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Temples & Festivals
By Cinnamon Moon
(Shared from my personal notes)

Magic Temples and Shrines:
In the construction of pyramids it has been determined that they contain mathematical wisdom, highly accurate maps and tables. Within them are found treasure houses, secret chambers, inner sanctums of granite, hidden death traps, secret passages and locks for doors via leverage. Graves with priceless artifacts of culture, wealth, religious beliefs and icons have been uncovered. Red granite sarcophagus are covered with runes of lore, prophecy, warning and curses.

Occult and mystical lights appear when rituals are conducted there (Mystic illuminations). Upon entering one might encounter a blizzard of bats and foul air, granite plugs, and narrow wells designed as escape routes. They have ventilation systems and the bases of the pyramids are related to geographical as well as measurement of the Earth's circumference mathematically equated via advanced geometry.

It is said the voice of Sphinx speaks to certain people in dreams and if they do as bid they are told of a reward that is prophecy for them and comes true.

Secret chambers remain hidden, roughhewn stones amid polished limestone. Vertically stacked stones vs staggered stones of other areas. Precision construction. Near perfect alignment to compass points. Designed with mathematical and astronomical facets. Harbor mystical powers. Symbol of universal measurement of length and time. Gigantic sundial and astronomical observatory. Shape has physical effects on living and inanimate objects (helps plants grow and keeps food longer). Sun worship. Stones highly polished limestone fitted with painstaking precision. Stairway to stars.

As a ritual temple they are designed to let elect people mystically transform into Gods. One would lay for 3 days and nights while the soul entered the spiritual realm and immortality. Others are for grain storehouses. Repositories of ancient knowledge, prophecy and guide to the stars. Proof of the Divine Hand's presence in the world. Shows mathematical distance from center of earth to the poles.

It is said the architects were guided by God to build them via extra-ordinary knowledge beyond the level at that time. Shadows of the pyramids mark astronomical movements and seasonal change so they serve as a calendar. Distance of Earth to Sun in multiples and dates pertaining to the 2nd coming of Christ. Exact north and south measurements.

Hidden spiritual, scientific and historical data. Numbers, degrees, measures, weights, angles, temperatures, geometric and cosmic. Base=365 days per year. Sides=compass North, South, East, West, Point to sky, speed of light. Shape=power w/electric current at peak proven energy source. Dries and mumifies bodies and food w/o decay. Regenerates hone of blades on swords, razors, etc. Calms menstrual cramps and children. Sharpens mind. Improves sleep and increases sex drive. Reduces pain. Speeds healing. Energizes. Keeper of hidden truths. Atlantean architects.

Raised in homage to Gods. Symbol of conquest and mysterious power. Granite pillar up to 150 ton. Stolen by invaders. C/b 60'high

Cursed Treasures:
Sealed in sunken tomb. Break seal for treasure. Hieroglyphics warn of vengeance on intruders w/terrible punishment or death.

Stone Sentinels:
Example: Stonehenge. Sunrise marked at summer solstice via standing stones or megaliths. Center of circle the sun seems suspended over the Heel Stone--a tall marker outside the circle. several stones mark the horizon for sun and moon rise and set at special times of the year. Race of Irish Giants carried stones from Africa. Some are circle stones. Some single stones upright. Some in groups of horizontal and vertical placements. Many are accurate astronomical observatories. Psychics claim unearthly experiences in the presence of these stones as well as many skeptics. Lore claims they are places of mystic powers and some can move of their own accord, whisper, impregnate the barren, heal the sick, and/or hex the wicked. That good and evil spirits reside w/in and around them w/the wisdom of the stones known only to them.

Silbury Hill, Avebury=artificial mound 130'high, 5 1/2 acres wide. Stones=male and female fertility rituals. Stonehenge=built primarily of blue stone from Welsh quarry 130 miles northwest of Salisbury Plain. Sarsen slabs brought form Marlborough Downs about 20 miles north of the sight. Some weigh up to 50 ton. Sacred ground. Monument to Warriors. Virtue to heal wounds. Brought from Ireland at the Site of the Dance of the Giants where they originally stood via Uther Pendragon as ordered by Merlin. Burial site of Kings. Built by Merlin. Built by Druids--priestly Celts--Bloody ceremonies. Pagan temples. Human Druid sacrifices. Religious rites. Salisbury Plain--Southwest England=Stonehenge. Castlerigg England=38 megaliths. Men petrified by the gods. Astronomical markers. Ring of Brodgar=342'diameter, Great Britain, north-south axis in Scotland stones tap earth energies. Druids Altar=Southwest Ireland. Portal dolmens mark entrance to burial vaults. Group of over 1,000 in Brittany--go in 11 lines for 1/2 mile like a wheel. Peasants brought sickly cattle here to be healed.

