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Cinnamon Moon

Power is an interesting word, it can be a potent capability, energy source, or an authority...it can also be a corruptive term when it is abused. As knowledge, power becomes a strong capability in the hands of an individual. As a source of energy it is an expression of the motion and force behind it. As authority it becomes critical that the person holding that authority exercises it wisely to avoid the corruption of character and spirit that becomes one of many temptations along the way.

Power can also reside in things and events that take place. How many times have you heard others (or perhaps used the term yourself) say that something was a powerfully moving experience? Or pick up a power tool to craft something? Think of all the ways we use this word to describe strength. It can mean capability, endowment, potency, skill, stamina, strength, control, influence, mastery, or superiority. But what "is" power? Where do you find it? How do you wield it? What do you do with it?

As you can see there are many ways of expressing it but by working with it or acting on it we test our character. It's easy to let power go to our heads and swell them if we become arrogant or overconfident in our ability to utilize it. Spiritually speaking power takes on these same meanings and more, and it can corrupt just as easily as it might in the mundane sense. All power belongs to Spirit. This gives all credit where credit is due and it humbles the pathwalker or practitioner to borrow it, or to tap into it.

Every source of energy we apply to our work contains a measure of power and we will find it rising up in many places. In the tools of the practitioner there is power. Not only do they build up reserves of energy through their ritual use, but there are ceremonies that will summon power in the form of a resident spirit that dwells within the object. Examples of a power tool might be the staff, drum, shield, pipe, etc. All of these objects are imbued with life through ceremonial means and invocation. Tools that are imbued with a spirit (or several spirits in the case of attachments) tend to take on a life of their own at times. You can pick one up and feel the charge of energy just handling it. For this reason it is always best not to handle the tools of others without their permission. The work they do may not be known to you and it's possible to either contaminate it with your own energy or be contaminated by it. Be wise; not everyone or everything we see is as it seems.

I have a Prayer Staff. Now to the average person it looks like a stick with stuff hanging on it, engraved with symbols, it may seem "interesting" and it's very tempting to pick it up and handle it. Of course, like any of my tools it's kept out of reach, but not everyone does this. In reality it's a very powerful tool, imbued with the essence (power) of several different creatures, my Totem Animals, my life force, and a residing spirit. I have another Staff that contains the power of the elemental forces, my life force, and it is attuned to me and the work I do. I have a Drum and a Rattle, each with their own spirit and power to bring about change in spiritual consciousness, in the physical reality, to call in the Spirit Helpers, and much more. I have Shields that hold power...to protect, to defend, to work with me as portals and places where other spirits reside. I have feathers that contain the essence (power) of the creature they came from, some used to

journey and shapeshift, others as tools for smudging and adding their enhancement to my work. Power objects are sacred and they are treated as such to maintain the purity of the work they are to do respectably.

Ceremony contains power because it summons it. Through ritual acts we can call upon the powerful energies of the elemental forces, of the spirit worlds, of the creative force of Spirit and bring that into a vortex within sacred space. In this process we might call upon our power tools to assist us (a common act) and then focus that summoned energy as a source in itself. It is raw, chaotic, and volatile when it arrives but it becomes a focused harmony when the summoner knows what they are doing. This gives the power over to those hands and what is done with it depends on the integrity, intent, and impeccability of the practitioner. It is a neutral force, mighty and limitless, that is directed through intent for good or ill. The character of the practitioner determines this.

Shamanic Journeys bring us power too. We practice our skills and abilities to master this art and through it in essence we come into our own power. We may be gifted with knowledge, enlightenment, and the ability to do things others can't...not everyone is able to perceive other worlds, learn things which would otherwise be hidden, or see into the past, present, and future. In our journeys we meet other entities, we create working relationships with them, and have communion with them that lends a sense of power to the capabilities that result. Here the ability to see into matters becomes a form of power; the ability to project the inner spirit and travel through cosmic regions lends a form of power; the power to summon our Guides, creature-teachers, and Spirit Helpers lends more power as we gather unto us a group of powerful beings in their own right. This creates a working force that can be set into motion to bring about changes, events, alter outcomes, or otherwise create the manifestation of one's will.

People are by nature a mixture of many things and when power is placed into their hands either by use of tools or station, by tapping energies or applying their knowledge, those actions bring about reactions and the intent behind them is critical. We are responsible for the results. But is that power "ours"? No. It belongs to Spirit and through Spirit we are given permission to utilize it. This keeps us humble, respectful, and discerning in that use. If we assume the power is ours, and you will hear people refer to "their power", we place ourself in jeopardy of becoming corrupt or tainted by that illusion. All power comes from the same source and is divided into sub-categories according to its use and purpose. For this reason I call it Source Energy...that of Spirit, the Creator, and it is imbued in all forms of life making it an interconnected flowing link that ties all of life together.

Places can hold power as well. Not only in their life force of the growing things, the inhabitants of that environment, but in the lines of energy that cross the terrain or lay of the land. These are the Ley Lines that will cross and create vortexes of power that in turn can be tapped and utilized for personal or ceremonial purposes, and other reasons. In these places of power there are often resident spirits that are called the "Spirit of Place". These are Guardians of the location and they too have a power of their own. They can embrace those who enter the area or drive them off; they can create phenomenal events, enhance work done, or hinder it. Those who know how to work with them are often perceived as having that same power for it is accessible to them in the sense that they know how to work with those conditions and resident spirits.

As you can see there are many ways in which a spiritual practitioner has access to power and can in that sense wield it as their own. In truth their knowledge and abilities are their source of power over others. This can be intimidating to anyone who does not understand these things and it can be abused. Those who abuse it begin to walk a Dark Path of corruption and those who honor it walk a Light Path with Spirit. True power belongs to Spirit and stands on its own. As a practitioner we can step in and out of energy flows, summon, invoke, evoke, and project that energy which will respond to our intentions and bring about some amazing results. It takes a practiced hand to wield it. In the end, a honed and well educated path will be one of service to others, not self-service.

While it is perfectly acceptable to fulfill one's needs with this type of ability, it is not acceptable to use it to attain wealth and status, nor for power over others. This power is meant to be used as a source of evolutionary growth, healing, service and enlightenment. It is part of life, and thus it is present everywhere. It deserves respect, and our awareness of what it can do when set in motion. By remaining humble and maintaining a proper intent to serve others as well as Spirit we shield ourselves from the corruption of thinking we own it or command it or have exclusive rights to it. Be wise. See power for what it is and you will guide your own path well.

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