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By SilverEagleDreamDancer

I'm always talking about patterns and watching for them, they are key to helping us see where we or others are at and what's unfolding. One of those patterns is that of transition and I'd like to discuss it with the hopes that others will share their insights and experiences as well.

If we look at the events and issues in our life as each being a thread in our tapestry, we can follow each thread and see what direction it's going in. Stepping back far enough emotionally so we can calm our frustrations we start to take in the bigger picture…we see where the threads break or knot to indicate the end of one aspect; where they start up and take us in a new direction…junctions where stitches are taken. We see the mending and healings along with the renting of what no longer works. We see what we need to disconnect from and where we need to make our new connections so that the transition can be completed. In this way we see the emerging picture that our personal tapestry is bringing forth. This gives us a new sense of direction and a bit of understanding as the manifestations take place to validate our insights. It's powerful when you use this pattern to see deeper into things and it increases your acceptance of your own sensory radar.

If we don't like a direction we need to change the stitch a little to rework things but we can do it our way in that method and get the results we want to achieve. If events take place beyond our control (something that we don't initiate or can't determine) it is an interjecting pattern indicating the universe at play stirring things up where they need to change…that's usually through some disruptive force that interferes in what we're doing. It steers us in new directions as we search for ways to resolve conflicts, blockages, frustrating situations that slow us down. It makes us rethink our perspectives and cast aside the old and outmoded ways of thinking. Nothing changes unless we step out of our comfort zones to make those changes, and as we grow our thinking does change. You don't see the world the same way you did when you were a child, you're more aware of the realities in it than you were back then…the complicating, dynamic, interactive aspects have changed your perspectives. It's no different as adults…we do continue to grow. In that we find blessings tucked into the creative applications to overcome the issues challenging us as we are achieving our goals. When we trust our insights and guidance, when we follow the spiritual maps, we learn that things begin to quickly fall into place…but that trust issue means we may have to go against the odds, do something differently than we'd expect to initially, and perhaps even against the opinions of others. That's not always an easy thing to do, and we often feel like we're responding to guidance with "Okay, if you say so, but I don't see how that's going to work. I'm trusting in this." Only to find that guidance was exactly right!

One of the challenges to this pattern and what it shows us is embracing the matrix, it's not quite the same as our logic would have us believe until we get used to working with it and then the logic seems simple…it makes perfect sense. So some of the blockages that come up to that acceptance will be found in the objections others would raise, their expectations and judgments of our choices and behaviors. That means that trusting guidance must be done with a very strong conviction. We can't allow others to dictate and that's not always an easy balance to maintain. We have to follow that soft voice within us too, the one that's so easy to brush off. When we do that things begin to fall into place and work out, the transformations take manifested form. It means we have to do this regardless of what anyone else might think sometimes. It means we may have to let go of the last few strands of threads that have run their course. We have to surrender to the transformation process, surrender to the growth, surrender to the changes, and that's not always easy either.

Each of us is given a dream, there will be layers of archetypal symbology in that dream, a myth, a song to sing, a message to deliver to the world, something to accomplish. It may seem larger than life and hard to embrace, like a fantasy, "this couldn't be meant for me! It's an illusion of grandeur, I'm fooling myself, it can't be real." But it is real and it's seeded within us for a reason. At some point in our life we're going to hit an instance where the Dream is triggered into recall, and that trigger point will keep reappearing over and over until we start to believe that there's something to this Dream (if we don't already). Incidents, encounters, events take place that keep reminding us that this Dream could possibly become a reality…is it up to us to follow that dream? Is it up to us to believe in it? Of course it is, and it's up to us to embrace it. That's when we begin the co-creative process with Spirit and bring it into manifestation. Once we reach for it we find that opportunities present themselves as blessings along the way as doors open and the path becomes clear. It's the trust factor that unlocks those doors…and the road to those doors can be mighty rocky. But it's from deep inside us that this Dream begins to manifest…it's our focal point…the goal we are to achieve, whatever that may be. We have to believe in it enough to withstand the challenges, to withstand the criticism of others, to withstand the uphill battles, to find our own Truths and uphold them, our own ethics learned along the way as we make our mistakes and have our victories.

