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Following Others Discussion
By ElkWoman

Why do some people follow others e.g. Guru's? I can and do get great advice from others but follow my own inner guidance on everything. I can be persuaded by others but I accept responsibility for my choices. We are all on our own individual path in this life and I'm wondering how someone else can tell you what your walk is? And why we would follow their instructions and not our own voice? Even if I mess up it's my choice. Does following a Guru mean we can trust others more or is it an excuse not to accept full responsibility. I'm not knocking this way of life , I don't understand it. I haven't experienced it but maybe being brought up catholic I have. Just wondering if any of you have ever taken this direction as I'm interested. A friend revealed his following recently. My first reaction was why would I follow someone else’s instruction. Then I thought I need to remain open to opportunities and learning. But I was initially shocked when he said I could learn more and follow this Guru's instructions to a beautiful inner life. tell me your thought and experiences on this please if you have time. Thank you.

Hi Elk Woman, I'm not much help on this topic as I agree with you here. I don't like following anyone. Even regarding churches I've always ended up walking away as I'd rather figure things out for myself. Way I see it if I reach the other side and God says I messed up I'd rather have it be MY mess than because I blindly followed someone else and it was THEIR mess. I suppose I'm just "thrawn"?

following an Enlightened Holiness has a very old tradition. This way is meant to step over the own "ego" by humbly serving an Enlightened Holiness - as a representative of Great Spirit. Serving this Holiness is a way that holds a lot of challenges. The Holiness will see what the devoted student needs. And he will give the tasks and learning steps in the appropriate way. By the way: Not each Enlightened Holiness might accept each student. There has to be a certain "chemistry" - above all the deep wish of the student to come to enlightenment, too. And the deep knowing that not the Enlightened Holiness will walk this path for the student - but as a representative of Great Spirit with all the overview will help the student walk in his own shoes. On this path it may be that the ego of the student is pushed to its extreme - it is not blindly following the will of a "Guru". It is a deep agreement and commitment to walk this path as student and Enlightened Holiness. The "teacher" will see which steps the student has to go - and how the best way is to step over ego to transcend it and to come to enlightenment. Bathing in the atmosphere of an Enlightened Holiness will wash the student each day - it is bliss and it holds a lot of learning steps... The biggest problem for the student is to find an Enlightened Holiness to trust, to work with and to walk this path with. There are many traps on this path, including following a "wrong teacher", a person that "pretends" being enlightened but in fact is not. The trap also is that we have "pictures" in our head how an enlightened person should look like, how this person should behave... But these pictures result from our present state of knowing and perceiving. An enlightened person might not at all be how we think he/she should be.

How to discern and find "the" appropriate teacher to walk this kind of path with? Seeing with the heart, with all the senses... Listening to students of this teacher... How do they go along with the teachings... Does it feel well for us, too... (Though we will have to go through our own lessons...) Is the teacher trying to get all the energy of other people? Or do we feel that good results come from being with him? And not to forget: The teacher will know from his side whether it will be okay to work with him or not - knowing that the path itself is in our own responsibility... But he will see whether we come to play around a bit (to see how this path feels) - or whether we come with our deepest wish to walk this path... Following an Enlightened Holiness is working hand in hand with Great Spirit - Great Spirit taking form in a human being/in a teacher... We might "know" when it is "our" path. And we might say: "No, this is not my way of coming to enlightenment." "Forcing" others to walk the same path - this should be something we should be very careful with... In my opinion it is not meant that from one day to the other I will give up my ego then (...how should this work?)and following and "replacing" it by the Enlightened Holiness. It is a process - and He/She will know. I will be challenged - and step by step I will make my very own experiences. I will not give up my own thoughts. How easy this would be! Or: How difficult this would be! Not following blindly and "only by head" - but following because it is the way of the heart - it is "known" then. And this kind of following will make me more and more equal to the Enlightened Holiness then - growing... Giving up ego and the own will at once and changing from one day to the other to a "Guru" - for me there might be some steps on this path of devotion missing... And how should this happen - for me it sounds more like a process and not like a switch on/switch off the Enlightened Holiness does for me... I know from my Hinduistic tradition that this can be a very, very beautiful path - the teacher of my teacher spoke about his path with such Love that this for me was true. No question - it was true. And it took him years to find "his" Enlightened Holiness to learn from - even in India... :o))

