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Disclaimer: Herbs, stones and extracts are often toxic to the body and can be deadly when proper dosages are not understood or adhered to. We therefore highly recommend you undertake professional studies in this field of nature-based medicines.

By MizzMo

Crystal and Gemstone Elixirs for External Use Only

One of the most powerful ways of absorbing crystal vibrations is by the use of gem remedies, or elixers. Purpose made ones can be bought, but you can make your own. Vibrational Medicines Because crystals have such powerful vibrations they are ideal for making an energy medicine that works on the body, mind, emotions, and spirit. Water takes on the vibrational pattern of a substance placed within it, then passes it by absorbing it through the skin. Using Gem Elixirs You can use gem elixirs by rubbing it on the skin, or simply by adding it to your bath. You can make it, and store it up to a week in the refrigerator, and is always best, when freshly made. You can use most tumbled stones, with the exception of malachite.

Malachite is a toxic crystal. And should NEVER EVER be used internally or externally.

Other stones such as kyanite, and other un-tumbled stones should not be used as they can fall apart and break away when wet.

(disclaimer by MizzMo: I do NOT recommend using gem elixers for internal use at all)

Making the Elixir You can use 50% brandy or vodka as a preservative, this will keep the elixir active much longer. Then add the other 50% as water. Using darker colored bottles is best, but clear works fine too. Always cleanse your stones before you use them in the elixir. Find the crystal that you wish to use for the treatment you have in mind. Pour fresh spring water, or bottled water into a bowl. Do not use tap water as most water facilities add chlorine to the drinking water. Place your desired tumbled stone in the bowl and place in sunlight for at least 12 hours. Remove stone before packaging. Then put the elixir in an preferably dark glass bottle, add the vodka or brandy if you wish to keep longer than a week. Use an airtight stopper to seal. Store the elixir in a cold, dark area, or refrigerate, label it with the date prepared, and what its intention is for.
You can use these and add to your bath water, and you can make smaller dosage bottle for gifts.

Stones You May use for external use and bath

Abalone shell: Treats excessive anxiety and Your fear for others. Also helps aid in your psychic connection with the water element.
Amber: For despair
Amethyst: For those who have a hard time with interference of freedom to make their own decisions and plans. Raises your vibration to a more spiritual level.
Aquamarine: For Your over enthusiasm, your tenseness, your stress and strain of everyday life. Brings in a calm, quiet clarity to an over active mind; increases one's ability to achieve a natural, calm state of mind.
Aragonite : Overcoming your feeling of being helpless in a daily life.
Aventurine: Increases your mental stability, your high anxiety, pride in self. Makes you strong and stabilizes you during growth and development experiences. Helps us move into and through new experiences with ease, stamina and perseverance; good for the spiritual go getters.

Beryl : Helps aid and target your low self-esteem.
Black Tourmaline: Helps us Clear out old negative energies for fresh, clean, positive energy. A targeting tool for the release of toxic energy of the mind, emotions, and especially the physical body. Protects and grounds for the restlessness in you.
Bloodstone: Makes us strong within our connection to earth. Brings in a stronger flowing of positive earth energies and stability after emotional traumas or just being upset. Helps aid in blood and detoxifies the liver, kidneys and spleen. It benefits all blood-rich organs and regulates blood flow.
Black Onyx: For those who have a hard time confronting their emotions to overcome excessiveness of emtional upset.
Blue Lace Agate: For feeling hatred of others and your suspicions of things you dwell on.

Calcite: For feelings of emotionally confined within self. For the fear that there is no point on your positive goals.
Carnelian: Increases the etheric body's ability to access spiritual energies and of higher power. Gives energy and clears the energetic balances between the etheric bodies.
Chrysocolla : Opens up, as well softens, expands the heart chakra. Aids us for release of tension and helps us at giving and receiving love. Increases your flexibility in the mind and body to allow the vibration of love to flow through you with ease. For those stuck in an organized life routine that they cannot break.
Chrysoprase: Brings and helps the heart chakra into a harmony union with the green energy frequency of the planet. As well as synchronizes the subtle bodies with the heart energy of the earth. Aids us to accept the earth as our home treats arrogance and egotism.
Citrine: Brings harmony to our mental body with seeing the higher spiritual laws. And increases our access to the divine truth and of intelligence. It also amplifies qualities of concentration, centering, and rational mind.

Diamond: It harmonizes the divine and personal will we create. And helps us activate our own personal will in its highest form. It strengthens our ability to be in alignment with the divine purpose.
Dolomite: For lack of being resourceful. and for the fear of failure.

Emerald:The universal heart cleanser and balancer. For the energies of Divine Mother and the Divine Feminine.

Fluorite: Aids and works to bring the increased energies into the physical body by breaking up all our blockages in the etheric body.

Gold: Enables us to gain access and bring forth into the physical reality the highest aspects of our personal self. helps and guides us to tap into our inner truths, joys, and wisdoms as a source of creative powers.
Green Jasper: Helps us reconnect our body rhythms with earthly rhythms when there has been a disruption to the natural flows of life. Helps us reconnect to the wild feminine side in all of us and restores earthly sensuality and a healthy sexuality.
Green Tourmaline: For those who set unrealistic but illusory goals with great disappointments.

