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By CinnamonMoon

A friend of mine some of you may know (Ambrose Hawk) sent me an email survey he was taking with the questions: 1) Is God most high knowable? and What makes "God a God"? I thought my answer to him was worth posting, and perhaps we can get some philosophical perspectives being considered here at the Lodge. This is what I sent him in my reply:

Good Afternoon Ambrose!

What a challenging question you're asking. Hmmmm Why am I not surprised? LOL

I agree with you that..." "God most high" actually is knowable, in that we are beings actually built with the design intent of coming to know and to companion with IT. It's true that one has to deal with the concept of "gods" applying to a large spectrum of quite different things."

"So what makes a "god" a "god"?"

I'm instantly reverting to thoughts of a "god" (demi or pantheonic) as being an aspect of Spirit personified. Spirit has many faces, many sides, being omnipotent. To comprise the scope of that some gods manifest for people as different attributes and symbolism of those qualities (and faults if you're Greek!). I'm not sure that a demi-god or pantheonic god isn't some form of Spirit Helper for a general populace, like totems are for tribes. Since I don't deal with pantheons in this way I don't experience the worship of gods/goddesses.

I can share with you that on Vision Quest one time Spirit came to me. I asked to see Its face. I was shown Cougar shapeshifting into an old man with a beard like you would imagine Zeus to look or perhaps the Green Man. This continued to an Indian maiden, a Gnome, Badger and on and on...a kaleidoscope of faces melding, merging, changing and I laughed so hard I cried. God is pure energy alpha and omega, all things and present as essence not form. Though It can take form at will as anything It so chooses. Therein lies part of my answer. As Spirit that companionship and merging with it are attainable, but only for short periods of time. The fact of that limitation is due to such a heightened state of awareness being required and we cannot maintain that around the clock. We can touch it though, and we can carry that presence within us.

Spirituality allows us to enter into that union and be aware of it as part of that whole carrying the life force within us to know personally a relationship based on that union. Communication with it takes some form of ritual to attain consciously. Thus the temporal awareness. Religion allows worship and homage to take place.

Another form of communication. Spirituality, IMHO, is the one on one, Religion is the masses in union guided to obey a set of rules. The journey to explore, and the meditation to listen to answers asked through prayer... Prayer the conversation on our end...miracles and blessings being the answer. I'm not sure that's what you're looking for though. Are you asking why such an entity would be perceived as a god in the first place? Perhaps to define that we need to see what would put someone in that much awe as to choose that title initially. In that way the god/dess would become so named by the power and abilities It would demonstrate and present to humanity.

When an entity takes on power over/greater than that of mankind, then mankind bows to it. Worship begins and the deity is put in place as such generally with a religious perspective building around it and thus the worship has placement and a following develops. The deity then takes on the attributes of past actions relative to what people see going on beyond their control and the power grows being fed by that worship.

In other words, in order for this "god" to manifest it takes belief in it to create the form of manifestation the energy/attribute/s take on. The worship instills a deep sense of reverence, but also leads to feeling less powerful than the deity and fear of displeasing it would be a concern. Therein we find the awe residing. Out of fear of displeasing this "god" and awe of Its "power/s" the worship continues and the god/dess grows even more powerful from that feeding. As more and more minds conceive this persona (like any archetype) it's going to take on manifestation through the spiritual process of thought-forms. We create them in a sense to reflect a physical manifestation of some form of Spirit because we cannot define Spirit on the whole in that kind of mindset. IMHO At least that's my thoughts on it today. Have fun with them.

Personally I see Spirit as all-encompassing and perhaps a Spirit of Place would compare to a demi-god elsewhere? The shamanic philosophy and path define my perceptions of God and demi-gods, for all (to me) are one in Spirit. It's here I can find personal communion without the ritual and creed leading to stricture. It's my relationship for whatever that brings to me and the path I walk in service to others. It is the Source of all life and link to the Great Mystery of it...something each lifeform (human or other) is related to and in this way we are all within the body of Spirit connected through the Web of Life. Tangible and intangible in a paradox of understanding only an individual can define for themselves.


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