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Ethics of Spellcasting
By ShaeTheFireWitch

I recently has a student of mine question me on the "ethics" of spellcrafting or the art of casting a spell. During the course of our conversation I realized how much our society has been programmed by shows and movies that portray spells or the use of spells in an "evil" light.

From the time I began my journey, I was taught that casting a spell is a form of prayer used only for the aid of myself, or someone and for their highest good. Spells were cast only with the Highest intention and Highest good. Never, was I taught to cast with malice, anger, or with the intent to harm someone, or forcing my "will" or "control" onto someone else. If I chose to go that route, i.e. casting for the above mentioned negative reason, I was stepping out of my Sacred intention to do the work I was called to do, and to be prepared for the ramifications and consequences of my actions.

I get requests all of the time from people to "gimme a spell to do this to someone" or " can you cast a spell to do such and such". People get very upset when I tell them "no" or "I don't do that kind of work".

Being a witch, I have been well schooled in the "dark arts". For me, it was part of the education I chose for myself. Being schooled and having the knowledge, also means for me, a definite choice of which path I choose to walk. Having the knowledge and how to DOES NOT mean I do it. On the contrary, it confirms my absolution and conviction that spellwork is my form of prayer, and it is sacred. Have there been times when I could have used those dark arts to vent my anger or frustration on someone? Absolutely. But it all comes down to a choice. The choice to "go there or not", is a fine line we as witches must walk. It is a test of control, and sometimes a test of faith and values, that Truth and the Highest Good will prevail.

I view any kind of spellwork as sacred prayer. A celestial contract I have made with myself and the Universe to manifest the needs and desires I have for myself. I do cast for others when asked, but only with their explicit permission. And many times, it is my requirement to have the "requestor" present at the ritual when I do cast. I do not cast to harm anyone or "to do" things to people. That for me is out of the question. A matter of ethics...both as a High Priestess, teacher and as a basic human being. Again- that is my choice.


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