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Archangel Uriel
Copyright © Lotus ~ October 3rd, 2004

There are many Archangels of love and light. Previously, I highlighted three of them and Uriel is the last of the "Four Angels of the Presence” … Michael, Gabriel, Raphael and Uriel.

Archangel Uriel's, whose name means, "Fire of God," "God is Light; or "Radiation of God," is very versatile. Legend tells us Archangel Uriel is thought to have been the "Spirit who stood at the "Gate of the lost Eden" with his fiery sword. He is also referred to as "The Angel of Repentance" and commonly thought to be the Angel who holds the keys to the "Gates of Hell."

Uriel is often depicted with an open hand holding a flame, which is said to be the "Flame of Love." This symbol of an open hand holding a flame depicts a great gift to humanity. It is the "Flame of Love" to ignite the hearts of those in service to God and he offers the "Flame of Love" to all souls, to help draw us closer to purer Divine understanding.

As the "Interpreter of Prophecies," Uriel is usually depicted carrying a book or a papyrus scroll, and/or possessing his Fiery Sword. He is the ruler over magick, devotion, alchemy, universal cosmic consciousness and the "Winds of Change." [Every purpose under heaven, every trial we rise above... brings the "Winds of Change."] Uriel bestows upon us the gift of prophecy; call on him for help in developing your intuitive abilities.

In Jewish tradition, he is believed to have given the Kabbalah to the Jews.

The Book of Enoch describes Uriel being sent by God to warn Noah of the impending flood, and elsewhere it is written that he disclosed the mysteries of the heavenly arcana to Ezra, and also led Abraham out of Ur in the Chaldean region.

In Christian tradition, Uriel is the Angel of Music, Poetry and Prophecy. He was accepted by the Church for centuries, but removed from the records in 745 AD because Church officials became increasingly alarmed with the prominence the public was placing upon angels.

In the Angelic Hierarchy, Uriel is considered the Angel of the Earth and of the inter-relationship of all life upon the earth. It is said, Uriel communicates and oversees the Nature Spirits, sprites who inhabit the elements of earth, air, fire and water.

All of us know from personal experience how difficult it can be to forgive someone who has wounded us deeply. Uriel is seen as a wise sage who helps shed a new perspective on troubling situations. He is wonderful in bringing healing and divine light into our lives. He can assist us in releasing the virtue of forgiveness, enfolding us in waves of peace.

He is also credited with helping to prevent and minimize danger in natural disasters including floods, droughts, fires, hurricanes, cyclones/tornadoes and earthquakes.

Whenever life feels chaotic, turbulent and overwhelming, Uriel can smooth the path and help you remain focused on inner peace especially during a crisis. If you are experiencing problems with co-workers, customers/clients or even your superior, call on Uriel to help. If you find yourself in the midst of a self-imposed crisis, he can be of assistance there too.

Before beginning a new project, ask Uriel to join you. He will inspire, encourage and motivate you for he is instrumental in helping to manifest our goals and dreams. You can invoke Uriel's help by simply calling out to him. Remember, no request is too trivial. He can wrap you in a healing balm of rainbow colors.

Once summoned, you may see sparkles of violet, indigo, lavender and silver. If you would like to add candles when summoning him, here are the colors to choose from, white, violet, indigo and silver.

Archangel Uriel is the alchemy of Universal Order and is symbolic of the following:
Element - Earth Direction - South - this is the direction to face when invoking his help
Crystal: Amber
Astrological Sign: Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn
Planet: Venus

There are times I may choose to call upon the four Archangels for guidance, help or for protection. When I invoke their help, Archangel Michael always appears on my right, Archangel Gabriel stands on my left, Archangel Raphael stands directly behind me and Archangel Uriel in front of me. When all four surround me, I can feel the circle of power and protection embracing me. As the energy grows stronger I will then visualize a stream of white light descending down from above, entering my crown chakra and moving through my body. I am comforted by the sense of peace that envelops me, and I am surrounded with a cloak of divine love. It is difficult to explain the gentle sacredness this beautiful exercise manifests. The light is known as "Shekinah," the female side of our Creator.

This is a wonderful exercise that offers an incredible protective shield. Working with the Archangels and the light enhances the component of love and peace that I believe will awe and inspire you. If you attempt this exercise, always remember to thank the Archangels individually for their love, guidance and protection.

"For nothing worth proving can be proven, nor, yet disproven, wherefore thou be wise, cleave, ever to the sunnier side of doubt." - Lord Alfred Tennyson ~ The Ancient Sage, 1:66

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