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Bear Feast
By Jimmy WhiteBear

Spent Sunday in tribal ceremony. We celebrated the Bear going into hibernation. When some hear of the "Bear Feast" they automatically think that we are having Bear for our meal. Not so!, We don't eat family!... The Bear feast is a celebration of the bear going into hibernation and the people feast on nuts and berries as the Bear would and has this past season. Bear is fasting and in dreamtime for the next few months. In March we will Feast again and awaken him from his long winters sleep. We leave him a "Spirit plate" of nuts and berries and if we have a potluck, we will leave some of this for him also. A "Spirit Plate" is when we make up a plate of food and bring it into the forest and leave it there for bear. The Bear in the mundane may not get it and we know this, but one of the four-leggeds will take it to the Spirit Bear... Sleep well Bear!...

Thank you for sharing this Jimmy. I really enjoy, and feel honoured, when you share so freely of your Path. I learn much from it. Sleep well Bear!

A beautiful honoring ceremony, Bear, thank you so much for sharing it. May I post this to the library?

Jimmy WhiteBear:
Thank you Cinn and everyone, Yes Cinn you can do that if you like. Elders have warned against sharing the entire ceremony and against practicing a Sacred ceremony unless we have gone through the traditional 7 day fast. Thanks again.

Earthwalker, Arctickaiku, StarDreamer, WhisperingWater, Minna, WakiyelaSapa/BlackDove, Lotus, StarBearWalking, all posted thank you’s.

Thank you Bear, it's fine that the ceremony is not presented in full here. Best IMHO. But I think the concept of it is important and will help people understand the purpose behind it. Much appreciated my Brother!


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