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Galactic Gateways
By WolfSpirit

Hey, I keep the term Galactic Gateways in Mouse's inspirations...I am curious, what is a Galactic Gateway????

Wolf, from what I understand of it (I've not yet come across a "definition", so this is my personal interpretation), galactic gateways are the openings between the dimensions, similar to, or perhaps identical to, veils. As we ascend on our path of awareness and growth, we come to gates, where we make choices on whether to return, stay where we are, or move forward. In other states of consciousness, we can access other dimensions. Certain astrological positions will enhance or mute these energies. Just like we have a physical body, an emotional body, an ethereal body, (which are constantly larger than, and incorporate the previous ones) etc... as we expand and embrace the world with our ever increasing energetic bodies, we merge with other bodies. As we merge with all bodies, we merge with the Earth body, thus becoming a cell in the body of the galaxy: our galactic body. On that level, we can access galactic gateways. At least, that is what I feel about it. As I said, this is a personal exploration of that phrase.

I thought it might be something like that - but I wanted to check that it was not just a astrological thing...So I take it we have an astrological event coming up that acts as a gateway? If so when (just so I can be ready!)

Oh yeah! Venus right now is coming up to a very unique position, activating a big surge of feminine mysteries and energy.

Very nice nutshell, Mouse!

So we are already in this phase?

With Venus, yes. There is also a rare event happing right now with the Pleiades, suggesting that there's one heck of a lot happening right now on a much higher level. So for me this is a strong sign to go with what comes, or with what feels right, since with all this new energy I do not have accurate cellular experiences, and would be reacting from old thinking that doesn't relate to this new stuff. So I just go with it, ride it, and allow it to re-create my old patterned experiences and instill new information and teachings.


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