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Communicating with Your Inner Spirits & Guides
By CinnamonMoon

The secret is to *listen.*

It has been said that a wise person listens and a fool talks. There is a lot of truth to that statement. You can't hear truths if you are busy talking. For this reason a Talking Stick is passed in Native American gathering Circles and each person is given the opportunity to speak in turn. While they speak their words, the others in the Circle who are listening will not only hear what is said but also receive a message through those statements, a message meant just for them. We all take what we need from conversations. Listening is Key, and it's hard to do sometimes. I was taught to curb the urge to interrupt one should sit on their hands…most people can't talk without sign language (gesturing).

We cannot hide behind disclaimers, and must be fully willing to accept what we are shown by our Guides. Then we are to speak of things Spirit asks us to address and be confident our Inner Spirit and our Guides are honoring us with this information. Our love and depth of relationship with our Inner Spirit is a connection that enhances our evolutionary growth and becomes a channel to attain phenomenal amounts of information about ourself, others, and the realms of Spirit as well as the physical environment we find ourselves in. This happens with people too; the better you know someone the deeper into their life you go and the more details you are able to surmise intuitively. But how does the Inner Spirit communicate?

There are several ways: intuition, senses, visions, dreams, and telepathy to mention just a few.

Our intuitive ability comes as a gut feeling, hunches, impressions, and an inner *knowing* or recognition of a truth. Through visions and dreams we see things, through telepathy we hear things, all of our senses are brought into play because the Inner Spirit must work with what is available to get through to us. So, one of the first steps to making contact is to work with your senses. While we use our senses daily to maneuver our way in the world we live in, it is done on an involuntary basis…an almost unconscious reaction to the stimuli in our environments. We don't tell ourselves to hear this or that, we automatically hear. It's the same with sight, smell, taste, and touch. These are our natural senses…all five of them, but there is one more…the sixth sense as some call it…the Third Eye…Second Sight…ESP...the ability to see beyond the physical world and into dimensional realms…and to *know* truths.

In most cases, as children we naturally use our senses taking them for granted as we have no reason to doubt them. We trust our intuitive nature as part of that process and we don't question it since we have experienced nothing to counter it. As we grow our parents and other adults often close those doors for us telling us we are imagining things that are not real. Since we trust them to guide and protect us, we believe what they are saying and one by one we shut down our psychic abilities by closing doors we may later struggle to reopen. This is part of the physical illusion we often hear about. The recapturing of our gifts is a process that helps us come to see the world we live in is much more than it appears to be. It's dimensional and those dimensions are just as real as the physical one. It's that child-like innocence and trust that we must recapture to re-open those doors. You must believe you can open them and consciously expect them to open; then you must step through them…but how?

Let's explore the "how?". We begin by acknowledging our senses one by one. Take a day and explore just one sense. See how you react through that sense to your environment. Everywhere you go, everything you do, explore it with that sense. You'll be amazed at the amount of information it conveys to you. Do this for one week, a different sense each day, and then bring it all together on the sixth day to utilize them as a whole. This conscious awareness allows you to hear the voice of your Inner Spirit and you open a channel of communication. (Those of you who are new to this process and exploring it perhaps for the first time are encouraged to post your experiences with this thread.)

Another method is to explore through a mirror and there is a Mirror Exercise in our Knowledge Center that you can utilize for this approach. While there are other methods of exploring our senses, these two have been very effective for people I've personally worked with and I highly recommend them.

All action, everything that exists is comprised of energy and it's important to honor that as well. Our senses operate on it just as our spiritual gifts and abilities do. I'd like to suggest exploring another exercise in the Knowledge Center and it's the one on Cloud Busting. This gives you a visual experience and allows you to see the results of energy in action. It's very simple to do, most people have experienced it early in life, a childhood game that may be long forgotten. Give it a try and see for yourself how quickly that energy moves and accomplishes its task. Through this exercise you can explore the way your energy brings results and how your intent controls matters…and matter itself. I think you will amaze yourself and it's an excellent tool for initiating interaction with your Third Eye, the Mind's Eye. Many people actually see the energy on a molecular level and you'll find greater detail in that lesson. Please feel free to explore it.

