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Harvesting the Fruits of Aging Discussion
By Lotus

Whether a birth or graduation, a wedding or a funeral, we mark the stages of our lives with rituals and celebrations. Rituals and ceremonies feed our spirits, making them richer and deeper. Modern culture tends to downplay the importance of the rites of passage that mark our transition from one life stage to another, but I believe they are as important as ever. During each "initiation" Spirit Helpers arrive to help us make the journey, and gift us with a process involving a transfer of inner energy connections teaching us the appropriate information for this stage of the journey. We seem to emerge with a different way of looking at the world. With each rite of passage I went through I found myself becoming much more accepting of others and connecting with the holiness of all creation. Each "initiation," a small step toward "wholeness." The process was not always easy, in fact there were times I wanted to turn and run the other way. But I couldn't. Little by little I found myself making a complete shift in how I experienced the world and the way the world experienced me. My process was in the hands of the Great Mystery demanding a full spiritual commitment on my part. And so I learned to trust and live in the process. Eventually, our initiation shifts from the growth of seeking and developing to resting in the mystery. After all these years, this is where I now stand. A Crone who shares what she knows, truthfully and with an open heart. As I walk toward the end of my voyage, I walk with Spirit as my guide, embracing my internal world and walking the shores of my outer world story-telling and witnessing the fruits of others … honored to be part of their journeys. I am centered and can go where I wish without danger or fear for I see universal harmony even in the midst of chaos and great pain because I have found peace in my heart.

So often I hear, "Today, there is much confusion and unrest in the world. Global warming, war, famine, people searching for direction for families, communities and nations." True, there is confusion and unrest. My grandmother once told me, Elders are blessed by the ability to make a difference and entrusted by our ancestors to preserve the most sacred of their teachings. She taught me "all humans" ultimately share the same spiritual source challenging us to realize teachings, and practices reflecting the primal ancestral wisdom of all of us. And that each have their own ways and ceremonies given to them to maintain, perform and pass down. Above all, she would stress that I must always be respectful of each one's vision. Now I have passed down to my children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren the very same words.

We are living in a very special time of transformation long prophesied by the Elders of the world's indigenous peoples. Many wisdom-keepers are coming forward to share their ancient yet timeless wisdom to preserve our precious planet and the future of our children. The human family has an unprecedented opportunity for reawakening our connection with all life, restoring balance with the natural environment and each other. We are all part of a community building process marked by awakenings and initiations. Now is the time for all the races on Earth to rediscover the value of that wisdom. Through initiations and/or rites of passage, we learn and grow and understand, we are part of the circle ... we are a Circle. To walk the "Path of Heart" is a great honor. It means no longer seeking to gain or attain but to love and be free. We all have a choice to walk this path, and once you begin, you can't act and behave like everyone else behaves. You must reawaken and be willing to look within, to live with compassion, patience and understanding. You must be fully accountable for yourself, allowing Spirit to shine through. You must be flexible, a wisdom-keeper, a bridge-builder, a Peaceful Warrior! Oh, Great Mystery, lead me on the path of the heart. Mitakuye Oyasin.

Thank you Lotus, your words echo such truth.

Thank you Lotus! I find it interesting that so many of the people my age (thirties) are saying that there's so much negativity in the world. Actually - I found that there was so much negativity in the world about 10 years ago, and I have started to see what changes are happening to break through that negative spiral. I see it as a spiral upward now - no longer downward. I hope that my view on the world inspires others, that it encourages younger generations to be empowered in their dealings with making this world better yet. I am not wanting to fast-forward time - but I am looking forward to the next decennia. There is so much good stuff happening, so many people finding their voices, getting ready to burst into Life in full Power. I am so honored to have front row seats for creation as it is at this point in time. And to have Elders like you around - well - that makes my world an ever better place still! And I highly doubt that anyone here doesn't read your wise and gentle words of encouragement, support and insight. Your posts are clear, succinct, kind and open.

Thank you, Lotus, for sharing your Grace-full wisdom and beautiful words! I received an email from an old classmate yesterday. We haven't seen each other in...oh, 40 years. We share an occasional photo of pets with an update that, yes, we are still around and kicking... nothng more. But this time, when I was asked, "What's new?" I found myself responding with this: "New?...well, I'm new in a manner of speaking. Aren't we all? The older I get the newer I feel. I may not look it on the outside LOL, but life has a way of forging newness, doesn't it? Everything changes, including me. I've finally grown to accept and like that. Even glory in it from time to time." It's been on my mind all day. I used to think that when my dad said when he turned 70, that he may look like 70 but inside he was 22, that he was mourning for his lost youth. Now, I don't know. I wonder. Lately, I realize that inside I'm more like the child I was before puberty than the woman I was just 10 years ago. Perhaps harvesting the fruits of one's life comes with the understanding and embracing of all the big and little changes that come with each day...and rejoicing in them, not mourning them - the wonder and awe of life unfolding in Spirit's purpose. Some days I still don't feel this way and revert to the fears of the unknown, but more and more I live in excited expectation of what might be happening next....just as I did when I was a little twerp. It's good...very good.

Lotus, I wanted to sit and fully take in your words before responding to you. There are layers upon layers here; I think I've understood what you've written, then I read it again, and find yet more meaning. Things to apply to myself, things to apply to my children and hopefully to my grandchildren. I can feel the despair and hopelessness...but I can also feel the love, the reaching forward and upwards that humanity is doing. And I can "see" the hands reaching down for us as well, to hold us, and to help us. I've found myself thinking about ritual to honor the Ancestors as Samhain draws near. My daughter's BD is coming up soon, and I find myself thinking about a ritual to honor her when she enters into the time of her first menses in a few years. My son? What rituals do we have for young men now? I've been thinking of that as well. And the day to day rituals I do...the lighting of the candles, the saying of prayers, the sending of healing energies, smudging...and how out of sorts I get if I forget or am too tired to do these things. Dear Lotus, please don't ever think your words are not heard here. I can't speak for others, but I promise you they make a deep impression on me. I cherish the wisdom you share, I value and honor you as Crone, as Elder and as friend.

Katt, you are so right ... “My daughter's BD is coming up soon, and I find myself thinking about a ritual to honor her when she enters into the time of her first menses in a few years. My son? What rituals do we have for young men now?” I've been thinking about this and wondering why we haven't taken the time to create more rituals especially for our young men. But, I'm not one to sit back and just wait so why don't we combine our efforts and create a ritual for both your daughter and your son? I would love to help you plan it out. I think we will get a lot of enjoyment putting something together. And who knows, maybe others would like to add their voices too. Just a thought .

Lotus, I would love to do this with you, and with anyone else who may feel called. Thank you! I have a general feel for how I'd like to set things up for my daughter...discuss the various changes that take place within her body and how truly wonderful they are. An overview of how ancient societies used to honor women and why. I'd also like to gift her with a pendant of some sort symbolizing her passage from child to woman...maybe a moonstone, I'll have to wait on that one though. I think it's harder for me to come up with one for my son, maybe because of my gender? What is the age of transition for boys to men? What kinds of things mark it for them? It's going to take some thinking on my part to come up with answers! We'll have to start a separate thread for this though, as I don't want to take away from your beautiful words. (((HUGS)))


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