Swinside Circle
: Northern England. Stones have sunk over centuries. Work of the Devil who used to visit nightly.

Callanish Circle:
Outer Hebrides. Beneficient spirit appears at summer solstice. Couples come here to make marriage vows.

Single solitary upright stones. Celtic for "Long Stones". Some in circles or semi-circles or lines that stretch miles.

Roofed chamber-like structure. Freestanding and above ground or enclosed w/in a massive mound of earth. *50,000 sites in Britain, Western Europe, North Africa, Ireland, Spain, Portugal, France, Scandinavia, and Algeria.

Numbers and arrangement of stones=lunar cycles=temple to Diana the Moon Goddess. Initiation ceremonies. Lunar eclipses via 56 stoneless pits in outer circle=Aubrey Holes. Strange clicking sounds come from stones. Psychic emissions (memory fields) and images of history. Pillar of Living Power of Light. Auras over area in sky. Thought built by Greeks and Atlantians. Is charged w/electric energy that c/b measured. 1/2 the stones have vanished now. Two concentric rings of upright stones enclose a pair of nested horseshoe-shaped stone forms. Several solitary stones include the Altar Stone and Heel Stone. Numerous pits. Shallow circular boundary ditch. Broad roadway breaches the ditch at NE rim and connects Stonehenge w/ the Avon River about 1 1/2 mi. away. About 100'diameter, 16' tall. Once had 30 uprights capped by 30 lintels to form unbroken circle. Taller than the doorways of the outer circle are 5 doorways that once made up the outer horseshoe (Trilithons= Gr 3 stones) and are 30' high and 12 ton each. Also known as: Stanhengues, Staneneges, Stanheng, Stanhenge, Stanhenges all="Hanging stone". Served as a temple.

Ley Lines:
Energy lines that connect sites. Spirit paths. Lines of subtle force. Earth energy stored and harnessed at megaliths as sending and receiving stations. UFO sightings=c/b monolith markers for landing sites. Places of contact between men and gods. Magnetic activity id disruptive to machines and compasses.

Welsh Megalith:
Healing stone. Round stone w/hole in center like a donut. Sick children were passed through hole to be cured. Upright stone nearby used for astronomical observances.

Round Barrows:
In Wiltshire England. Line up toward notch in distant trees. Some say they are alignments that stand above channels of force that emit mysterious geographical energy from the earth.

Tracking Earth's Energies:
Megaliths possess energies and weird forces. Do act as conductors of an inexplicable force known as Earth Energy, channeling it in invisible streams that coincide w/leys or alignments.

Roll Right Stones:
20 miles NW of Oxford England. Weird occurrences and supernatural happenings. Energy readings occur about 20 min before sunrise and end abruptly 1 to 2 hours after. Arcs of natural radioactive deposits of Uranium are possible at these sites. High magnetism field and fluctuations of rapid magnetic energy in the stones=geomagnetic sight (?)=healing properties. Stones have energy sensitive areas. Sightings=car, furry animal, and entire gypsy caravans appear on a road near the stones and vanish w/o a trace.

Along the Leys:
Alignments of barrows, dolmens, stone circles, pagan altars and medieval churches. Visions have been seen of historic events along them. Some feel physical presence of a strange force that seems to lift from the ground, shoves them about or causes altered moods. Intersections of Ley Lines=nodes where energy is particularly strongest and sets off psychic phenomena. Phantom army at Loe Bar (Cornish Costal Area) Near a line that runs from Landewednack Church up through Breage Church to a jct. w/ 2 other leys at Townshend. Vision is repeatedly seen. Levitation @ Chanctonbury Ring: Hilltop in south coast of England. Once an Anglo-Saxon fort. Stands on nodal section of 5 leys. One goes east past several tumuli to earthworks at Rackham Banks. One goes north to Nun's Well. Three go east to Poynings Church, Devil's Dyke and Kingston Church. Tales of eerie occurrences there. Ringed by trees. About 11pm a man was taken by unseen force and lifted 5' in the air, suspended for 30 sec. and dropped back to the ground. An encounter on the road to Chilcomb. Car shook violently and careened onto the grass by the roadside. Headlights went out. Engine stopped. Saw UFO and ET that looked in on them. When engine started and lights came back on, UFO & ET vanished. Some claim ley lines hum w/special terrestrial energies that UFO's are attracted to. Chilcomb Rd. aligns w/ 2 sites of burial mounds at Old Winchester Hill and converge on the road. Nazca Plateau, Southern Peru: spoked wheel, elongated triangle, trapezoid and what look like airport runways. 150' drawing of pebbles and dirt that coincides w/ summer solstice and giant guide to the movement of the heavens. Enormous animal figures carved on desert floor and hillsides. Geoglyphics=earth drawings=wasp-waisted spider, humming bird, owl man. Others found elsewhere are snakes, birds, humans, etc. On mesas in SW USA and sculpted forms of ancient Mound Builders in middle and southern USA & SW England=humans and horses carefully tended by villagers who did not know why until recently. Many cannot be seen entirely except by air. Nazca lines go 5+ miles and dozens of figures include 18 birds 27' to 450' over 500 square miles. Between western slopes of Andes and the Peruvian coast. Lines c/b observatory for tracking celestial events and calendars of seasonal changes.

