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Invoking Archangels Discussion
By Lotus

Here is a wonderful prayer ritual that invokes the archangels and is quite calming and pleasant. If you enjoy working with angels, I think you will find this interesting and may want to add it to your other prayer rituals. It’s simple and a nice change.

First I invoke the angel Uriel in front of me focusing on that area and trying to feel his loving presence. Uriel is the angel of clarity and discrimination and will help bring clarity of vision, purity of heart and wise discrimination. If I am confused about a particular issue, I will ask for clarity.

Then on my right side, I call for Michael, who is the angel of love and loving kindness. I like to remain silent for a few moments before asking that my heart energy be filled with loving kindness as it flows through me especially if I feel a bit cranky.

On my left side, I call the on Gabriel who brings strength and helps overcome fear. If I have a concern or need, I pray about it. If not, I still ask for continued strength and courage for whatever may arise.

The last AA I call upon is Raphael, the angel of healing. He stands behind me and I ask him to care of any of my specific ills or concerns then invite him to move his healing energy through my body.

I offer thanks and the circle is closed.

Interesting how it can relate to the elemental directions. east-clarity south- love and kindness west-overcoming fear, going within north- healing

Yes how true Northernwolf, isn't it wonderful how inter-connected all things are.

Yes inter-connection is great.

Archangels are the Christian version/equivalent of the Elemental Spirit Keepers. *Smiles* There is overlapping (in general) in all traditions.

Yep, you are right on target (((Cinnamon))) thanks for reminding me.

Hello, I perform the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram everyday at least once, sometimes more, and have been for a year now.

It has 4 sections and the third is an Invocation of the Archangels, corresponding the 4 Elements and the 4 cardinal points.

This is the setup I use:
In the East - Raphael = Air element. Young, "airy", dressed in shining Yellow with Mauve trim holding a Cadaceus Wand.
In the West - Gabriel = Water Element and Middle aged with black hair and pale features, dressed in Blue with Orange trim holding aloft a Chalice.
In the North - Michael = Fire Element - Young, feet licked by tongues of fire, dressed in Red and Emerald green trim, holding a flaming sword.
In the South - Uriel = Earth Element feet firmly planted on fertile soil surrounded by wheat and grasses, dressed in greens, olive, black and brown trim, holding a sheath of corn in each had. He is old and wise.

This is the system of correspondence that I use from day to day...probably based heavily on the Kabalistic Correspondences and Hebrew Mysticism. (yes... I know...more BIG words. No need to say it Spirit Wolf UK! Trying hard to reduce the amount of syllables I use...)


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