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Mazes, Labyrinths, & Spirals Discussion
By Earthwalker

I am always somewhat taken back by some of your comments/questions.

Mazes I have always enjoyed first as a child in books, probably in science when trouble shooting. About a year ago I bought a book on them (no history just difficult mazes). Just last year I was thinking about how much fun a natural garden maze could be. Taken off the idea of Swiss Pines in Pennsylvania (that I love) that is really more like Japanese gardens. But I would want to create a place that is not to somber but a place where it would be fun to try to find your way out. Nevertheless yes I am interested in the spiritual aspects of these patterns. I would also be interested in labyrinth at Oxkintok in the Yucatan peninsula and the nearby caves if you have any knowledge of them (Mayan culture). Walk in Peace, Earthwalker

Hi Earthwalker, Mazes are fun for children and good for occupying the mind aren't they? But there is a very serious side to them. When you walk one it becomes sacred space and with a spiritual focus going into it you do in essence spiral your way to centering and a meditative state. There are corporations that utilize the concept in their common areas, churches in theirs as well, and many people will walk them when they have the time to do it at lunch or before services. It's very soothing to the spirit if you get nothing else from it, but it can be an initiator to journey work too. They can be constructed as portable on large sheets of plastic, with stones or worked into tile settings. They can be fashioned from shrubs or flowers and there are endless ways of creating them...even with pen and paper. It doesn't matter how it's fashioned if you put it to good use. *S* A garden maze is a wonderful idea! They are very popular. Web searches on them will bring you a lot of insight. Different patterns may have a big part in the success of the work accomplished, but I'm not able to comment on that. It's just a thought I've held for years. I wish I had more time to explore issues like that but I don't. Perhaps one day *Smile*. I don't know about the labyrinth at Oxkintok in the Yucatan or enough about the Mayan culture to comment on this. About all I can suggest there is that you do a web search. I did one about 6 years back on this and my notes are all in a box out in the garage. One of many waiting to be unpacked yet. LOL If you can do a search and share some information with us I'd be most grateful.

I did a brief google search on labyrinth and shamanism early this morning when the dogs went out and one thing I found was about Oxkinton and was my reason for asking. I found the following quotes: " There is also labyrinth-type structure that opens in a low meadow with twists and turns until the initiate has climbed up a series of intermittent stairs to reach the top of the structure which exits into a higher meadow. In my opinion, this site was used by shamans and initiates to gain access to, and control of, their hidden nature and the hidden side of nature, in general." " The shadow side of the labyrinth allows us to get in touch with the remote avenues of spirals of our own soul, which have been hidden in out Akashic memory banks for life times." "The labyrinth takes you both deeper within and without. When within, you find the source of your fears, your pain and your illusions. When without, you can create a new and exciting possibilities for your future." In Lakech, Dawn, Dawn Abel, 2001 I'll do a more thorough search this weekend, yet was wondering if this a tool to use towards shamanic death, if not?

Interesting quotes, thank you for sharing. They are used in multiple ways, just as a Medicine Wheel is. They are on the same order, just a different Dance. Look up "mazes" too, as there is more on them than under other terms. I'm anxious to see what you get and if you find any really good sites will you please share the addys with us? There are a few people around here that would take interest in that.

This is one link that I found worthwhile visiting on the topic of labyrinths www.geomancy.org/labyrinths

Thank you! This looks like a good starting point to explore and the link may lead to other sources. I wish I had more time to explore the whole site, but I'll try to get back there soon, right now I'm playing my famous game of "catch up and run".

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