Pictures on the Earth:
Mark solstices and equinoxes and seasonal stars. Giant monkey figure. Trident/Candelabra 595' in Andes c/b Trinity Symbol, Tree of Life, UFO signpost. Some think UFO focal points. Cave drawings c/support this and religious temple records. C/b Nazca's flew hot air balloons, there is some evidence. C/b ritual areas ie: frog, duck, killer whale=fertility animals. Indians walk lines for spiritual and practical reasons. Each family c/have its own lines and ray center. Mojave Desert, by Blythe California: figure of man and long-tailed animal. Colorado River Valley of California: 275 geoglyphs. Obscure symbols and drawings of humans and animals. Ohio Valley, Peebleo Ohio, St. Louis, Ill. Earthworks all over USA. Mounds and energy forces. Sense of fear, dread, terror=frozen still. Strange happenings=leaves move one at a time w/o wind, rising and falling and then swarm together. Ohio=great serpent w/ sphere in mouth marks lunar eclipse. Can be spots that draw the spirit world inhabitants. No vegetation will grow. Glyphs for god. Astronomical or Ritual gathering place. Ceremonial pathway. Warnings to trespassers. Mythical symbols. Petroglyphs=strange figures carved into rock and lava. In caves and lava fields. Greek=paetros=stone, glyphe=carving, image. Show weapons, animals, tools, boats, men and women. Made by priests.

All Hallows:
Spirit festival. 2,000 years ago Celts believed Halloween was the time that spirit is returned to the earth to visit the place where they had lived. To welcome these spirits, people held festivals and paraded in animal costumes. To drive away the evil spirits, ghosts and witches that also roamed about, they guilt huge bonfires on mountaintops and hillsides. Special powers radiated forth from the spirits on Halloween and the people called upon them that holiday. Young girls in England and Ireland were said to have summoned the good spirits to help them catch a glimpse of the man they would someday marry. At the hour of midnight before retiring she would sit down w/ her back to the mirror in the bedroom and cut an apple into nine slices. Each slice w/b held w/ the point of a knife stuck into it and eaten. On the 9th slice, she would look over her shoulder at the mirror and see the face of her husband-to-be, who would ask for the last slice.

