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Transmuting Duality Into Oneness
By Cinnamon Moon

I wanted to talk about transmuting the duality into Oneness and what it takes to do that. Basically we need to look at the duality and define it. Duality is, for our purposes here, going to be defined as the physical reality vs. the spiritual reality. The Oneness is when they are brought into union. In order to bring them into union you have to raise your conscious awareness to embrace the spiritual reality…learning to recognize it. Once you do you learn to balance that awareness with your mundane life and hence are able to walk between the worlds. When guidance or attention is required or desired in the spiritual sense we step deeper into the Oneness…we go 'into it' in the sense of total focus being on it. This creates a trance state and depending on how deeply we're 'in' will dictate the level of trance. It's that simple.

How do you get there from here though? Well the spiritual realms are perceived through our senses and our Inner Spirit…our awareness of sensory input needs to be heightened. So when we think of how we use our senses in the course of our daily lives we have an idea of what we need to do-we understand what they tell us day by day in our interactions because we've learned to understand. The spirit worlds are no different, guidance is no different, but we need to get our bearings and learn to consciously recognize what the spirit worlds feel like. We do that by studying the elemental forces and how we sense them around us, not on the surface as in taking a walk with the dog, but deeper…into the interaction with the natural forces in life and observing them to see how we react.

Think about it…what makes you act on something and determines your conscious choices? If something makes you 'feel' this way or that you act accordingly. It's the same with what we pick up on in the spirit worlds but defining what sense is telling us something is important…we have to learn to read the different energy signatures in nature, in our Guides, in our different ways of perceiving period. So we have to train the conscious mind to accept things it's not used to working with, at least not on this level.

What we are familiar with in the physical sense of our sensory input is the same in the spiritual perspective, it just runs a bit quieter at first because it's a filmy, subtle impression. The *Knowing* we hear people talk about, the intuitive, the feelings we get that we want to brush off and dismiss because there's nothing in the physical sense that's present to validate what we're getting. So we dismiss it and that's our mistake. How many times have you said to yourself "I knew that would happen, I should have paid attention then and didn't."? Well, that's what it's all about…paying attention. You just have to connect that your senses are the tools you need to raise your conscious awareness. That means that the mind and all its doubting ability, all it's 'prove it' stuff, all it's 'carved in stone this way stuff' needs to be readjusted to accept and embrace that there's more, a more subtle field of perception. Once that field of perception is tapped the in-sights become very clear, they begin to validate themselves, you have your 'proof' and that subtle feeling becomes much stronger. It builds muscle and you can decipher by the intensity of the sensory input you're tapping into just how imperative the messages you get are.

That's all this spiritual mystery is, the sensual and mental awareness in tandem…duality that takes you between the worlds into the Oneness. We all have it, we just have to learn how to turn it on. The Seven Sacred Directions are the seven steps to turning ourselves on. Seven steps…each one taken one at a time and leading to the next. In exploring them you're learning to see how to connect these things that are already there within you to what's 'out there' in life as well as the spirit worlds…that in-sight is invaluable but we have to 'choose' to use it, trust it, and see where it leads us. All the answers are within you. How many times have you heard someone say that and wondered to yourself "well if they are I sure can't find them!"? *Soft smile* It's because you're not looking to your senses as the means of communication. You're used to working with the logic of the mind and your emotions, but the sensory impressions tend to be ignored.

Sure we know when dinner smells good…but what are the scents of the spirit world? How do we use our sense of smell to tell us if something there is good or bad for us? How do we use our sense of hearing or sight? We have to study our own sensory abilities to know where we're stronger or weaker and what we need to work on as well as what does work already. So those exercises that focus on sitting with one sense per day focused on one element (Air, Fire, Water, Earth) and learning to recognize what comes through to you teaches you the energy signatures you're wanting to understand. Those same exercises work in the physical context too. Try blindfolding yourself and walking around your house (a safe and familiar environment) for just one hour…not trying to simply remember where things are but to see them in your mind's eye, to feel them as you get closer to them, to know the texture, the sense of energy itself blocking your path or pressing into your own auric field, the smells and sounds that tell you where you are. In the spirit worlds those are things you'll need to know too….your senses TELL you things.

In the duality of the two realms…physical and spiritual…our awareness needs to first be placed in each and we have to be able to define that awareness consciously. When we can we walk with one foot in each, one eye in each, one ear in each, one sense in each…we know when one or the other tugs on us or pulls at us for our attention and we shift our focus there. Where we focus we step…our energy follows our thoughts, our intentions, our will-power is tied to that. Wherever we focus we're in the Oneness, it's whether we choose to see that or not, if we train ourselves to see it. The sensory exercises are invaluable, and so are the foundations that lay the cornerstones to understanding how the spiritual dimensions work. You need to understand the elemental forces, the different worlds, how to step back in time, into the present or into the future at will. This is what we learn from the Seven Sacred Directions…the perspectives we need to wrap our minds around. It's not complicated, it's just a bit overwhelming at first to take in such a vast horizon so we break it down to get a feel for it and then we can reassemble it as a whole.

The Oneness is all-encompassing…it embraces and is comprised of the physical and spiritual as a whole. The duality is found in our receptiveness and our active principles within the physical reality and the spiritual reality, once defined we reassemble them and walk in the Oneness. We do it superficially in the sense of our daily lives because we are physical creatures that have to exist and survive in a physical reality. However when the tug of the spiritual comes into play either through a message sent through the elements or the land or creature-teachers or our guidance doesn't matter…but it does matter that we learn to pay attention to them when they come so we know what that message is saying to us. It matters that we know how to shift from one dimension to the next in a split second, how to pull our awareness away from the physical reality and into the spiritual reality when needed. It's all based on sensory perception….extrasensory perception…yep, good old ESP.

Everyone has it in them, the answers to understanding are there…within you. But you've got to build your muscles so that you know what's going on or you're going to be sitting there scratching your head in confusion. So study the exercises and the Sacred Directions, study your sensory impressions and get a feeling for what each one functions like on a very conscious level. Do that for a while and it becomes second nature, it's going to become automatic. And as you get to know your Totems you'll work with your senses on a primal level first and then to the level of higher consciousness as you learn to work with them too. It's all a part of the whole, this interplay weaves itself in such a permeating way that it's simply a matter of where you focus your awareness to understand and see what you need to do next. I hope this helps some of you who struggle with the why and how of duality into Oneness. I hope you can see that it's a simple thing once you get the hang of it, and by starting with the basics the mind slowly begins to accept these things are not only potentially possible, they are valid and functional aspects of Self. In this way you learn to connect with your Inner Spirit, with Guides, and with Spirit. You see between the worlds and they become one that way. The intangible and the tangible realities are two sides of the same coin.

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