Herkimer Diamond: Helps us become a receiver for a highly developed transmitter of pure white light. As well as promotes our clarity of vision and stimulates our own healing at all levels. Aids our own clarity during the dream state. A receiver of all conditional love.

Jade: For those who do need help in being realistic about their ideals. For being practical about the mystic for a vibration of peace, balance, and simplicity. Aids us to stay centered and focused in the moment with an awareness and acceptance of our true self.

Kunzite: Opens the heart for an awareness of our own angelic presence as well as helps us experience spiritual love of the angelic kingdom and integrate it into our physical bodies.

Labradorite: For the release of tension arising from our everyday and long term frustration. For those whose relationships never come about. Helps our expectations and bathes and nourishes the entire energy system with full spectrum of light. renews and refreshes our daily and long term perspectives.

Magnesite: For feeling emotionally insecure. and for our disappointments and non-fulfilled hopes.
Mahogany Obsidian: For those who feel an unrealistic strive for perfection in their sex life.
Malachite : For those trying too hard to control their reality. Helps in grounding, helps align and harmonize the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels of our own being. (Never soak this stone in water to make the elixir as this stone is not recommended for elixirs)
Moldavite: Keeps us connected to an energetic window into universal perspective. helps us stay present in the moment while accessing what we need to express our earthly potentials and needs.
Moonstone: Aids and cleanses, circulates energy in the emotional bodies. Also increases the feminine energy and intuition in women and men. Also gives us perspective for the reckless spending of money.
Moss Agate: For repressing our sexual feelings, and helps bring those out into reality.

Nephrite: For those who become overwhelmed by many details and the feeling of being pulled in many directions at once.

Opal: Often feeds our etheric and subtle bodies with a full spectrum of illuminating colors. Also rejuvenates lost or used up emotional and mental forces and gains towards the depletion of color frequencies in the aura replenishes our creative energies.
Orange Calcite: Amplifies our body's ability to assimilate light at the cellular level. It is uplifting, energizing and warming. Dispels grief.

Pearl: Aids and promotes the release of layers of irritation in the mental and emotional bodies that are seen in the physical body as hardness and inflexibilities. Also helps ones turn towards antagonism for oneself or brings one's illness into awareness and acceptance. Helps our emotional excitement associated with fear.
Pink Tourmaline: For lacking of our own creativity through our repressed personality.
Peridot: This the stone of new beginnings. It stabilizes the subtle bodies during the rebirthing period of new ideas and our creative projects. Helps us gain new cycles of learning and experiences.

Quartz: For protection against adverse environmental influences and negatives.

Rose Quartz: For lacking in of self-discipline. Fear of being responsible for self and others. Your love and inner peace opens. Guides one to connect to and nurture the inner child.
Rutilated Quartz: Promotes and aids in precision alignment with higher sources of energy and inspirational ideals. Aids us to physically anchor the ability to access, synthesize, and communicate information from other dimensions around us.
Smoky Quartz : For fear of emotional interaction with others. Deals with our anxieties to help ground and calm ourselves. Also helps regulate and stabilize detoxification of unwanted energies from the physical, emotional, and mental bodies.
Rhodocrosite: For feeling exhaustion coming from our daily frustrations. Also increases our energy, balance, and stability in the heart chakra and in the physical body. As well as brings a balance of nurturing earth energy to the heart chakra after an experience of healing and transformation begins to take place.
Rhodolite Garnet: Increases our abilities to inhabit the physical body. Also helps to rebuild the web of etheric energy in areas disrupted by surgery.
Rhodonite: For feeling physically exhausted. Helps overcome the fear of criticism.
Ruby: Aids and supports the ability to ground spiritual energy into the physical bodies. Works with the lower chakras to awaken higher impersonal love.

Sapphire: Aids in devotion to divine purposes. Also helps synchronize our energy system with our higher purpose. Also intensifies the qualities of loyalty and responsibility to the work on the planet.
Star Sapphire: Helps promote our trust in the universe and planet. Aids our focus of awareness on what is necessary for the soul's progression in life. Supports the formations of our energetic connections that support realizing our life goals.
Sugulite: Brings a new depth of understanding and a physical fulfillment to our spiritual lives.
Selenite: For feeling the guilt and inability to relinquish the past. For those who are over imaginative and given in to their fantasies.
Sodalite: Helps you to overcome a desire for doing the wrong thing. For feeling of rage and a need to gain negative attention.

Tigers Eye: For those who feel they are afraid of success. Gives self-empowerment. As well as helps us maintain a strong sense of self identity when we're dealing with such powerful emotions such as anger, fear, and jealousies.
Topaz: Cleanses and clears energy blockages in the solar plexus. As well as helps us tap into appropriate sources of universal energy. Helps us with the ability to act precisely from a clear sense of personal identity. And also for those who avoid making a decision of commitment. For feeling a loss of willpower from the lack of ability to make decision.
Turquoise: Revitalizes and attunes the energy fields to the ancient wisdom and sacredness inherent in all of life. Also cleanses and deepens our connection to the Soul of the earth. For those who feel anxiety aggravated by darkness. For those who feel they need a way out of a problem but feel that there is way towards a solution.