Cabal=secret group of plotters
Denouement=untying. Outcome of a literary work
Causable=outer vestment of the celebrant at the Eucharist/Communion
Treacly=Heavily sweet, thick, molasses. Medicinal compound vs venom bite
Incunabula=book printed before 1501. Cradle. Swaddling clothes
Inglenook=high backed wooden setee close to hearth. Corner by fire or chimney
Immured=walked in
Nostrums=questionable remedy or medicine
Prescient=foresight, foreknowledge
Permutations=alter, change, mutate, transform, transfigure
Samite=rich medieval silk often interwoven w/ gold or silver. Woven w/6 threads
Visceral=mistletoe, glue, bird lime, thick.
Tonsured=shaved spot on head or entire head shaved for religious purpose
Cassock=long, closefitting clerical cloak
Poll=clip, shear, cut off e.g. hair
Hearg=sacred spot
Fra=monk's title
Urantia=religious or philosophic sect. Oldest religion claims to be Urantia Foundation Theosophy Ambergris=morbid secretion of sperm whale prized for making perfume
Haha=sunken fence
Alb=priest's robe
Olla=earthenware pot
Sonorous=rich, deep, resonant sound
Sanctum=sacred place
Statue=is icon for great procession of city/temple, special procession of women guide it to its resting place of temple or sacred hill top. *Newly erected temples are dedicated w/great ceremony and the day of a statue's placement or arrival to the city is celebrated every year after that w/a festival of 2 to 6 days.
Pompa=ritual procession *Eunuch priests of the Goddess run in the streets, begging donations as they shout and dance wildly to the beat of tambourines and pipes and beating themselves into a frenzy before onlookers. These rites were confined to the temple sanctuary of the Goddess later on.
Tory=Irish 18th C British party member upholding the established Church and traditional political structure
Vatic=prophetic, oracular
Chaplain=conducts religious service
Archdeacon=clergyman who assists a diocesan bishop in ceremonial or administrative functions
Archmandrite=dignitary in an eastern Church ranking below bishop.
Friar=mendicant (oath of poverty) monk
Vestal=chaste virgin, temple virgin
Vicar=administrative deputy clergyman in charge of a dependent parish
Heretic=one of religious opinion contrary to Church dogma
Prelate=high ranking ecclesiastic Bishop=rank over priest. Superintend other clergy Cardinal=next below Pope. Oversees bishops
Pope=head of Church
Abbot=superior of monastery
Archbishop=bishop of high rank
Clergy=religious body of officials authorized to conduct services
Priest=below bishop, above deacon
Novice=new member preparing to take religious vows.
Untrained Synod=governing body or council
Pastor=presides over parish parson
Sexton=takes care of church
Maenad=woman partaking in Bacchanalian rites
Mantes=diviner, seer, mantis
Monsignor=prelate title
Sibyl=prophetess, oracle
Suffragan=assistant to bishop NOT having the right of succession
Morthwyrtha=worshipers of the dead
Wiglaer=male witch
Acolyte=assists clergyman in liturgical service
Votary=devotee, zealous worshiper
Clepsydra=water clock
Prime=1st daylight hour 6am/sunrise, 1st daytime prayer.
Omphalos=navel, umbilical cord, naval stone
Theogony=origin of Gods as told in myths
Hermeneutic=scripture, theology, interpretation, explanation of tightly sealed knowledge and unfolding of the signification
Dyadic=having 2 parts
Pleroma=fullness of Divine Being, abundance of God Tetrad=#4 or 4 divine beings or 4 eons Ogdoad=#8 or 8 eons or 8 divine beings
Pythagorian=core or transmigration of soul and #'s as ultimate elements of the universe
Praxis=custom, practice, ritual
Thurifer=acolyte, altar boy who carries the thurible or censor
Manichees=condition of, or belief in, two forces at war continually ie: good and evil
Alb=white garment worn by new converts or tunic/white vestment to floor worn by Roman Catholic clergy.
Quintain=happening every 5th day and recurring
Saracen=ragwort used for wounds
Compline=to fill up. Last prayer at night recited after sunset and last of the 7 canonical hours
Amice=collar of clergy
Almuce=furred hood worn by clergy in 13, 14,& 15th C during inclement weather when officiating in church ceremonies
Tippet=hanging drape, sleeve, rug, tapestry etc. Long black scarf worn by clergy. Bundle of
straw bound at one end and used in thatching, ruff or ruffle, hood of chain mail
Obfuscate=obscure, bewilder
Segueing=brief musical passage between episodes
Peplos=large shawl or scarf worn by women in ancient Greece. Overhead, shoulders, or hips.
Cestus=girdle, belt, marriage girdle, girdle of
Venus=power to excite love
Doxology=hymn, psalm in praise of God
Shrive=confess, absolution, impose penance
Trice=an instant, moment
Minaret=slender tower attached to a mosque
Lexicon=special vocabulary, dictionary
Pragmatic=practical, efficient, matter-of-factly
Aficionado=a devotee
Sycophants=servile flatterer
Kris=wavy dagger
Antecedent=going before
