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Archangel Gabriel
By Lotus

As requested from a member of SL, the Archangel Gabriel ...

Archangel Gabriel, whose name means, "God is my Strength," sits on the left-hand side of God and she is the second most important archangel. Although angels are considered to be neither male nor female, Gabriel is usually pictured as a female even though she has appeared in masculine form at different times. Therefore, do not be surprised if Archangel Gabriel is sometimes depicted as a male image.

She is the angel of the Annunciation and the Resurrection, as well as the angel of mercy, vengeance, death, and revelation. Gabriel is unique in the sense that it is almost certain that she is the only female Archangel of the higher echelons.

Gabriel, who is described as having 140 pairs of wings is usually portrayed as a majestic figure, richly attired, sometimes wearing a crown and bearing a scepter. Her right hand often extended in salutation.

In many religious writings Gabriel has appeared as a messenger and deliverer to humanity of blessed events. It was Gabriel who went to Mount Hira and told Muhammad that he was a prophet ... Islam began at that moment. "Djibril," the Islamic name for Gabriel dictated the Holy Koran and when she appeared to the Prophet to reveal the Koran, her wings stretched from the East to the West. Gabriel is also credited with delivering prophecies about the messiah to Daniel and she was the angel who appeared before Joan of Arc.

They say that angels are especially close to mothers-to-be, not only the woman's guardian angel but also her baby's guardian angel as well. Legends of birthing accredit the Archangel Gabriel as the angel who helps souls make choices and prepare before incarnating into a physical body. As new parents are swept away with joy and the child is developing in the womb, the Archangel Gabriel is preparing the child for the lessons she/he will experience while on the Earth plane. I have read Gabriel removes the child's memory of this on-going communication prior to birth by pressing a finger onto the child's lips, thus producing the cleft below a person's nose.

Since Gabriel has a strong connection with pregnancy and birth, it is not surprising that it was Gabriel who visited Mary and told her that she would give birth to Jesus. She is also the Archangel one who announced to Zacharias that his wife. Elizabeth would give birth to John the Baptist. Expectant or "want-to-be parents can invite Gabriel into their life to supervise the conception and birth of a new child. Gabriel is the angel of the Moon bringing hope to humankind. She is the Spirit of Truth and Princess of Justice. According to Christianity, Gabriel will blow the horn announcing the second coming of Christ. Gabriel governs the West and the element of Water. She is the ruler of the Moon and of the Monday. She is associated with the sixth chakra, the Brow/Third Eye and her symbols are the lily and the trumpet.

Gabriel is associated with the following Zodiac signs: Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces. Her colors are silver, indigo and white. Whenever your spirits are low reach out for her help in healing, she is a willing partner. Call upon Gabriel to lead you through the darkness helping you find the light that resides within you. Ask for her help to put things right in your life, to enlighten your mind. As she shepherds you along, she will coax you to free yourself of half-truths and deceits bringing hope and healing.

Invoke Gabriel in the West for stronger powers of intuition and to develop your psychic abilities. An excellent way to increase your "Claircognizance" is to go outside in the fresh air, in particular near a Willow tree, get comfortable. Just relax and then call on Gabriel for assistance. She can help provide insight and clarity. Claircognizance - "clear knowing", often referred to as the "ah ha" experience, whereby the receiver suddenly knows and understands a concept beyond faith or belief - an inner knowing. If you choose to burn incense, here are my favorites when working with AA Gabriel: sandalwood, cinnamon, and jasmine. When burning candles, I always select, white, silver and/or the deepest blue I can find.

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