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Soul Retrieval Discussion
by Lune

I know the theory about this soul retrieval stuff, and I have also been over that ground from a psychological perspective too, so that is not what I am hoping for in posting this.

I am hoping that others might share their own experiences of having a piece of their soul come back to them. Why that part of the soul might have gone into hiding? When did you come to the conclusion that was what was "Wrong"? How did you come to that conclusion? How did you "retrieve" your soul? And, most of all, what was the difference in your internal experience of self once you had all the pieces, and in their right places?

I guess perhaps it would be a sharing thing to answer my own questions first, and hope others will follow!

Why did a part of my soul go into hiding? Well, I don't actually think it did per se, but that as part of what I had to do and why I came here to live this life, I didn't bring all my soul with me. When did I realize something was wrong? All my life I felt empty. After a number of years of therapy for a terrible childhood, all those issues were sorted and put away in neat boxes, and yet still I felt empty. I was going nuts trying to fix something I couldn't.

How did I come to that conclusion? I didn't realize it was a part of my soul missing until I started understanding why it wasn't there anyway.

How did I get the part of my soul? I staged a strike! I told Spirit I wasn't going to do these things it was asking of me till my working conditions were better. 40 hour working week, paid holidays, sick leave etc. I meant it, and Spirit knew it, And also, I couldn't see any solution to work towards myself. I just couldn't see a way forward. So I basically said to Spirit FIX IT. The piece of my soul came to me then.

Afterwards... This is really why I am posting this, to see what other people have found. It has been very strange. First I had to get that piece of soul in the right place in my being, and then start operating properly with it there. That took about 6 months. Then, and only as a result of that, did I discover what was physically wrong with me. (good thing to have sorted out) But inside, I am not empty any more, and I actually enjoy my life, because the bit I was missing was the fun bit, and the bit that kinda... pulled all the other bits together. Less fragmented, more fun. More energy. Life has gone from just getting through it, to being a great adventure, but one that I can go through my own way.

So, there you go. I would so love to hear from others on this.

I was hoping someone else would share so that I wouldn't feel like I needed to, but here I am. Shamanic energy work, and soul retrieval in particular, can be so powerful and provide amazing healing for those who are ready for it.

I have been going through some major shifts over the past couple of months as can be seen in my Original Sin thread... p199.ezboard.com/fspiritlodge83569frm107.showMessage?topicID=757.topic
and more recently, my Love and Fear thread...
(I don't know how to condense those, sorry)

After I realized that I didn't love myself at all, I felt that I needed some energetic help in making the change to love and acceptance, so I asked a friend of mine to facilitate some non-local energy work. During the session, she was guided to do a journey on my behalf and this resulted in a soul retrieval.

So to answer your questions:
I can conclude that, a part of my soul went into hiding because it was unloved by me. I also know that this happened at a very young age.

I have been searching for something since I was in my late teens so I have known for a long time that something was 'wrong'.

My soul part was retrieved by a shaman during a journey process which we have been specifically taught. I also worked with the integration myself using a specific technique called a 'sacred drama', in which I re-visited the 'journey' as an observer and gained information that I needed in order to understand what had happened and to integrate the changes energetically.

And now for the best part - I can't even begin to tell you how different I feel. And because of the energetic processing, the change is permanent. It's in my heart more than it is in my mind. It feels like a 180. Something that I have been waiting for and working toward, probably from the moment of separation, has occurred. Many different things that I have been working with and wanting to integrate, but doing the 'two steps forward, one step back' thing have suddenly clicked into place. I feel truly blessed and would like to thank everyone who has been instrumental in this shift.

I am going to take an advanced soul retrieval class in July and I am very excited about it. In love and gratitude

Lights a candle in this sacred space respecting all that have come here and asking for the same respect as I share my journey.

When I was in second grade I was as close to God as a person could be, so much so, that I felt the calling to become a nun. When I was in third grade I use to actually pray that I would die, so that I could be in the presence of God for eternity. In fourth grade, my dreams shattered. One of my older brothers raped me. Where was my God when this happened? How could he allow this to happen? There was no way that I could be a nun now....I was no longer a virgin.

As many rape victims do, I blocked the whole incident out of my mind. I forgot all about it until I was in 9th grade and hit maturity, then the memories came flooding back. How did I choose to cope? By turning to alcohol. I was a person who drank to "escape". I use to hide my alcohol in Pepsi or juice. I always drank alone. I use to steal the alcohol from my parents cabinets or stand outside a state store and ask someone to get for me. Anytime I fought with someone I "got back at them" by drinking and getting drunk. I remember once in high school fighting with my mother in the morning and drinking so much, by lunchtime I was STILL intoxicated. No....not a proud time of life, but that's how I coped.