Limn=depict, portray
Esoteric=designed for or understood by only specially initiated, private/secret teachings or knowledge
Cense=perfume the altar with incense
Tithe=give support to church
Tocsin=alarm bell Variorum=edition/text of a work containing various persons or variant readings of the text
Verge=staff carried as emblem of authority or office,
verger=sexton Vest=possession or discretion of some person or authority. Set rank. Ecclesiastical vestments/dress.
Chaplain=conducts religious services
Matins=special prayers said between midnight and 4am. Morning service of liturgical prayer
Monastery=house of persons (monks/nunnery) under religious vows. Life, system, condition etc, separate from kingdom and commoners Archdecon=clergyman who assists a diocesan bishop in ceremonial or administrative functions
Archmandrite=dignitary in an eastern church ranking below bishop
Diocese/Diocesan=territorial jurisdiction of a bishop
Dybbuk=Jewish=wandering soul that can possess or inhabit a person
Episcopacy=government of church by bishops.
Episcopal=relating to episcopate/ term of office
Epistle=letter Epitaph=inscription in memory to a dead person
Friary=a monastery of friars Heterodox=unorthodox opinion, differing from an acknowledged standard
Jeremiad=prolonged lamentation or complaint
Vicar=administrative deputy, clergyman in charge of a dependent parish
Vicarage=benefice or house of a vicar
Vigil=religious observance held on night before a religious feast. Day of spiritual preparation
prior to religious feast. Evening or nocturnal devotions or prayers. To keep awake when it is customary to sleep.
Vestments=official or ceremonial robe. Outer garment. Garment or insignia worn by clergyman when officiating or assisting at a religious service.
Obeisances=submissive bow in homage
Heretic=dissent from a dominant theory or opinion. Religious opinion contrary to church dogma
Breviary=readings used by Roman Catholic priests: book of prayers, hymns, psalms
Decurion=tribunal, church body, congregation
Pontifical=insignia worn by bishop or pope when celebrating pontifical mass
Papalcuria=Pope's governed body or congregation
Bishopric Diocese=the office of bishop
Curia=offices thru which the Pope governs the church; congregation, tribunal
Epiphany=12th night
Ecumenic=promoting world-wide Christian unity, extent of influence Codex/codices=manuscript of scripture
Icon=religious image painted on a small wood panel
Iconoclasm=doctrine, practice, attitude of an iconoclast
Iconoclast=iconicity=attacking cherished beliefs or institutions or destroying religious images or oppose the veneration of religious images and beliefs
Colophone=inscription at end of book w/facts relative to its production
Exegesis=explanation or critical interpretation of a text
Agnostic=God or his existence is unknowable
Gnostic=to know God Incorporeal=w/o material body or form
Hagiography=idealizing, idolizing, biography of saints or venerated persons
Sacristy=vestry Cincture=belt or girdle Habit=Habilment=trappings and/or equipment and/or dress characteristic of an occupation or occasion
Stole=long narrow band worn around neck of some clergymen
Chasuble=outer vestment of the celebrant at the Eucharist
Synod=council, assembly, religious governing body
Epiphany=Jan. 6th, church festival celebrating Magi coming to birth of Christ child
Tabernacle=tent sanctuary of Israelites, a receptacle for consecrated elements of Eucharist. A house of worship.
Temple=edifice made for the worship of a deity or place of special exalted purpose
Tenet=doctrine held in common by members of an organized religious group i.e. dogma and belief
Tester=canopy over bed, pulpit, altar
Threnody=a song of lamentation: elegy
Peccavi=acknowledgement of sin: "I have sinned"
Perdition=damnation. Hell
Pyx=small case used to carry the Eucharist to the sick
Rood=cross, crucifix
Rosary=beads for praying
Ruminate=meditate or muse
Rune=alphabet of mystery/magic
Vestry=a room in a church for vestments, altar linens, and sacred vessels. C/b used for meetings and classes. A body of administering affairs of parish property
Sack cloth=garment worn as a sign of mourning or paying penitence
Sacrosanct=sacred, inviolable
Schism=formal division/dissention from a religious body. Could be criminal
Litany=prayer, series of supplications and responses by a leader and a group
Liturgy=rite or body of rites prescribed for public worship
Manes=spirits of dead and gods of lower world (Roman)
Motet=choral work on sacred text for several voices w/o instrumental accompaniment
Necrology=obituary, list of recent dead
Novena=Roman Catholic 9 days of devotion
Oblation=religious offering
Pall=heavy cloth draped over a coffin
Sepulcher=burial vault, tomb
Sanctimonious=hypocritically pious
Sarcophagus=limestone used for coffins. Flesh eating stone. Large stone coffin
Scrivener=scribe, writer
Seraph=angel of a high order of celestial beings