I do not follow an external authority just because (s)he is in that position. BUT, I am happy to allow another to shine a light on a path un-walked for me. Someone who's life experience have brought that person well further down the path of my choice. They've been there, done that. I do NOT expect an elder to take my hand and prevent me from falling or straying. I do not expect them to take responsibility for my decisions. Yet their words and actions can reflect back the questions I need to ask myself, the decisions that have been made or need to be made. They do not jump into the well to "save me"... they offer suggestions as to where I may find the footholds that would get me out ON MY OWN STRENGTH. Perhaps in the days of old, one would follow a Guru, simply because the Guru possessed more spiritual knowledge (wisdom). This knowledge was kept and nurtured in temples and shrines. Followers were privy to that knowledge there, not in the streets of everyday life. Currently, more and more masters live in our communities, wear jeans and tee-shirts. Why? Because the knowledge is increasingly available in our own communities. It is in books, it is on the internet, it is more and more possible to speak about these things with one's close friends. Spiritual knowledge (wisdom) is coming out, no longer secluded and held away. The masters now live in the communities not in the temples and shrines. If an Elder is on the path that I seek to walk, I will not hesitate to follow their guidance. Not because I want them to take responsibility, but because there is WISDOM in their experience. I need to have my own experiences, and I will choose them anyway. I do not need to be or choose to be kept in a bubble of protection. I listen to my inner authority, yet that inner authority does not negate the wisdom and authority that a wise Elder may share.

There are times when it is important in the growth of spiritual life to develop a relationship with a teacher or spiritual guide. Having a map and directions from spiritual books and texts is not enough. There are certain things that books will not teach, ancient teachings, maintained by only those who have years of rigorous training, testing, consistent demonstration of endurance, patience, generosity, and wisdom, who inspire, guide, and instruct. Because the spiritual process is not a random one, guides and teachers drawing on ancient traditions can understand and assist our journey when we ourselves feel lost. The range and styles of teachers is great and most will teach through a combination of their own personalities and the methods that brought their own awakening. While its true, in each tradition, there will be "rascals" but if you prepare yourself well with knowledge of the teacher, it is well worth pursuing. Over the years, our relationship with a teacher will change. In time, our teachers may fulfill many roles ... mentor, guide, spiritual midwife, critic, mirror and exemplar of radiant presence and so much more. From a skillful teacher, we can learn and draw on courage, assurance, strength and clarity. We can use their guidance, energy and love to resonate with and inspire our own. We can ask whatever questions enter our mind without feeling "less intelligent." No one can enlighten us, no one can mature for us, no one can let go for us, no one can ever do it for us. But a skilled teacher can act as a compassionate vessel strong enough to allow old parts to die and make room for new ones to be born, to inspire, support, comfort and create a sacred space where awakening can happen. Just as it is important to stay with a teacher and practice, it is also important to know that we can leave when the time is right. Whether we stay with a teacher for weeks, months, years, or even decades, it is a blessing to encounter a true spiritual benefactor, a mentor and guide to our own freedom. Over the years I have been blessed by their direct guidance and by their skill in teaching. I have also been blessed with the depth of their love that gave me inspiration all the while holding my

best and highest interest in their hearts. I hope the legacy I leave to my students is one that is genuine and timeless ... for them to carry the light I see in them into all the world.

2 CrowWoman:
Interesting replies. Lotus - what you say makes a lot of sense. I've never had a teacher come forward or be a possibility so maybe I'd have a different perspective under those circumstances.

ElkWoman, Interesting replies indeed But I realize my question maybe wasn't worded right. Teaches guidance I UNDERSTAND. What I meant by Guru is the masses, cult following of thousands of people Have any of you been part of this kind of following?

