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Seeing Through Soft Eyes
by Cinnamon Moon

I was talking with a friend who had recently been through an experience with spiritual aspects to it. As she came out the other side of things she was a bit hard on herself. This friend is really just coming to understand her own journey and her comment to me about having missed seeing some things along the way for what they were was: "For an intelligent person I can be so dumb at times, eh?" She wasn't dumb.

It got me thinking though…about how many times we say that type of thing to ourselves…those 'duh moments' we all have. I knew if I let it go she's be adding another block as a brick in a wall somewhere too if we didn't take it further. I didn't want to spill at her, so our conversation went on and some of the things I was pointing out to her seemed appropriate to be shared here as well.

Hopefully this article will help some of our community members that struggle with grasping their guidance. I hope it helps them to know what's what as they strive to grow. So here's the main point of our conversation in a condensed form.

First of all, my friend wasn't dumb, and I pointed out to her that she was just learning to decipher and discern the soft voice of the spiritual…it presents in such simple terms…but we have to look, listen, sense in the soft ways, diffusing the physical reality. We are coming into a more abstract language that keeps things simple…universal in the sense that it is 'something' like we're being show. I explained that what we're shown is in 'our code' what the symbols mean to us is more than what the universals say…they provide the flashlights we need to dig and find what the symbols mean to us.

Once we understand our softer internal symbols we can run with our guidance. She was just grabbing onto that fact and see that those who are seasoned on their paths understand their guidance … they went through the same process. It's that process that seemed important to share with the Spirit Lodge community so here you go. It would be great if some of our seasoned pathwalkers want to share their own experiences in this thread too.

We all come to things a bit differently. I always say a Star is a good example of symbology and variations of it. To one person it speaks of the universe, the vastness of space and infinite abstract concepts. To another it will speak of the feminine receptivity of the night, that energy and all it holds, the essence of the calm and it's beauty for the eye to behold. To another it is all about awe and wonderment, the wishes we make on shooting stars, the hopes of the heart, the possibilities. To still another it means success, achievement, perhaps fame and fortune as in renown for wealth and accomplishment, or for stardom itself…Hollywood.

Whatever that Star represents to you is more than the universal meaning of the word but the universal will help you get started on finding it. You'll know, for instance if a message comes to tell told you that a star shines for you and it likely meant something big…you'd know what that was immediately (say you were in a contest…something big would be 1st, 2nd, 3rd place in that contest…a shooting star would indicate it's likely 1st place so you'd know what to reach for.) It directly relates to an immediate issue in most initial receptions. The universal meaning alters at that point. Or if you are looking for guidance a shooting star might indicate you would receive it...and to watch for signs...those coincidences in life.

It's how we learn to interpret guidance, trust it, follow it. When we do it grows stronger and even clearer…like a muscle that hasn't been used in a while, it needs to be built up and find it's full strength. If you let it go again it will take some exercise before it is at full capacity, probably less than the first time but it takes attention to get it there all the same.

The senses we have are our radar, but we have to tune in and turn them on with a 'soft' eye and ear when we read them. They're subtle at first. When we learn to recognize the different 'voices' they speak to us with, the different languages and impressions they make on us, we can define which sense, what element, what form of guidance is coming in. (Provided we're studying the elemental forces too.)

It's a lot like knowing a radio station well. Most people look to learn about spirituality with the hard eye and ear…the sharp eye and ear. They strain in the physical sense to see the spiritual, but it's not like that. It takes the soft side to connect and they don't know how to soften themselves, they think it's being vulnerable to ridicule for weakness in the eyes of others, it's childish nonsense isn't it? Or is it?

We think we're dumb because we don't 'get it', but that's only because we don't know how to soften ourselves to it in the first place. We're learning through experience to tune into it. You've always done it, but consciously recognizing it for what it is takes some serious focus and serious softening to see and hear…we have to soften to get through the veil.

I like the analogy of reading a book in a lunchroom, you tune out of one environment (the lunch room) by softening the eye and ear to it and step into another (the book) and sharpening the eye and ear where you're focused. We have to soften, step, and refocus. If there's disturbance to the energy of the lunchroom you'll snap back and check it, if it's minor and of no effect on you then you go back to the book. If there's danger you put the book away and get back to that later while avoiding the chaos around you. Same principle…shifting focus where it's needed with an eye or ear to the other environment (dimension). Recognizing when to do this is the trick and we learn how as we go…it's 'normal' to have to figure that out too.

Recognizing the difference is the trick though and most people don't know how to go about it and when they do find out they wonder if it's an overactive imagination at play with them. It takes trusting the process, watching for things to manifest, to know what's what but they have to remember to watch for these things.

When we start looking for signs they appear, we see them and the more we watch the more we see…pretty soon they're everywhere. Why? Because we opened ourself to see the softer side, the breeze that tosses our hair and catches our eye at a significant signpost with just the right message we needed for inspiration.

When we trust enough to see what happens next with a cautious eye we find the experiences we have certainly do match up to what we were shown. It's easy then to say it's coincidence. But it's more than that and if we watch our coincidences we start to see where our guidance is active, how it plays into our own life (our unique way of receiving the communication…there are main characteristics to this but we're all a bit different too…sort of like" this for me and that for you but along similar lines" if you know what I mean.) and where we can go with it from there. We can start taking stitches to connect the dots.

We need to learn to learn to trust it too, not to second-guess and dismiss what we pick up on but to watch for it playing out instead. That's the Dream we're given…the bits and pieces that come together slowly over a lifetime...and sometimes we see into the Dreamscape of others, more bits and pieces, and we weave our threads this way.

When we can see the vision, trust it, follow guidance, we see it unfold and manifest results and we Weave our Dream. We can choose to be the one Dreamed by ignoring these things--our inner spirit is the Dreamer trying to share that vision with us-or we can choose union spiritually, raise our conscious awareness to look for these things, and thus become the Dream. We can weave it then and we can see how we use the energy, how it co-creates with us, how Spirit moves through our life.

Spirit is energy…omnipotent energy and energy contains information…when we tap our spirit we link to Spirit then and we're into the cosmic consciousness…the collective consciousness…Source Energy carries that information to us. But we have to go to our own center to find that...it's 'in' us that we make that connection and project outward from there.

It's there in the Source Energy because it is the permeation of All…all things, all thought, all knowledge, all of life. Opening to the soft side of the sensory impressions is where it starts, exploring them by watching what plays out helps us define things, and soon we're able to test and trust what we find. We then open our channel wide and find we have constant guidance to work with at all times.

It takes some time, we need to be patient, but softening ourselves is the start. We have to slip into the DreamWeave to do that…the daydreaming state where visions come forward and inspiration touches us…the soft focus. Try it and see what happens. Feel free to share your own experiences with us too.

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