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Hopis recognize over 250 Kachinas or spirits, each with its own appearance and behavior.

They are difficult to classify because they differ from mesa to mesa, village to village, clan to clan.

Certain Kachinas have a name that is based on their appearance, the name of a bird or mammal, a name for sounds it utters or a name that does not translate.

Kachinas can be male or female, can represent a quality, other Indian groups, animals or plants.

Old Kachinas can disappear and new ones can be introduced. Certain kachinas always appear in the same roles.

They are believed to be ancient and generally beneficent beings although there are demons among them who threaten children [like the boogie-man].

There are 30 official, or chief Kachinas that take principal parts in the major nine-day ceremonies the first half of the year. They dance individually rather than in groups.

There are Kachina ceremonies, Dances, dolls, and societies. Kachinas bring rain, healing, fertility, or punishment for ritual wrongdoing. In most cases they are spiritual friends and allies.


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