After college, I started teaching in a Catholic School and had to teach "good touch" and "bad touch". The flashbacks began. I was, at that time, seriously dating the man I later married and our relationship was getting to the point where we were going to become sexually active. I was petrified to become sexually active because I was afraid that I would "freak out" the first time I willingly gave myself to someone. I decided to seek counselling.

Now, the human brain protects itself by allowing only enough memory to surface that the human being can handle at one time. So I would be in counselling for a while, think I am finished, quit counselling, then a couple months later a new piece of memory would surface that would send me back in for more counselling. So, honestly, I was in and out of counselling for 10 years when I got "stuck". I couldn't move forward anymore, but I wasn't "complete". I had a wise, well-read counsellor. I was seeing her through Catholic Social Services. She told me that she knew what I needed, but could lose her job by telling me. I promised her that what she would say would stay between us. So, she told me that I needed a soul retrieval. She actually knew a Shaman and gave me her number.

Now, at this time in my life I had absolutely NO idea what a Shaman was or what a soul retrieval was, but I started reading. The more I read the more I wanted to know. I contacted this Shaman and set up an appointment with her. We met twice, but she refused to do the soul retrieval. I still do not understand why, but she did refer me to someone else. This other person was NOT a Shaman, but did a regression on me. She brought me all the way back to the rape, and that is where I found my lost part. It actually came into my waiting arms, I embraced it, turned my back on the rape and the memory faded away.

So, I believe that the next part I am to share here is what happened after this. Well, for the first time in my life I was able to love myself....totally. I was lead to the path that I now walk, the Shamanic part. I am so much at peace with myself and who I am. I kinda feel like I came full circle, but now I am no longer restricted by what the Catholic Church says I can and should believe. I have my own, personal relationship with Spirit....an open, free one, not restricted by church dogma. No, I am not bad talking the Catholic faith as I still practice it and teach it. It gave me a firm foundation to build on and I feel that I am doing the same to my students.

My soul retrieval has drastically altered my life for the better. It gave me the ability to love myself to the point of leaving my husband of 9 years who abused both me and my children. It has gifted me with the ability to now teach others how to love and respect themselves. It was a turning point in my life, one that put me on the right path.

(sorry for the length of this post, but I was moved to share all)

Thank you for sharing. Continuing to hold space for your brave journey In love and light

Thank you, both Star Sister and Celestial Star. That is a lot to think about and take in. Thank you so much for sharing.

Considering this question and the process has been very good for me. I've been reminded from where I came and renewed within me where I am going.

"Why that part of the soul might have gone into hiding?" I see now that I came here to learn a lesson about shining my light through simply being (not necessarily doing), but I didn’t have the tools or understanding to realize that. As a young child I was pushed aside whenever I tried to be myself by proving myself, my worth and when I tried to connect with others. As a result of that, my soul began to fragment and part of it went into hiding.

"When did you come to the conclusion that was what was "Wrong"?" I knew something was “wrong” when I was so unhappy in my late teens, early 20’s, but I had no idea what had happened or that it involved part of my soul, my essence. It wasn’t until I was in my late 30’s after a series of traumatic relationship experiences all with similar patterns that I realized that I was missing something within me.

"How did you come to that conclusion?" I didn’t understand what was wrong or that anything was missing, I just knew that I always tried to do my best, walked with integrity, tried every tactic I knew, every approach and yet I always pushed away. A teacher who practice in the Shaman tradition began talking about soul retrieval and the concept came to me in other synchronistic ways. It was something I was very unfamiliar with, but even so it *felt* right.

"How did you "retrieve" your soul?" I set my intention. I focused. I concentrated. I worked with Spirit. I asked and I was shown why it went into hiding, but that alone didn’t automatically make things come together for me. I could feel my soul healing, but that didn’t give the knowledge and tools to do the work, to walk the path, I am supposed to walk. I felt better, but have that part back didn’t mean “problem solved.” It has been just over a year since I retrieved that one part of my soul. It was the work, the focus, the intention and my open willingness to hold Spirit’s hand and walk with it that has brought spiritual healing.

Lune thank you for posing this question. It gave me the opportunity to think about this process, and realize how fortunate I am.

Basically I experienced that nothing in Creation can get "lost" or is "lost" - but that all is in the hands of Creator. If it would not be so - what sense would a life make at all? *smile* As if things get lost - we would be thrown out of fulfilled creation from time to time in something incomplete - in order to struggle back into creation - on our own, without any help, as Creator threw us "out" of his/her "fulfilled/complete creation"? No - for me it is not this way. What happens is not a being thrown out - but a shadowing of our perception that happens for which reason ever (it is not with judging here!). We still stay in the same creation - but our perception of oneness is shadowed - for which reason ever. We stumble somehow into a life of a shadowed perception, where fog and dust covers "reality how it really is", that makes it no longer possible for us to see the complete Beauty of creation, to live any longer our connectedness to All-that-is including our experience of being complete all the time. Though all is still there - we do no longer experience it.

