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Spiritual Communication & Energy Work
By CinnamonMoon

Earthwalker suggested some topical articles that I feel are actually tied together.

These suggestions were:
1) Increasing communication with Guides
2) Communication with Tree People and Stone People
3) More intense communication with Spirit
4) Defining dimensional realms and working with their energies
5) Astral Travel 6) Deep trance work
7) Remote Viewing
8) Healing Energy Work for the Land and individuals
9) Group energy and focus

Now why am I lumping all this together? Because it is basically all initiated in the same way and it is the focus of your intent that defines the variations. It's like looking at a library shelf and deciding what book you want to read. The process of reading remains the same. It's the topic and enlightenment from the book that shifts.

Communication with Guides, Tree People/Standing People, Stone People, Totems, Inner Spirit, Spirit or any other entity that you seek is going to improve the more you do communicate with it. It's a natural outgrowth of the experience and improving your skill levels each time you make that effort. Defining dimensional realms comes through experience too. As you do this work the energy of the realms becomes part of your awareness and differentiating it is no different than experiencing different suburban environments recognizing them as you pass through them. You learn as you go, and the more you go the more you learn about them. What one person experiences is going to be different than the next yet similar so as you share these experiences with people you get adjusted insights in the exchanges.

IMHO Astral Travel or Astral Projection is no different than the shamanic journey. Again it is a minor jiggle/adjustment to your focus that defines the experience. You can journey in a mental state (usually advised for beginners) as you initially explore different dimensions. This is what we've been doing in the Dancing the Wheel forum. As a rule the elemental dimensions are explored first in all traditions, the shamanic perspective of the Seven Sacred Directions taking that 3 steps further. Each of these dimensions are reflected in the 7 layers of the Astral perspectives, which as in all cases, you will find to have multi layers to each of them.

Communication deepens as we develop our relationship with Spirit, our Guides, or Allies in whatever form they take. We open spiritually just as we do in the mundane sense of getting to know someone. Trust and confidence in that relationship grows and as it does the communication deepens and expands to bring us to the desired intensity we seek initially. It's too much at first, it would bowl us over, but over time we are able to accept it.

A good example would be meeting someone who wants to tell you their life story the moment you meet them. You're not sure you want to know it and start to feel overwhelmed by them and look for an avenue of escape. However, if that same person shared a bit here and there over time you'd take it all in willingly and be able to embrace it.

The only way to get there from here is to practice your exercises and when they cease to be only experimental you will find you have moved into the lesson with the appropriate Teacher. You see our greatest Teachers are not of this world, they are our Guides who know the spiritual path we need to take.

These Guides have been *assigned* to work with us and help us. But in order for them to do that we have to accept them for who they are and the role they fulfill. We have to accept that a relationship needs to develop and with that a level of trust that can only be achieved by repeated visits to them.

They are the ones to guide us through dimensional realms, sometimes a Guide for each, sometimes a Guide that travels several of them. It all depends on our needs but the answers we seek are with them. The work is ours, they point the way, the desire must be ours, they wait for us to come to them. Deep trance work comes with experience. As we learn our way around the spirit realms we probe deeper each time and the more intense our work the deeper the trance state that the physical body enters. As you go you grow to see this.

The issue of Remote Viewing is accomplished in the same way any shamanic journey is entered into. It's the focus of where you want to go. If you want to enter a realm contained by one of the elemental forces you focus on that element. If you want to go to another country or location you focus on that. Your focus is the visual of your will, your will is your intent, and that's all it takes when you have established the right state of mind through cleansing your energy, centering, and entering into your sacred space.

Astral Projection is the next step. It is a releasing of the Inner Spirit to explore where the body can't go. It is taking conscious awareness (mental capacity) with you as you allow your Inner Spirit to project itself from the body (usually through the crown chakra or solar plexus where a pulling or ejecting sensation is felt). It's a natural progression.

Just as we learn to read these different energy signatures and recognize them when we sense them around us, we can enter into unity with them and then direct that energy for whatever out intent may be. This is tapping what I call Source Energy too...what some call Reiki, or any number of other terms. It's tapping cosmic energies and learning to be one with them. At that point you can direct them in any way you feel necessary. Higher Good should be the foundation of any work you do naturally. But it's just a matter of intent. If you want to remotely view something you do it. If you want to heal you do it. You send that energy to be supportive to your intent. It reacts with you and responds to that will. When you are through you simply withdraw from it's current or flow stepping out of that and back to the physical reality the same way you went in only reversing the process.

Working within a group is merely an extension of the same process. The *group mind* is prepared in the same way, the focus is the same, the intent is the same, and through the group centering process a unification takes place intensifying the work being done by sheer numbers and gathered energy. Many people find that this is a preferred method. Many others prefer to work alone as there are drawbacks in ego issues, politics, power-struggles, etc. Still others, who have mastered their own abilities come to see that they alone can accomplish just as much by expanding their openness to the energy itself and uniting with it. Your ability is only limited by your perception of it and the boundaries you set for yourself.

I hope this helps you see that it's all interrelated work and as you continue your pursuits it falls into place. Method varies from person to person, tradition to tradition, but it has the same fundamental corner stones and you can create your own approach just as easily. What works for one person doesn't always work for another so there are variations to everything as we learn to jiggle things into place, but always the foundations remain the same no matter what label you put on them.

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