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The Give Away
By Cinnamon Moon

I've read that the buffalo is considered to be the symbol of the giveaway for the Native Americans because every part of the animal can be used... nothing is wasted. I've also heard that to be true of the turkey, which is why it was served to the settlers as part of their harvest offering. But I don't have those references here so I cannot site them for you. Instead, I have asked for a message from the Ancestors on what we describe as the giveaway. This is what they offered me to share.

I was shown the vision of an apple tree. It spends much of the year on its own development and nourishment but in truth, it's also in preparation for the time of fruiting. During this time, the tree flowers in it's beautiful expression of joy. Some flowers find their fate in the winds or birds. Some will flower into luscious fruit. But bloom the tree does, in all its glory, unsure of how the product of its labor will be manifested past itself.

From its life it shares with the world. From its blooms and fruits it shares with the world. From its seeds it shares with the world. From its bark it shares with the world. From its branches and shade it shares with the world. From its roots it shares with the world. From its death it shares with the world. From everything it is or ever will be it shares.

I was told, this is the nature of the giveaway. In all its beauty, it's the offering of that which is OF us. It is the returning of what is gifted from our fruits. It is the sharing of our stability through roots of understanding and compassion. It's the shade we offer one in other when things become harsh and unyielding. It's the seeds we plant along the way and nurture till they are strong enough to grow on their own - whether within ourselves or otherwise in the world we share.

If we are to perform a proper giveaway for what we have received... it must be OF us. It must be something we consider of value to us - returned in love, gratitude, and understanding of its gifts to that which created and nurtures us. That is a ceremonial giveaway, as was told to me. It varies from the traditional as I learned it but this is what I was asked to write.

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