Therefore: If we feel not complete or as if something is missing - there is a deeper sense in this for me. It is an indicator that we are not really seeing creation in its endless caring. Something had happened to let us feel incomplete, dis-connected to "parts of us" (= parts of creation itself). We feel to get something back "from us" "for us" - we have stepped into the feeling of "us" and "parts of us" (we feel fragmented) and "others" and "creation". Soul retrieval for me belongs to a living in a certain way of disconnection to all creation - yet it can be a so helpful tool to come back into connection to All-that-is. As I said above: In a deeper sense for me we never are NOT complete - even if it feels this way in our living now and today in this very moment. The feeling to need to get parts of us back for me is an indicator to be with the aspect of "connectedness or separation to creation in general" - and behind all this there are lessons to learn: To feel connected again, to feel united again with All-that-is - to see with the eyes of Creator - and no longer through our limited eyes. To feel incomplete is our lesson to be with and to learn from - it is not the deep and basic reality of Creator. It is our "shadowed dream" to awaken from - to see with the eyes of Creator again. All this is a perspective form a very basic level of seeing - it is not always what we feel on the daily life level of being.

THEREFORE (here seen more from the daily life level of being): What can be felt is that at this time and in this circumstances it would be helpful to have "something back from us" that "is not yet there" (but that "was there" once before) - that "this" is wanted and wished and needed back "to us".

When "parts of us" go away, it is for a certain reason. My own life was not very funny - I had not been able to leave the house on my own for about 16 years because of the deep experience of fear for example. (It was a so hard but yet so blessed time of being on many levels of being... *giggle*) Many other aspects were there, too, for me to be with: Very natural it came to remember all lives I ever held on this planet. To see that nothing really ever was "lost". That always there was Creator with me, in me - but often I did not see/feel/hear/sense Him/Her... And, and, and... I found that when "parts of me" were not "available" at a certain moment - then it was for the reason to help my system (body system, mental system...) to survive. A time would come (or not - who knows what is not yet here with me...?) when certain parts wanted to be seen again. The parts never had been away - but they were out of my sight - though not out of experience, because even not seen aspects/parts still held such a great influence on my life (as fear for example).

Very naturally parts came back to me. It could be triggered by seeing a movie, by talking to people, by reading a book. When the aspects had "come back" (in fact they were more conscious now) - I found that their influence had been there all the time even if they had not been themselves in sight before. The difference now was: I had a consciousness about what had happened, what the parts were. And with this consciousness life changed often.

One personal example: My own help from soul retrieval for example came from the very difficult birth situation - a part of me still was sitting in the birth room after about 40 years in the cold and crying light of the room - as I nearly had died during birth and all was a shock for me coming to this earth plane. When this part came back the "cold experiences" in this world were seen as a fog - and that behind this cold there was a personal experience that was not "the ultimate truth" of creation, but an experience during birth that had been a kind of blueprint for my life after.

During the shamanic training with my teachers over the years the "more traditional way of soul retrieval" was learned by me. Doing soul retrieval for people I am given by the Divine whether it is time to bring certain aspects back, whether the system can hold what comes back - as often with the part coming back memories come back, and where is the benefit if the system breaks down and when the person internally runs away...? The Divine guides the process in a so caring way and each step is guided by the Divine - this way soul retrieval for clients can be of a big benefit to walk on the own feet towards more freedom.

Doing soul retrieval for clients in a soft and lovely way the Divine helped them to integrate their fears, energy came back, life passion and the wish to walk on instead of running away and hiding/sheltering...

I just wanted to say - now in a few words *smile* - that we in a so deep sense always are complete, that nothing is missing. We always are held in the hands of Creator. What we may learn from soul retrieval is that we feel disconnected, separated somehow and that we wish to unite again - with "our-selves" - and with the whole creation, as we and creation are one. With soul retrieval we might get more consciousness about things that happened - we might gain compassion, as what had happened for us might have happened to others, too. We might experience that energy we excluded for certain reasons (including that we let things being taken away - also in this there is a reason, why this could and did happen) may come back and that with this we may walk on in beauty on our path. Soul retrieval for me is "gaining consciousness and energy" - but it is not "becoming complete" - as we always are complete. With soul retrieval we might get back again a direct EXPERIENCE of oneness, of connection - in addition to the mere "knowing by the brain" that we all are one. And: As oneness starts in ourselves and from here spreads to all creation, that we experience oneness of all creation again, it is our very personal process to oneness back again - and in this sense soul retrieval it might be a very helpful step into oneness... Soul retrieval for me is not a "single thing for a single person" - but in its deepest sense it is a hand offered from Creator to a person to unite again with the whole creation - to be in oneness, again... To experience oneness, to live it...

This is my experience...

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