associated with Christianity in the Western world, it was used in religion and magic centuries before this relatively "new" religion was formed. Equal-armed crosses symbolize the interpenetration of the physical and spiritual planes, the combination of projective and receptive energies within our bodies and souls, and also sexual intercourse. In magic, staurolite represents the four elements.

Magical Uses: Staurolite specimens vary in appearance. When the twin crystals intersect each other at right angles, they produce perfect crosses with arms of equal length. These are the stones favored in magic. More frequently, however, they cross at varying angles. Staurolite is worn or carried for protection against negativity, disease and accidents. One can be empowered and placed in the car for this purpose. This stone is also worn to draw wealth and to energize the sexual drive. To gain control over the elemental forces, wear a staurolite set in any electrum fashioned as a ring or pendant.

*Scott Cunningham: Projective, Pluto, fire, Energy, Money

Magical Uses: Spinel is found in black, blue, green and pink crystals and is rather rare. It is used in magic to lend energy to the body; it's worn for that purpose. Spinel can be used to boost physical strength during periods of excess exertion. the spinel is also used in spells designed to attract riches and wealth.

*Scott Cunningham: Pronounced: soo-ji-lite Receptive, Jupiter, Water, Psychism, Spirituality, Healing, Wisdom

Magical Uses: Sugilite is a relatively new stone. Its uses in magic are new as well, and much research and experimentation is being performed with this stone at the present time. It is expensive and is a dense, purplish stone of a good, solid weight. The stone seems to facilitate psychic awareness when worn or carried. As with most purple stones, sugilite is also worn for healing. It is also contemplated or worn during meditation to increase awareness of the spiritual world and is also worn to obtain wisdom.

*Scott Cunningham: Projective, Sun, Fire, Associated stone: Moonstone; Associated metal: Gold; Powers: Protection, energy, health, sexual energy

Ritual Lore: There are at least two stones named sunstone. One is a form of translucent quartz which has a vaguely orange hue. This is the Oregon sunstone. Anciently, a form of feldspar which was imported from India was known by this name. In a sense it resembles an orange opal, with a fiery, multicolored flash. This is the only one used in past times in magic. In the Renaissance this stone was frequently associated with the Sun, due to its sparkling orange-gold colors. It was set in gold and worn to bring the influences of the Sun into the magician. Symbolically, sunstone is linked with moonstone.

Magical Uses: I came across several references to this stone but no concrete information. Finally, at a rock show I found a dealer who had some sunstones--the old feldspar-type sunstone. I said I hadn't seen them before, and he commented that he'd bought them 20 years ago. They were beautiful and I eagerly brought them back home.

Sunstone, like most sparkling, reflective stones, is protective. Place one in the home before a white candle to spread protective energies through the house. A stone placed in a bag of healing herbs strengthens their energies. The sunstone is also carried or worn to lend extra physical energy to the body during times of stress or ill-health. If worn near the sexual region, it stimulates sexual arousal and increases sexual energy. Unfortunately, the sunstone's use in magic seems to have been largely forgotten. No modern stone magic book I've read refers to it, even in passing. If you find a sunstone, treasure it.

Cinnamon Moon
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