For me - if my deep feeling of trust for a Holiness/a "Guru" is right - it is not important how many "students" a Holiness has - for me it is not important whether he/she has one or thousands of students. If a Holiness is an enlightened person then he/she also may hold the ability to teach thousands of students at the same time. There are things around these beautiful people that we cannot "understand" from our consciousness. But we may feel and trust our feelings. I felt - and I trusted. And it was right - for me. Whether a person is enlightened or not - why should the teaching be dependent on the number of students? If there are thousands of people who have to learn things at the same time and if the Holiness (you might call it "Guru", but I admit that I do not support a negative feeling about the word, I prefer to see it more neutral... :o)) - okay, if the Holiness or Guru may help them in their learning - why not? What about Jesus? There were some people very close to him - and thousands following... Who will judge the number of students...? And yes - I am also following someone you might call a "Guru" - but following him I am following my own inner call. He helped me to trust, to transcend and to come home step by step - without being fixed on him. This freedom in growing and learning - but at the same time the strong knowing that he "knows" - this is a gift for me. At the same time I am also following other paths, too. The Holiness I am working with encourages us to look at our own traditions - no matter where we come from. He is also honoring the Elders of each country who hold the wisdom of the land. I do not feel well to give the name of my teacher here because the questions discussed here became a bit too "loud" for giving the name in this atmosphere now (this may come from the capital letters in your post, maybe I misunderstand them...).

My feelings about the Holiness I am walking with for about 20 years now are so soft and filled with Love - I do not feel well to give his name here and now. Though there were and are times where I am really challenged by him - and then this kind of teachings will be okay, too. There is no much difference in what I wrote in my first post. The number of students makes no difference for me in this kind of learning I needed. For others it may be different - they might want to look for a Holiness who only has few students (for which reasons ever, and this will be okay then, too). At the same time I also express that I am not "following" him in the sense you might think that it "should be" when someone "follows" a "Guru". There are times of deep, deep devotion, deep, deep Love - and I am so very happy to be allowed to have met someone who allows me to experience these deep feelings, to dive in the Bliss of what might be cosmic... I got techniques to work with, to learn and to grow... This includes deep trust, but also asking and it also includes discernment... My teacher is answering questions for hours, for days... Even the "silliest" questions are "allowed" - it is part of our way... And yes, there are thousands "following" him. But - I may speak for me only - I learn to walk in my own shoes with him, I do not "need" the one-to-one teachings every day - and I am not looking for giving up my life in the way you might think a Guru wants it to be... Others might need this - but (at the moment, for about 20 years) this is not what was my path up to now... The Holiness I am allowed to know will not save me from my experiences I have to make (with other people, too - as with other teachers, too... *smile* And these lessons sometimes are not easy... But the techniques I learned and the tradition I am looking at that is with him - this helps me to go through this then, too...). It is not that he holds the answer for all questions I have - then I would not be with Spirit Lodge, too... *smile*

Sometimes I really need to get teachings in another form or in other words or directly or from another tradition. But there is a basis that is with the teachings I got from him. If people tend to go the easy way - they might tend to give themselves up - in a relationship, in learning... And then "the partner", "the teacher" is the one to blame... I do not only see it this way. For me there also is a kind of responsibility in each partner, in each student.. If he lets things happen - then it is also his responsibility, not only the mistake of the others. Only to "blame" one side - this for me would be a bit too easy... Yes, there are people looking to give themselves up, in work, in relationships, in friendships, in following a teacher... Some people hold the deep tendency to do so... It may be that first they have to learn not to give themselves up... Because how can we humbly give an ego that we do not have? May be certain steps are required before walking the path of devotion... But also here it is difficult to give a rule that fits for everyone. Each case is to be seen with new eyes. The path of humbly devotion really is work. It is a conscious decision that requires (for me) an "adult" person that knows what this means. It is not a blind following of a minor person. Choosing the path of devotion and humble serving - for me - is one of the most adult paths I know in the way that the person choosing this way "knows" that this path will lead to the "death" of the own ego. Choosing this path does not mean a simple life, funny and easy because the others (a Guru, a Holiness) do the work. It means to choose this big step of (big) work - to transcend the own ego, facing oneself - and letting go...

Please let me express it in very clear words - how I understand it: It is a conscious decision (from heart or head or from simply knowing...) from an adult person, a "call" that has to be followed, too - and not a wish of a tired person wanting to have some good relaxing time now, wanting others to decide, to take care and to do the work... Whether a Holiness has one or thousands of students - if it really fits for the person wanting to go this path, if it is an "adult" decision/following - and if it is okay for the person, then I find no reason to speak against his/her call to walk this path... Each single case has to be seen with new eyes.. I find it difficult to give a global answer about "Gurus" or "One-to-one teachers" or "no teacher" - about which way to prefer... What is right for me may not be right for others... Elk Woman, there is so much more to say, but it does not feel so very right right now... I am also not sure which kind of answer you want to hear...? What I wrote in my first is not dependent on the number of students...