Working in this way you become aware of your Inner Spirit and it will guide you through future endeavors as you begin to be aware of your own spiritual evolution. As you learn to trust your experiences you open yourself not only to the voice of your Inner Spirit but many other voices as well...those of Guides, and all lifeforms. The tone of voice mirrors us in many ways and speaks a language of its own. Years ago I was taught to read many languages spiritually speaking. When reading a person (in person) I look for the face and its features, the lines or lack of them, the posture and gestures, the expression verbally and silently. I look into the eye of the person and read their spirit, not to invade and find secrets, just introduce myself and read their character. That's enough to know how to communicate with them. If they want to let me in deeper I must have their permission or an invitation otherwise it is invasion. Then the reading I get is purely clairvoyant. If I touch their hands during the reading psychometry kicks in, I have that with objects too. Again clairvoyant impressions are given me. Yet there is something in the voice, it's rhythm, it's pitch, it's tone that will tell you many things as well so pay attention to that.

When my Guides step in clairaudience comes into play and I *hear* their words. I hear them expressed in ways I don't use personally, their voices are all different, and their touch within tells me who is who. I work with many different Guides and in many different ways. It depends on what I'm doing and why. We all have a circle of Guides waiting to speak with us, and if we open to them they will use any focus we hold to come through and open a channel that will grow strong with use. They understand how we think and through those processes they will communicate with messages, signs, symbols, portents we understand and relate to. Let me give you some examples.

Through the Tarot, messages convey situations and impress me with how I would feel in that situation and I convey that to those I Read for. I was taught to read that way and then the book came to me with the universal interpretations. I use those only when I get nothing else. My Guides step in when I'm reading the Cards only when I'm starting to stray from the points being made or I'm reading something wrong. The exception to that rule is if a message not coming at me from the Cards needs to be expressed.

Photographs capture the essence of the Inner Spirit and often the energy signatures of an individual's Guides be they personas or Totems. I've always been able to see this around people in photographs and it tells me a lot about them. I don't do this professionally, it's simply something I've used as a personal tool to understand people and their character.

Objects hold energy. If you open yourself to that you can "feel" things, emotions, impressions, perhaps even get a vision of the person that they belong/ed to. This is called psychometry and it is just another way to explore the information your senses are capable of picking up on. To explore this option, hold the object in your left (receptive) hand and let the energy of the object pass through you. By feeling the energy sensually you will find yourself reacting to it and therefore "reading" it. Those reactions will allow you to interpret positive and negative impressions that tell you a great deal. Your Inner Spirit will pick up even more and in time, as you open to it, the channel of communication will feed you information.

Energy of any kind will convey information and there are endless methods of tapping into it. Whether you do this strictly through your senses and a channel to your Inner Spirit, or choose to use various tools to open the way for you, energy talks. Every living thing holds an energy of its own and we can learn to read it, communicate with different lifeforms, and tap into a whole universe of information increasing our knowledge and applying it to our life or the lives of others.

There's a lot of negative psychic stuff out there and many use different methods of shielding to avoid it. People get jealous of one another and nasty stuff happens sometimes. Those who start to compete with spiritual gifts often find that it can get downright ugly when jealousy enters into matters and you often hear of psychic wars…"Witch Wars" taking place. Because of this the issue of psychic protection and shielding often come up. You needn't fear this arena, but you do need to be aware of it and examine different methods of handling yourself in such situations should you find yourself in one. We do have a section on this in the Knowledge Center if you want to look into it. However, when all else fails a word to the wise: *Trust your Inner Spirit to know what to do and let it lead you*...it's been there before.

It goes with the territory, spiritual realms are not exempt from trouble-makers either…be they human or entity. So these things will call for some to take those precautions and that's their right. We all have a right to psychic self-defense. I see nothing wrong with that. I tend to be an open book. I have nothing anyone can take from me. I walk with Spirit and my Guides so I can back it up with the way I live. That's my protection and it's served me well. There are times, however, when I have had need to shield myself and have done so. They are extreme, exceptions to my rule, but they have come up.