Watermelon Tourmaline: For those who have a tendency to believe something is already real even though it’s only a possibility. Helps balance the universal polarities of Yin and Yang. Gives us equality between the magnetic and dynamic (giving and receiving) qualities of love. As well as brings the green, physical, earth frequency into harmony with the pink, spiritual, angelic frequency of love.


This is a list of crystals which are NOT suited for elixirs etc.
Before you put any stone in contact with skin or gem elixir you should make sure that it is safe to do so. This is only a few of the stones that should not be used on your skin and never ever ingested . Many of these are copper-containing minerals (copper is toxic to our bodies), but there are also others for instance, rocks that contain Lead or Arsenic, Cadmium, Aluminum, Barium or Mercury. (There are a lot of other stones and substances that should not be put in water to drink these are just some of them (not kidding!)).

Amazonite - use with caution, the color is a result of traces of copper, which is toxic)
Atacamite - poisonous (copper)
Auricalcite - Poisonous (zinc and copper)
Azurite - poisonous (copper)
Boji-stones - unfit - (contains some sulphur) There is some secrecy re it's contents - which means you really should not drink it. (Would you take a pill you did not know the contents of?)
Bronchantite - unfit and poisonous (copper)

Chalcantite- (AKA "blue @#%$") - poisonous (copper)
Chalcopyrite- (peacock stone) - poisonous (copper and sulphur)
Cinnabar - poisonous (mercury/quicksilver)
Conicalcite - poisonous (copper)
Copper - poisonous
Crysocolla- (AKA Venus-stone) - poisonous (copper)
Cuprite - poisonous (copper)

Dioptase - poisonous (copper)

Gem Silica - poisonous (copper)
Galena/ Galenite - poisonous (almost 90 percent lead),
Garnierite- (AKA Genthite/ Falcondoite) - Contains nickel

Halite - will dissolve in water,
Hematite - will rust

Lapis Lazuli - poisonous (the pyrite inclusions, that is.)

Magnetite - unfit (Iron, will rust)
Malachite : For those trying too hard to control their reality. Helps in grounding, helps align and harmonize the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels of our own being. ( Never soak this stone in water to make the elixir )
Markasite - poisonous (sulphur) (marcasite has the same chemical make-up as pyrite)
Mohawkite - poisonous (copper, ARSENIC etc.)(Keep away from children!)

Psiomelan - poisonous (barium)
Pyrite- (AKA fool's gold; Inca-gold) - poisonous (sulphur)

Realgar - poisonous (sulphur and ARSENIC) (Keep away from children!)

Stibnite- (has Lead)
Smithsonite (AKA Galmei/Zinc spar)- poisonous (zinc (may also contain copper))

Ulexite - The rock will lose its luster when in contact with water

Vanadanite - Poisonous (lead)

Wulfenite - Poisonous (lead and molybdenum)

The general rule is: Avoid making elixirs and massage oils of any stone/ mineral/ crystals containing any kind of metal (lead, copper etc.) Never Ever make or use gem elixirs for internal use. If you don't know the chemical make-up of the kind of rock you have - avoid any blue or green stone, because most of the blue and green stones get their color from its copper contents. (Especially the bright colored ones.) Also avoid any shiny, metal-like stone, because most metals are toxic to humans.

I may have to update that list for metalic stones, I don't see malachite on the list, and I know that one’s a no-no to use in an elixir. I've had this list since the old Shaman Sapience days.

This is great, Mizz! Thank you so much for this. You did mention that a person shouldn't ingest malachite up at the top of your article. A question - the two lists seem to be gems you can use externally. You noted on this first list that you could use these for bath and / or externally. The second list says - do not ingest these. Did I miss it or can you use some of those in the first, long list internally also? Ok - silliness, but I am sooo ready for a diamond and vodka cocktail - can I add some lime, and maybe tonic water? No, probably not the tonic water, huh. Thank you again

I believe the first list you can use internally, but I think what happened and why it’s not listed as such, is at the other board, it was felt that I shouldn't post them for internal use, so took that part out. Let’s see what the admin thinks about this. Lol, diamond vodka? That’s funny. I'm on ice water today, had toooo much fun yesterday.

Excellent Info Mizz. For anyone interested, just remember common-sense if you decide to take ANY gem essence or elixir internally. Many aren't suitable for internal use. Essences and Elixirs also work better with your energy especially on/around pulse points rather than trying to work through your body mass. Apply it as you would perfume or aftershave or put some on your fingers and "wave" it through your aura. You can also put it in a spray bottle and mist it over yourself.

Disclaimer by web site designer: The content of this page is from a previous page on the old site. I am just copying it from that old site for this new one. Please read the page carefully, and do NOT do anything without finding out what the outcome will be. This can be dangerous if not adhered to. Thank you

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