Northern Star thanks for your reply. As I said I asked this question out of curiosity only. I haven't made any judgements as I have no experience or relevant opinion to base any judgements on. (The capitals were just that capitals .I never did that deliberately , I must have hit the caps look). I'm even more curious still as twice you mentioned you couldn't say your Guru's name here, what are you feeling is here? I'm actually interested that is why I asked the question because my initial response left me asking my own questions.

I hope you don't feel any hostility towards you from any posting here. I feel it takes a very strong person with a lot of trust and faith to do what you have said. I have gained a lot of insight from your reply. I'm sitting on an island on my own where most if not all my guidance has been through Spirit , and its lonely at times. I haven't had the opportunity to be with another in this way. .You are blessed to have such faith and someone to talk with. My belief I'll share with you too is that I learn from everyone and everything. I believe in everyone and everything. As you say following is heartfelt. There is an opportunity that I have and I wanted others experiences to become more aware because I feel closed to this way without knowing about it.

"What I meant by Guru is the masses, cult following of thougsands of people have any of you been part of this kind of following?” hmmm...A grinning, monkey-faced guru? I have been a member of a famous cult and was a True Believer for many years. My Mother, a True Believer still, introduced me at a young age and got me involved with other kids from the Cult. I consider this cult to be one of the most dangerous threats to the future of humanity and, more importantly (by a million light years), the unique individual. This cult has many names and covers most of this planet Earth. They believe that they follow the supreme and only true God, a Patriarchal, vengeful and Punishing Slave-Master, who expects his servants (those lower and less holy than himself) to deny their own True Self and their Worldly Pleasures, placing all their passion and HEART into His service and for His concerns, making sure to keep them in line with threats of eternal damnation and fiery-brimstone if they were to disobey His orders and self-made rules. He said that we are sheep and he the Good Shepherd. He may mean by this that we are so foolish and ignorant that we can have no idea what is best for yourself(s) and that, knowing us better than we know ourselves, he made a quick summary of his wisdom and asked some of his helpless (but less sheeply-than-thou type) sheep to teach his unbreakable-laws to other sheep so that they may imitate likewise, never asking why...doing what sheep do. For many years I was a member of the Baptist-Christian-Cult. I have also been a unwilling member (hostage) of the Democratic-Cult, who worship the state and liberalism, saying that we are free while subjecting us to a set of laws arranged by past dinosaur-state-leaders or state-systems and reworked with each new body to be more in line with what these God-figures believe is right or wrong for the brainless-zombie-individual-worker-bee-mentalist-robot!

They give us enough "freedom" to keep us from becoming bored; like a slave master who allows his slaves to sing and dance between East-enders and the 11 c'clock news! (So bored that we realize the hypocrisy that surrounds us and the ignorance their law and their ideals about order and freedom, that in themselves produce the very reason I need to rebel.) This cult say that we must unite as human beings (or beans...in a big, foaming broth of our own juices!) and destroy such things as private opinion, ego, and self with their devices, often classified under such titles as advertising, media and public opinion, news, welfare, "humanitatianism", and all the other forms of the Demon Chorozon 333. We should transfer our worth unto them and their ideals, thus making the world a more "human" place to exist. They say we will find ourselves by becoming the same as everyone else...They may just be right...after all, the Demon they worship will feed only on those who feed him, those who cannot adapt from their robot-insect lifestyle! This cult, with the help of other liberalist-cults such as Communism (not forgetting all the other political liberals and humanitarian liberals), helped us discover the great achievements of human-un-kind, such as the Atom Bomb, the machine gun, gas chambers, the Iron Curtain, Spy Satellites, Class structures, prison, Inner City Slums and the Dole Check, etc. They achieved moments of great historical worth, such as, World War One and Two, the French Revolution, the Cold War, Vietnam, Apartheid, Drug Wars, Richard Nixon, and so on...