The information we receive through these (and other) sources is going to be on target regardless of our ability to understand it. If we are testing ourselves, or our Guides we need to understand that validations will be presented. It's a process of coming to trust in our spiritual nature and it's merit in our lives. When a person mistrusts their own abilities and/or the tools they use, then the readings or information that they receive is going to be off due to clouded insights. It's that way with anything we intuit. If your senses speak to you and you don't trust them it serves little good, your Inner Spirit's voice or that of your Guides grows weak and becomes difficult to hear. However, working with it and maintaining steady effort does strengthen it again and it will grow. When you trust and enter the Silence to listen it grows very strong. That voice is capable of shouting at you at times you need to pay immediate attention to something and it can warn of danger, of opportunity, of many things you would otherwise have no way of knowing so it becomes an invaluable connection to maintain.

Please share your opinions or views about this subject with the community, perhaps techniques you have used in the past or even now to maintain this level of communication and evolve with yourself. Before I end this I just want to say one more thing. Our Inner Spirit is the true Self. Know that we are not bodies with spirits but spirits with bodies. It makes all the difference. Your Inner Spirit is the sum total of all past lives, it holds that knowledge and wisdom and it knows where you need to go in life. It knows your purpose for being here: the lessons you need to learn, the way you are to serve, your spiritual role and evolutionary process. By opening to it and receiving guidance you become the Witness and can see that the Inner Spirit holds the road map to your journey…all you have to do is follow along. It will guide you, inspire you, protect you, and take you where you need to go. I cannot encourage you enough to embrace this aspect of yourself and explore it, so I hope this stimulates interest and conversations here.

It seems I'm in a talkative mood today. Regarding senses, I had seen an exercise similar to that in the book buy Jose Stevens and his wife on shamanism. From my stand point not a good beginner book although it gives an overview of some possibilities. Anyhow the trick was to meditate and focus on one sense at a time and then at the end bringing them all together. This wasn't presented for use on a spiritual level but it does bring you closer in the contact you have with your environment which in turn later applies to spirituality in a way.

Also by associating myself with wolf or other animals, I've notice personally that my sense of smell is more acute. Not necessarily to discriminate between fragrances but to pick up more subtle smell. I often catch myself sniffing the air at times yes I can be weird, lol.

Same thing with earing and a little bit with sight. One of my friends who's totem is snake as a very poor eyes sight but a very develop sense of touch. Just thought I'd share.

...I printed this off to add to my 'library.' I've been looking for this, just didn't know it. Thanks once again -I'll definitely be working on this.

Since you all have a lot more experience in symbolism and I find it difficult (albeit I am learning), I would like to get your impression of what guides are showing me in this dream. I dreamt this dream a couple of weeks before I found Spirit Lodge and read Cinnamon's book. I haven't mentioned it before since I didn't understand it. At this point I believe I do, but would like to have all of your impressions as well (for those of you who have the time). I will share my thoughts afterwards so as not to bias yours. Note; I personally do not see this as frightening despite the early frames.

The dream was in frames of increasing duration. I was watching myself on the outside but was also part of the dream. The first frame was of a burnt landscape, charred trees and deep red night sky. No life appeared to exist (I felt sad, depressed, was asking the question why?) The second frame was of a square-ish space ship with oars about seven each side sticking out of it. The inside population was cramped, couldn't move and was feverishly rowing to keep afloat on the sea during a storm. (I felt enclosed, unable to move, and the overall sense of the population inside was fear). The next frame was of an approaching tidal wave. A large wave about three times higher than the ship approached and overcame the ship. The ship was overturned and then relegated to debris. The frame ended as I observed the debris of the ship floating on the water's surface. (I assume this to be the sea because of the size of the waves.) The third frame was of people swimming under water along with other creatures which were present but not something I focused upon. (I could see myself swimming as well but in a more animated form). The focus of this frame was the intense turquoise color, the freedom while swimming and the loss of the enclosed feeling (the color was of an intensity I have never seen before. I liked the color, which was atypical for me, since I prefer muted colors). When swimming deep into the depths of this turquoise landscape, I watched myself as I looked upward and saw the underbelly of a huge humpback whale just peacefully floating on the surface of the water. Its presence was a calming and serene effect, individuals below just continued to explore this new environment beneath her.

I was, however, comforted and glad she was there and kept looking at her for meaning. Others didn't appear to see her. I knew that her presence was important but I didn't know to ask her for guidance at that point. Thank you in advance for your interpretations. I really would like all of your interpretations. Each of you bring a uniqueness (as I have learned from your discussions).