Achieving the Dream it begins to grow and expand, like a kaleidoscope, it keeps going further and further into the physical reality to become a part of it. The energy weaves itself, the threads pull us through the fabric of life and the story of our journey continues to unfold. We can't live the Dream of others, we can only live our own, so it stands to reason that others can't live our Dream either…we have to. We have to be the ones to embrace those transition points and accept them when they come. The thing is we tend to balk at change, it's the big Unknown factor that throws us off. In order to trust the process, to trust the pattern to see us through as a map, we have to take a leap of faith where those around us may think we've lost our minds. Where the world of practicality doesn't fit what we're doing…we're breaking an old pattern to embrace a new one and see where it takes us. Something inside us shouts "leap into the Unknown!" and we lift our foot and we hesitate, leaping means we're leaving much of what we know behind for something we can't see…how do you trust that? How do you trust yourself to survive in an environment you don't understand or know? How do you trust?

Feeling one's spirit stir is one indicator that our radar is going off, that our sensory perceptions are showing us we need to move into or out of situations, relationships, other people's realities, other people's opinions and follow our own path. Scary stuff at times, but all the kicking and screaming is worthless when it's time to change…it's going to happen if we need to grow and if we don't accept it we'll be taken by the ear kicking and screaming down the path.

Sewing, mending, weaving…these are Women's Medicine, and while they are physical tasks they overlay the same patterns of creation in the spiritual sense. If you look at your path as a tapestry…one depicting characters, settings, environments and landscapes you begin to see how they are interwoven into your life…what's coming into it as the tapestry continues to unfold, and what must be left behind so there is room for the new, so we are not anchored in place but can move forward. As the tapestry unfolds we may come to periods where the last shreds of a deteriorating scene show that they no longer serve our needs and they begin to fade into the background, into the past as we cover new distances. At the same time a new weaving is taking place that is much stronger in its support.

Transition is all about changes…a pattern wherein you will often find the disruptive forces at play are there for a reason. These forces must tear down or destroy to make way for the new, to create the space for reforming and manifestation of what is coming into being. Usually before change enters there's a lull…a quiet period where nothing seems to happen anywhere, we're just sort of sensing a pocket of space that seems void of much activity. That energy will shift suddenly with an impact, and it's as if a storm arrives, winds of change swirl around us and the debris of our lives is tossed up into the air. We frantically try to grab onto things but they quickly escape our reach and we're finding ourselves in a place of confusion. We need to see the chaos moments as the universe stirs things up for what they are… as a stop and go light if you will. When there is disruption we need to see it as the yellow caution light…wait, something's about to change here. When we do we see just what's happening, and how it is helping us through co-creative participation things will settle down, opportunities appear, we feel an energy shift and the green light comes on. Those are the unseen forces at play in our lives and our Guides are a highly active part of that helping to show us where to take the stitches in our tapestry and where to skip them. In seeing it for what it is we can stand in the center like the eye of a storm and just watch it all. Or we can stand outside the chaos and distance ourselves enough to see the bigger picture and just what is being ripped away by the winds of change and what's still anchored…and where.

The new tapestry forms on the foundations that remain from the old, what's ours will abide, what needs to change will, and what is empty will soon be filled with the manifest form of what this change brings. New people, new opportunities, new hopes, new ideas, new growth in ourselves and everything our life is comprised of begins a process of unification. These aspects to the pattern of change will draw us into the future as it unfolds. If something stays the same and we are content with that then it is good already…bounty or blessing, we cherish it as it is and accept that we can take that with us as foundation for the future. On the other hand, if it needs work we have the space to work with it to improve it…that will fill some of the void, we'll connect to new people and bring them into our space…based on their character and how they support where we're going…we attach to those who are ahead of us to learn from them; to those who are on a par with us to share and assimilate, perhaps to hone our new knowledge or gift through experiences with them. Then there are those who are behind us but heading in our direction, reaching out to us to give them a hand where we see one is needed or some direction if it will help them learn something, and only to those who ask. But we can't walk with those who aren't going where we're going or leading the way to it. We can't go down roads we've walked before only to find a dead end…in the situation, issue, or relationship. That old path hasn't changed, it's there for a reason, we can see that it serves a purpose and teaches by experience but we no longer need that experience, we've gained the wisdom of that lesson and know we don't need to repeat it. So we pull away from those taking that road, we take a new direction with those who we're drawn to and we're going to find we're in good company.