Shrive, Shrove, Shrived, Shriven, Shriving=to minister the sacrament of penance to
Simony=buying or selling of a church office Scin-laeca=astral body
Wilweorthunga=fountain worship
Licwiglunga=incantations or invocations of the dead
Hwata=omens or soothsaying
Frithspottum=tree and stone spirits
Wiglian=divine by moon. Worship of sun or moon, fire or wells, stones or trees
Unlybbanwyrce=unlawful magic. Black magic. Deadly kind.
Dorsetooser=mask of horned god
Chrism=consecrated oil for baptism or confirmation
Mitered=crown of bishop
Crozier=staff carried by bishop or archbishop
Cope=long cloak-like ecclesiastical vestment
Genuflected=to bend the knee in worship
Vizard=mask for disguise or protection
Weird=fate, magical, destiny, unearthly, mysterious, odd, unusual, fantastic, eerie, uncanny, strange
Whitsonday=white Sunday. wear white robes. baptism. Pentecost
Wimple=cloth covering worn outdoors overhead and around neck and chin by women in Medieval period and by some nuns.
Yule=Yuletide. Christmas
Zoounds=used in mild oath
Zucchetto=small round skullcap worn by Roman Catholic ecclesiastics
Deigrata="By the grace of God"
Ecce signum="Behold the sign"
Ex Libris="From the books"
Empyrean=highest heaven, firmament
Cloister=monastic establishment, bar
Inculcated=teach by driving repetition
Fornications=human sexual intercourse other than between husband and wife
Facade=prominent front or face of building
Anathema=to curse, believe cursed
Ashlar=hewn or squared stone
Campaniel=freestanding bell tower
Conclave=lockable room, private meeting
Charnel=corpse, bones kept, house or cave for burial
Carin=stones over dead
Dolmen=monument of two or more stones holding horizontal slab
Dolomite=limestone or marble
Elivir=prolong life, panacea
Evoke=call up or upon
Effulgence=radiating brightly
Effigy=crude figure of a hated person
Ewer=wide mouthed water pitcher
Grammary=writing works
Hierophant=priest, expositor, advocate
Magus=magi, mage
Nadar=highest point in heaven
Portico=covered walk
Pristine=original, unspoiled, primitive
Pergola=lattice work over a walk, an arbor
Roam=one who has lost old master via death and seeks a new one
Sodality=brotherhood, fellowship
Sallyport=quick entry port of wall
Tutelary=guardian, leader in instructions
Tacit=silent, express without speech
Unleven=not raised
Victuals=food provisions
Waif=homeless child, something found alone
Yestreen=yesterday eve
Verger=minor church officer i.e.: usher
Curate=assistant to rector or vicar
Enegesis=interpretation of scriptures
Cannon=decree of law
Salamander's feather=asbestos, used for temple lights, does not blow out.
Belfries=bell tower
Legendarium=legend hall of records
Billet=assignment, job, written note
Portmanteau=traveling bag
Phonologies=study of sound changes in a language
Erudite=knowledge gained by studying, learning
Canticle=spoken or chanted non-metrical hymn
Canard=hoax, false story
Odor of Sanctity=when saints die their bodies fill the room w/a lovely scent: new hay, blossoms of spring, clean seashore
Lintel=horizontal beam over a doorway
Oriel=bay window
Vestibule=hall, anti-chamber between inner and outer door.
Civet=a feline cat of Asia, its glandular secretions used for perfumes
Savant=a man of learning
Adytum=innermost room in certain temples to which only priests had access
Agora=a square or market place that was the center of public life in every Greek city.
Bothros=sacrificial pit for libations to the nether gods
Cavea=Body of a temple, as distinct from its porticoes and other external parts. Pronaos or vestibule, Naos or principle room and Opisthodomus or Pronaos at rear
Dipteros=temple with a double peristyle and at least 8 columns at the front Hypaethral="Open to the sky" used particularly of a temple w/an uncovered central room
Megaron=principal or men's hall in a Mydenaean palace or house. Also used of temples with a simple house-like ground plan and no portico
Monopteros=canopy-like columned building without a cella
Naiskos=small temple w/o peristyle
Naos=see Cella, body of temple
Peribolos=wall enclosing a sanctuary or precinct; the precinct itself
Portico=roofed and colonnaded space at front or back of temple or serving as a porch before any entrance to a building
Propylaeum=entrance gate building
Prostyle=having columns in front; used as an anta temple w/a portico at the front only
Amphiprostyle=having porticoes at front and back but no pteromata
Pteroma=passage between the lateral wall of a temple's cella and the temple's flank colonnade
Sekos=enclosure for the statue of a deity; in particular, a court-like space taking the place of a roofed naos.
Stoa=building w/its roof supported by one or more colonnades parallel to the rear wall; and independent portico
Tenenos=sacred enclosure
Tholos=Circular temple building
Processional way=leads to sacred lake or other sacred place.

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