Interpretations really hold symbology that you will recognize and put meaning to beyond universal symbols. So do keep that in mind as it does carry greater weight. For one person, for instance, the Whale might remind them of the story of the Old Man And the Sea, or Jonah...for another it could mean universal consciousness. A big difference. What it means to you is ultimately more important. Another thing is that not all dreams (even if they are very vivid) are spiritual dreams and if you are a witness to that dream rather than a participant then it's a "normal" one. That may help you define which ones you need to heed. That said, I'll give this a
go. *Soft Smile*

The first frame:
The ruin and colors of the first frame and the question of "why" in your mind was seemingly a desire to understand why things must die. Old notions, old habits, old perspectives must fall away so there is room for the new. All cycles must end so a new one can begin. Life flows from one stage to another, one season to another, but that cycle will return again when it's time has come. Perhaps you were being told to set aside all that you had as preconceived notions about your spiritual searches until now so that you could embrace something new that was coming your way with a clear pallet. The burnt hues and deep reds could reflect the burning away of old passions too.

The second frame:
This square-ish space ship with 7 oars to each side...more perspectives to explore? Confinement, overpopulation, fear...this could be social strictures that you were trying to escape, or feeling that they were forced upon you by the social norms...perhaps traditional religion was closing in on you? The feeling of cramped space, the inability to move (ahead?), struggling to hang on to outworn ideals. Trying to stay afloat on the sea during a storm...upsetting current concepts and struggling to find your way in a sea of information? Water always represents emotions as well as cosmic consciousness...that connection to Spirit. A storm at sea represents your storm within as you search for something that's right for you.

The third frame:
An approaching tidal wave...being hit with a tremendous amount of information at once? Being overcome by that and trying to make your way to survive it means a struggle to sort things out. The demolished ship would represent the tearing down of old ideology that no longer serves your needs and starting anew. With this large body of water I am taking a more cosmic view of things. That's what it would mean to me through my own personal symbols.

The fourth frame:
People swimming under water along with other creatures which were present but not something you focused upon. I would see as many ways of doing things, many cultural differences, but all swimming in the same ocean so tolerance since you felt no anxiety or focus necessary. The intense turquoise color and your liking it (when you prefer more muted tones) is an attraction to something new. Exploring knowledge. The freedom while swimming was recognizing choice and new energies around you. Study Humpback Whales. Each species has something slightly different to teach you, but as a general rule, Whale holds all knowledge and the history of the universe...a library in a sense. So again seeking knowledge. That it was peaceful and floating above you tells me that you have time to explore at your leisure and the information is just waiting for you to retrieve it. (Finding Spirit Lodge shortly afterward may well mean that you found a body of knowledge -- through the site and community -- that would help you along your way without trying to force it on you or confuse you). That the presence seemed calm and serene is good, and I hope that's how you feel here too! *S* That you kept looking at her for meaning and were glad she was there (see how you say "she"...your inner spirit sensed the female energy *S*) so there would then be a feminine guide coming your way to help steer you in the right direction. Watch for her. She's near you. Others not seeing her just means that they are not
seeking the same knowledge you are.

It's interesting that you didn't know to ask her for guidance at that point, but recognize now you should have. She'll return to you. One thing that is Key for most pagan or shamanic paths is that when seeking you do need to ask for answers to your questions. Those who can teach you things are not interested in recruiting anyone to the path they walk. They know that to learn this kind of information the seeker must really want it, there is a lifetime of work and exploration ahead and they are going to want to see a passion to know. It's not so much the question you ask as it is how you ask it and those who can teach you things will read the "how" through your words. So you must ask to be taught here or anywhere spiritual knowledge exists...be it in the mundane world or the spiritual ones.

Hope that helps, I'm on short time today but we have several people here that delve into dream interpretation and understand the symbology. You should get some interesting answers and the perspectives will vary. I know that you are seeking and with so much spiritual symbology it seems to me you were seeking to swim up to the surface of knowledge after diving deep into new wisdoms. Lots to choose from, and sensing that there would be guidance, you simple enjoyed the freedom to look around. *Smile* not bad at all.

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