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Getting in Touch with Your Spiritual Guidance
By SilverEagleDreamDancer

When I was learning how to do it, I was very young and thought I was talking to a ghost. I was a very stressed person and I was being taught to meditate by this voice I heard every night in those few moments before sleep. This is what I was taught to do.

First, close your eyes and get comfortable. Second, focus attention on your feet. Imagine them as wax, and then feel them melt - no heat, just melting. Imagine the bones slowly melting into the bed. continue to draw your attention higher, to body parts not yet melted and melt the wax as you move your attention upward until you can no longer hold your attention to the task of melting. This is the point where your attention is shifting to the subconscious.

Around this time, gently prompt your attention to your breathing, elongating each breath just slightly until you attention wanders from that as well. There will be a spinning sensation. This is the moment to simply feel.. attention isn't anywhere in particular. You just feel.

In your mind, create a place here, just for you. It's a place of rest and healing - for you and your Creator, a place you control and is protected by the Creator/Source. Create yourself to be aware of it at all times, waking and non-waking. This is your place. In this place, create a bench. This will be the meeting spot for you and your guidance. Then sit on the bench and wait. To this day - if I'm having trouble in other forms of meditation, this form always works for me.

To come out of it, gently begin moving your body... and I do mean gently. Remember, you melted everything.

I just love the melting wax analogy to this. Ever since I can remember I have hit a point just before sleep that feels like my body is just vanishing, it more or less just dissolves itself until I am in a state of consciousness on the brink of hovering. As a child I used to play a game with myself and hold that awareness while letting my body go. I would think about where my hands and feet etc. should be, and be conscious about *not* being able to feel them. It's a state where everything around is suspended, time stops, and with it the external environment. My awareness is all that exists. Then I would journey, or enter into the Dream Lodge, whichever appealed to me most. I still do this.

The sensation is one of total peace, no pain, no worry, no negative connotations to anything. Nor are there really any positive aspects to it. It's just BE-ing, neutral, there, and as the sub-consciousness comes into this awareness the will takes control. At that point, intent creates the positive energy channel and mobility is achieved. When you mentioned wax melting I thought about this and that's a lot like the sense I have of dissolving. Silver Eagle, are you a Fire sign? It almost sounds like you were in the heart of Fire where there was no hot or cold...just BE-ing in it.

I had a voice come to me back then too. Sometimes it was my own voice echoing around me and I knew that was the voice of my inner spirit...the true me...but there were other times when I heard the voice of a woman I didn't know...a Guide...and a man I didn't know...another Guide...and then a group of voices that would all talk at the same time saying the same thing in harmony, almost like a choir sings. There was a lot of *we* being used, we got through, we want you to..., we are here to show you..., that type of thing, and it's how I began to learn about the spirit world. I wasn't afraid, they were gentle voices, firm at times but not intimidating, I just knew they meant business and it was time to stop playing with them and get serious. I never questioned them because I was so young and innocent, life hadn't parted realities for me yet. By this I mean that the world of a child and the ability to slip into alternate realities at a moment's notice was still intact. I was 5yrs old when it started, at least my recollection of it began then. Because I kept it a secret no one told me I was wrong. I trusted in the experiences and the reality they held for me. Most people are told that their imaginary friends and their pretend worlds are something they need to put behind them, that it's time to *grow up*. The trouble with this is that those friends aren't imagined, and those worlds aren't pretend.

Growing up means shutting the door on them, tucking them away deep inside where the shadows hide them. The child knows deep inside there is reality to them and they hide it away. As they *grow up* they forget about it because they think of it as a plaything. As an adult you have to get back in touch with that part of yourself, that door has to reopen, you have to shine a light on that shadow and let it come out. As an adult you have to realize that what you played with as a child was not just a toy...it was a gateway...your gateway, and you can use it anytime you want to. I think where people have such trouble with this is that they get confused by the exercises in books, or the methods others give them to do this. They think that's the only way it can be done. The truth is there are an unlimited number of ways to accomplish this, and our blindness comes from our tunnel vision. Unless someone tells us that we can use our own methods, our own memory to unlock that door, we have to figure it out for ourselves. Some never do. But the tucking away of our childhood like this is the blockage that we all have to breakthrough initially. Sometimes that is as easy as remembering. *Smile*

Thanks SEDD, a point well made!

Meditation for listening to your Guides or Angels. I was at a course a couple of weekends ago, and this meditation was shared with me as a way of learning to listen to what our Guides or Angels are trying to tell us. Make sure to have a pad of paper and a pen handy to write things down on! (I went very quickly through the colors of the chakras; there are some excellent chakra meditations and explanations on this site if you need help with the location of each chakra)

Sitting in a comfortable position, start by taking a few deep breaths, in through your nose and out through your mouth, letting the tensions of the day just float away from you with every breath. Then imagine a cord running from the base of your spine, down through the floor, through the dirt and stones, connecting into the center of the earth. Now imagine another cord running from the soles of your feet, going down through the earth to the center. Allow the earth's energy to flow up these cords, clearing and cleansing your energy pathways. When you feel grounded and connected to the earth, imagine there's a cord running from your crown chakra (top of your head) reaching towards the sky, towards the moon and the stars, towards the sun, and the universes beyond…connecting you to the Creator of all That Is. Allow that energy to flow back towards you, releasing and clearing any blockages you may have.

Now allow earth energy and sky energy to flow at the same time, meeting in your chest area, and imagine it "spilling" over yourself, wrapping around you, surrounding you with love. Next we're going to visualize our chakras. Starting at the base, we see a beautiful red, we move up to see bright orange, then a sunny yellow, an apple green, a vibrant blue, then a rich indigo color. At the crown chakra, we see a golden circle. Then a gold circle appears in front of our third eye, and then at the back of our third eye (behind our head). A line appears at the top, connecting the crown sphere to the third eye sphere, then from the crown to the back of the head, and then a line connecting the third eye, front and back. There is now a perfect triangle formed between your third eye, front and back, and your crown chakra. Feel the energy of this for a moment. Now imagine there's a gold sphere beside each ear, and one in front of your throat chakra. Connect them from the throat to each ear, and then connect the ears. You have another triangle, this one inverted. See the two triangles in your mind, feel the energies of the triangles and start to listen. Ask for a message from your Angels or Guides. Messages can come in many different ways; it could be words, it could be images, smells, sounds, or a touch on the cheek. Even if you don't feel you received a message, trust that there was one, and give thanks for it. Perhaps a message will come to you that night in your dreams, or you'll be pulled to a certain magazine or book with a message in it for you.

Try this a few times, and let me know how it feels, and how it works for you! I know the second time I did this, there was an amazing connection; when I connected the first triangle, it felt like a sunburst in and around me. Warmth without heat, if that makes sense, and a feeling of total love and support.


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