Letting go of old relationships isn't easy and it helps to see someone we may care very deeply about may need that experience and head down that old road…but it often hurts too, and they may not understand why we can't walk with them any longer. We need to understand that it's not for us to claim the right to stand in their way either. We have to let them go, so why not embrace the pain of that and see it for what it really is, not what we want it to be, see through the illusion of parting. Why not bless the person, their path, with understanding those blessings will be needed, that we may as well send them off with good intentions, step out of the emotion and frustration and make it the best separation you can? In that we find it isn't long before Spirit crosses our path with a new relationship or a growing one that sets us off to investigate and draws our attention back toward the future…and Spirit will do the same for those we part ways with because they are seeking their path through life and have their own journey just as we do…their own Dream to bring into reality. So many Dreams…such a kaleidoscope of manifestation…life unfolding for all of us…see it for what it is and the trust factor isn't so difficult to find.

Part of the pattern of transition is the aspects of change and how they test us. You can bet that whatever you've recently learned and assimilated is going to be called upon to pass those tests. These tests are about ethical application of spiritual growth in the mundane. They test us to see if we will think to use that knowledge outside what appears to be a spiritual arena. We need to see where mundane life calls for the interjection in some form and then apply those newly honed skills honing them further and making them part of our nature as a second nature would be. Some may find they are in situations calling for them to do this right now while others will soon see it manifesting for them. Don't be afraid to apply your spiritual skills, they are there at this time and on this level to serve your needs and help you grow…use them.

Tolerance of others when we grow is a part of the pattern too. It's so easy once we've become enlightened to judge others who are not able to see as we do, and it's so tempting to want to force feed them what we have been dining on. But to see them for who they are, seeing people at their best and worst during their own transition, taking them with the good and bad unconditionally is a part of that testing too. Just seeing what is. I watch people in a detached sort of way, how they weave their tapestry energies, and I see what those result in…watch their tapestry take form and you can see clearly where they are going, if they are fighting their changes or embracing them, if they have good intentions or not. You will find yourself experiencing this in your own life and then able to see it in the lives of others…seeing the pattern trains your eyes to see from new perspectives and it gives you a much clearer sense of what's taking place. In this detachment the emotions shut down, the fears are slain, the detachment that allows you to just BE there for however long you are to walk that portion of your path…accepting unconditionally that needs will be met and seeing that by doing so the trust becomes validated. Your conviction starts to grow stronger daily. The excitement of the validations feeds your passion and before you know it you run with the pattern and weave your tapestry expediently. Leaps and bounds can be made in this way with far less frustration. It just takes time to get your bearings and the pattern helps a lot.

Part of the pattern is going to emerge in the differences between our wants and needs, our expectations versus our anticipations…the tug of war that goes on when we think it should unfold one way and try to force that into being as opposed to going with the flow. Seeing that it's the 'need' that creates the baby steps to accomplishing what we want really 'want' helps. Going with the flow, we tend to find that as needs are met what we wanted may not always be what was right for us and as those needs are met we find we achieve more than we originally expected or wanted. It may sound convoluted here, but for an example…you're transitioning a job and looking for the same type of work to step into. You think that's what you want to do. But the only opportunity for you is something quite different, something that challenges you to step out of your comfort zone and face some fears of inadequacy. Going with the flow and embracing that opportunity you take a leap of faith and find the lessons along the way that help you grow by learning to do the new job, and the rewards end up exceeding your needs, placing you in a position far better than the old job offered you. You end up receiving the means to acquire what you want…exceeding your expectations…but you had to face that test, embrace the opportunity, weave yourself into a new aspect of your tapestry. Seeing where the threads/opportunities take you can be a very exciting period and it can really fuel your passion leading to an embrace of joy for the process of transition and change to enter your life.