Their behavior may suggest that these creatures are monkeys, not even fitting of the description "Advanced Primates." They can hardly even begin to imagine themselves as what some may classify as HUMAN. They kill each other, then while smashing the skulls of the enemies they themselves appointed the shadowy position, screaming from the tree tops of peace between all men and, if the occassion calls for it, of the Christian Thing To Do. I can agree on the latter based on the history of Xianity...or Christ-INSANITY!!! I have been a member of many cults for most of my young life of 23 years, one called Television, one called public opinion, organized religion, and may other fantastic opportunities for self-destruction. Even those cults I have not been privileged enough to be a member of have affected me in some way...the Nazi Party, the Klu Klux Klan, the Noddy and Big Ears Fan Club, Tesco Clubcard, and so on... But, there is hope yet!...I have managed so far to undo my brainwashed-conditioning to the extent that I am beginning to see the flaws in their plans. The flaw?...I, as a reasonably intelligent and creative advanced primate, am not willing to sacrifice my SELF...my HUMANITY; striving to become HUMAN by a integration of ALL into the Self, while striving to own ALL that I AM and disregard, perhaps only temporarily, that for which I have no immediate use. I am G.O.D, the Gatherer Of Data! Therefore, I have formed my own cult. I am its One True Leader. There is no "we" in my cult. I have only one member....myself! The Sub-genius Mega-Mushroom-Cloud-Church Ov Thee Gr-Hateful Saint of Eros and Lord of the Universe...the great EYE (or I) that is myself. There is no part of me that is not part of the Gods. In my cult there exists a motto..."DO WHAT THOU WILT SHALL BE THE WHOLE OF THE LAW. LOVE IS THE LAW. LOVE UNDER WILL." Lotus:

Elk Woman, your question was quite clear to me the first time. No I have never been part of a cult but I have witnessed the results of following power and money instead of enlightenment, love and peace. Well said Northern Star* you have done a lovely job summing up reasons people choose to follow "Enlightened Holy" Ones. Beautifully stated!

Hello Elk Woman and Everyone, The question you raise Elk Woman has been a very important one for me on my path. I do not see any contradiction between what you are saying and someone having a human guide, teacher or guru. Because as I understand what you are talking about is being inner-directed. That to me is a crucial point in following a life-path. If you are directed from within to find a teacher or a guru than wonderful. However I do see there is a belief and we are encouraged to find our truth and answers from outside ourselves. I believe today there is a growing sense in some of the population to go their own way. Which is the other extreme which was something I had to do as well. I can't make this flow so forgive me. The most frustrating thing I experienced an still experience to a degree. Is finding places an groups to participate in because usually they are united around a particular truth. That is wonderful. But I do think is speaks to what you are saying as well Elk Woman. Because there are few spiritual groups that welcome and embrace the concept of spiritual diversity in the same church and or spiritual community. Being led from within and being lead in a different direction. Or learning a different spiritual way can be seen as very challenging in spiritual interactions in finding community. The way I explain it. Being, living growing and healing from the inside out and then from the outside in. Being on a non-traditional path I had to go inward and reconnect with my spiritual source, self and life-path. I am guided from within and through this guidance there is a relationship and dance I am in with the life and resources around me. I do not know for sure however there does not seem to be books, seminars gatherings etc. that aide support or teach us how to take our inward journey of spiritual independence. I am talking about a generic language that simply has a variety of tools, suggestions and practices that have no belief inherent within them but empowering a person to become their own teacher or connect with the teacher within or whatever they find within themselves. One thing about books like this. It changes the author relationship to those that buy the book. You don’t have to spend the next 5 or 10 years buying their books, going to their seminars and everything else. To hear the same thing rehashed over and over. Seeing yourself as the problem and with one more $$$ dollar workshop you might get it and live happily ever after. I do believe in the need for support, discussion and aide in coming together with our spiritual self, truth, source or whatever we call it. If in fact we do find a spiritual source or if we do not. This journey is challenging and wonderful and support in continuing to find and operate out of our own truth is very important.

I just believe going inward or hearing from within what is right for you is a more authentic approach. And you can see the difference in those who living from the inside out. Whether with an outside teacher or guide or someone being their own teacher and guide for the most part. Both can be inner directed in finding the right perfect experience for them. Whereas it seems when looking outside of oneself they are all over the place. Trying this group and that group. Reading this book and that book to find it. There is a lot of information about many different spiritual practices and quotes of many people on a variety of subjects. What I am seeing is missing a personal experience of what is experienced in general when we take our personal inward journey. Great discussion and topic. Thanks Elk Woman and Everyone.

“Why do some people follow others e.g. Guru's? I can and do get great advice from others but follow my own inner guidance on everything. I can be persuaded by others but I accept responsibility for my choices.”

I believe this question is an opinion poll of sorts and I will answer as such. Personally, I believe the majority of people make the choice to blindly follow another person ie a Guru, because they do not want personal responsibility for whatever reason. They want to look outside themselves for the answers, they want to have someone else be their source of salvation and they want someone else to take the blame. That may sound like a bad thing and there is a part of me that says it is, but there is a part of me that understands that we are all at a different place with regard to spiritual development. While it is not my path to blindly follow someone else, I can see how someone else might use it for spiritual development. There are things we learn as leaders and there are things we learn as followers. I do learn from other people, and I sometimes teach other people. I also always use my inner guidance on everything as I feel that due to freewill, everything in life is a choice. I just find it ironic to use freewill to give up ones freedom. Hoka Hey!

Fantastic, very honest and interesting replies. Frater you have experienced a lot so young and made your own walk. That experience will help you greatly way later on. Eagle your reply resonated very deeply....an aha moment of recognition re the human need for belonging. One big feeling I got from these replies was the lack of defensiveness in answering a question that could prove difficult for some, due to memories and experiences. The 'heart' felt thing though can be misinterpreted at times to teach us a lesson. Balance is required in everything. Glamatios I did just that at one point in time....give up responsibility for my life....I didn't want to be in control. Surrender. Good or bad? Both? LOL! You triggered a memory! I feel maybe it’s necessary to be or experience the good the bad and the ugly. The reason these three things aren't translated the same by everyone is because its great to experience individuality ....but to experience is the key.

Elk Woman, I am very late to this thread, so interest may have already died, but I will post my thoughts just the same. I had no teacher really for the first 5 years of seeking: it was all from books. Then just after i hit 30, I did start to follow a physical teacher blindly at about the time i began to take my path a little more seriously, but it was not a Cult situation: it was a one on one, and it occurred at a time when I was quite vulnerable, and with a teacher who was pretty much after a following rather than guiding a student. That stage was set then for the three years I was with the first teacher. I learnt a lot from that teacher and how spirit eventually showed me what was going on: mainly how to step aside and "feel" the energy of a teacher. I never quite trusted the second "teacher" who came into my life, but there were other people around who i did trust, so that was the next two-three years. Then I went to my first internet site: but that teacher was like my first: and we both know what happened there. That brings me to SL where I feel I have found my feet. Now physical teachers are coming forward: now I "feel" anybody I come into contact with who is on a spiritual path: I never make any rush decisions: I shield and allow that person to show me whatever it is they are meant to show me: for good or for bad: shadow teachers are just as important sometimes as "holy men" and taking what I need and allowing the rest to dissipate into the ether. I find it helps to listen to a lot of people now, and then form my own opinion: I hope I am respectful to all I meet and allow everyone to share their wisdom: even if it is a shadow lesson. Maybe this is because I have been burnt in the past, I now find that the more we allow our own senses, once honed, to guide us the better. As to mass cults: I agree with all EaglesHand has said, and it is all very true, but mass cults to me do not allow the breadth of experience that I feel I need, and I think a lot of people today are the same, to me, the fall in organized religion is a sign of this. Personally I couldn't see myself ever joining a particular cult: it would be too limiting: I am quite happy to read the beliefs of any cult that may crop up from a distance, to see if any of it adds to my knowledge, but I don't think that it would be advantageous to join one.

Unregistered Guest:
For the first half of my life I had organized religion thrust upon me and while some parts of it were quite wonderful, other aspects of it did not "grab me". Since my early 20's I have been walking my own path... I've stumbled and fallen. Picked myself up and brushed myself off. I haven't always made the right decisions, but my faith in Spirit/ God has carried me through. I actually had considered entering the seminary last year as I appear to have a gift for it, but I realized I'd be working in someone else’s "box" and that didn't feel very comfortable. Since I have always believed that there is a Higher Power than myself, I do not feel as though I need to follow others.


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