With this pattern you can see the tapestry being woven by others when your own transition process is completed. At that point you're apt to find Spirit is working through you to help others stay grounded and move through their own transitions when they need to. You hold a little better understanding now, your own experience allowing you the compassion for how hard it is on them. You're able, if they call out to you for help, to touch them and point a light in a new direction, a little on them, a little on the path ahead, a little on Spirit to help them seek their own guidance…you're making it a little brighter, enough to take the next baby step or two and feel steady on their feet…you are helping them to see they will go on and that as bad as this situation is, moving on is better by far…helping them find hope.

In this way you are serving by just being you, who you are, honoring what moves you, and honoring others in the process…just sharing the pattern involved with transition with them shines a light. You don't have to be in full-time service to Spirit in the sense of taking pathwork on as a career. All you have to do is share yourself with them and in that let Spirit work through you…can you see it? Can you see the service being asked of you in exchange for the blessings coming your way and how you are learning and growing as a result of this experience…how it's really honing and polishing you and where you need to call for your conviction to stay the path, where you will not compromise because of your ethics and standards? Where you cannot accept and must move on? It's all developing a very well-honed discernment within you…according to YOUR needs…and the needs of others and the tapestry weaves itself and others into your life. Some will teach you for a time with sharing helpful advice, others will share similar experiences and help you assimilate, and others will be asking you questions. It's very exciting.

Spirit meets our needs and in that provides the means for us to attain what we may or may not want but always in accordance to our willingness to serve and walk with Spirit to co-create that vision. Spirit inspires the visions, inspires us to show us the way…all we have to do is trust the process and keep walking, no matter how challenging, just trust the radar to get us where we need to go. It's going to be more accurate, more insightful than anything anyone else can share…they get glimpses according to where they are at spiritually but that's all they can share…we see the details when we train our eyes where to look, when we see the pattern…the type of stitch being used and the effect it creates allows us to know what that is leading to…we know if we want to be woven into things that way or not…if we want to make that stitch ourselves or not.

Transition points don't have to be times of confusion and are just as often times of enlightenment and clarity…when we know how to recognize the pattern. That gives us our bearings and position and allows us to see how far we've come, how far we have to go, and how to get there. We have to learn to walk with conviction as we move ahead and help each other heal and weave our pain and our compassion to do it. We share deep wounds, and hold each other's hand when there is need to steady ourselves. And no one can promise you it will be easy, in fact it's not, it's all new territory with a lot of unknowns to it so trusting in the process is important to keep you steadily pressing forward. This often calls for a lot of creative energy. Our love for the adventure of what's unfolding sparks the passion and we run on it to get us through. Seeing the pattern eliminates so much of the frustration and fear that challenges us to see what's coming, what's happening, and accept that it will take form in it's own time. Peace and patience replace the frustration and fits we throw. One by one this year we will all be seeing transition points coming about. Each in our own way but it's not easy unless we work with it. Fighting it only leads to frustration, tears, and knee jerk kicking and screaming…frustrations and likely some bad choices…stitches we need to remove and re-work, extra work. What in the past do we need with us today? If it's of no use we have to leave it there and release it. Moving on is part of the pattern.

From where I'm standing now, looking back at my own journey and process, from the onset of changes and through the transformation, I see a lot. I'd said to Spirit: "See me as I am, take me as I am, and make of me what you will." I gave myself in willing surrender. And that's literally what Spirit has done, remade me in a way that will serve the path I'm walking and in that providing me the means to walk it. The things I've learned are the tools and knowledge by which I will serve and now I've had to assimilate it all to see what Spirit has made of me…I had to 'become' and now 'I am' and I have to look at the new me and see what needs that last bit of polishing before I begin the next phase of co-creation with Mother Earth…it's her turn to have a go with me. It will be the same for you…watch for the pattern to emerge and see the new directions that are forming around you and learn to balance yourself with them, pace yourself and find your stride. Don't compare your stride to others, it will only hinder progress, get comfortable with where you're at, where you're going and how you're growing so you can embrace the pattern in your own way walking forward with joy and a happy heart. This is the year of the solar feminine energy…the active feminine principle…how is Mother Earth bringing change and manifest form into your life? How are you co-creating…gestating, quickening, and giving birth to those changes? How, after you've come to terms with this transition pattern, can you help others pass through their pattern of transition? Ask yourself these questions and you'll see how your Dream supports the Dreams of others and assists them to grow too.

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