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Trusting Guidance
By CinnamonMoon

I thought I'd write about what it's like learning to trust guidance. There are so many ways it manifests and learning to even accept that's what it is can be challenging. We might Dream things and at some point situations come to pass that relate closely to the in-sights we were given…in-sights. When I write the word in-sight this way it's pertaining to the inner sight we hold…through our senses and Dreaming is one visual form of using our eyes. We do have three eyes, the two we know physically and the Mind's Eye, or Third Eye centered in our forehead. Opening that eye we See things…visually journey, enter into meditative states, perceive energies, the spiritual side of us Sees through that eye.

We can catch scents in the air around us, feel, hear or touch things that aren't quite there and we know something's going on around us…something intangible but it's certainly there. We may know no more than that and we may know a whole lot more than that, but the point is we "Know".

These and other experiences like them are brought about by our internal radar…our sensory perceptions. We can trust that some depending on how active we are in working with that, on the validations we've had over the years that what we "Knew" was right came to pass. That's what I wanted to talk about here but even our senses are going to be active with other forms of guidance so I wanted to raise that issue first.

Next I'd like to talk about the mind, what a culprit that is! The mind wants to take control when we start coming into unknown arenas. Those curious questions formed and unformed and those answers you seek elude you to some extent at first. How can you trust until you Know, right? And what is guidance anyway? What are the forms that it takes?

Well we have many Spirit Helpers that are Guides and Teachers waiting to assist us in our growth and development along spiritual lines. We have Guides or Helpers in each of the elements, our Totem Animals, our Power Animals, dimensional Guides, Guardian Spirits, we have ancestral spirits that watch over us and guide us along too. There are many and they are discussed in various articles throughout our libraries.

What I want to talk about here is how we learn to trust in what we're seeing. How do we know it's not our imagination and all this is just a bunch of malarkey? That old mind of ours is going to challenge any new explorations we make along these lines and the only thing it really likes to accept initially is something it can see for itself according to its foundational perceptions. In other words, if spirituality itself is new to you the mind is really going to question exploring it, and if you are familiar with it each stage of growth will be questioned. Just ask anyone who has walked a spiritual path for any length of time and they'll tell you mind control is not about controlling the minds of others, it's about controlling our own.

Your mind, as well as your spirit, are a part of this physical body you inhabit, one comfortable in the spirit worlds, the other comfortable in the physical world…and they are like polar opposites. They go to war inside us at first, the mind not wanting to yield control and it won't until it is willing. A willing mind is not an easy thing to accomplish when it wants to shout "You're an idiot if you believe that!" at you all day. This means we have to experience enough spiritually for it to accept those realities and then embrace them. Only then will it willingly surrender and allow the heart to open to what the spirit is moving it to do. The mind is the jailer of the heart in that sense…it is the key you need to open the heart…you have to see the concepts in action by experience to do that.

And then there's the Inner Spirit/Self…it's trapped in the body, limited to free movement when we sleep, limited by forms of communication able only to do that through our senses, and trying every which way possible to get our attention…patiently waiting, and waiting, and waiting for the day we Wake Up. Hence, the lessons you are first learning deal with the opening of the mind to new concepts…the lessons learned exploring the Seven Sacred Directions serve to do just that.

Let me take this further, you can accept what I'm saying or not, but I have seen many people step onto their spiritual paths over the years and I know that what I'm saying is true by experience. If you are questioning the content of this article then you need those experiences and you'll find them in the Sacred Directions (See the Medicine Wheel Library for those topics.). These seven perspectives give us a 360 degree point of focus and the mind begins to open and it begins to accept that it's possible to have these experiences and then it gets curious about them. Bingo, that lock just opened. Now it's willing to see that the spirit inhabits the body working with the senses to experience the physical reality through them, and it is the only way for the spirit to communicate with us. And what the physical experience teaches the spirit the spirit uses the senses to teach the body and mind.

They are the duality of our BE-ing and in union we step into the Oneness…it takes them both to get there. The body with a mind of its own has to become aware of the spirit within and that means the mind has to come to accept it's not the only free agent at play here.

Whoa! The mind has to willingly sit down and learn to talk with the spirit through that sensory input and often the mind has no desire to do that. It wants to retain control and just who said it had to share its space with some spirit that wants to butt into its neat little world? And so its plan of action is much like a filibuster, it's always chattering at us with its own sort of logic…based on the physical world it knows. Chatter, chatter, chatter, and it will not shut up no matter how much we think we can tell it to. We need to learn to meditate…those exercises are important for this reason, they do train us to train our minds to be still and listen. *Soft smile*.

Each sense is a tool; a wire in the cable to communication with our Inner Spirit and our Guides and that is also the path to communicating with Spirit and actually having dialogue. Oh yes, we do have conversations galore once we crack our code of conduct and open the right doors.

We take it for granted that our senses are physical necessities and perceive with physical or mundane perceptions until we're introduced to the 'other side' of our senses and what they can bring to our awareness on those levels. It's balancing the two forces within us that are at war and one is masculine (the mind/Air and the physical experience/Fire) while the other is the feminine nature (healing nurturance/Water and wisdom given from the heart/Earth).

The spirit triggers sensory in-sight along spiritual lines. The mind recognizes only the physical sensations and relationships at first. The body is human with a mind to operate it and like any lead computer program it wants to be in charge of how the computer works. It doesn't want to listen to outside (or internal and external) commands unless you go through its protocol. "Prove to me you know what you're asking me to do here. I might consider your request then."

If we're afraid our mouse/mind freezes and blocks us until we work through those fears. We have to learn what our fears are to overcome them, and our Guides are there to help us with that. As we experience our relationships with them, because they do offer us such valid help, we come to gradually learn to trust them.

When we enter into spiritual teachings with focus the Inner Spirit gets very excited and sees a breakthrough coming. It's been waiting and waiting for this opportunity, and now it's ready to shout: "Yay! My human is waking up!!!" We find our sensations become enhanced a bit when we start to undertake spiritual lessons and open our eyes to them. Once the eyes are open (Air) the mind will begin to explore willingly (Fire) then we pass through an introductory relationship to Self (Water) and become loving friends (Earth) to walk the path ahead with new in-sights and back we go to Air.

This cycle I've just presented repeats to evolve each time we pass through the learning process-a process of ever-expanding and evolutionary understanding that takes a year and a day to complete. (As a rule the nature of our growth is the nature of life, so the seasons cycle with the year and we do too.)

That leads us into the pattern that forms in the Seven Sacred Directions and the lessons dispensed throughout the weeks and months. (The lessons of the weeks and months and our day to day life are taught with the lessons held by the Moons…Grandmother Moon is honored in the Medicine Wheel teachings and the outer ring of stones. Again you can find articles on these in the Medicine Wheel Library as well as our own monthly study of them in the Spirituality forum.)

To focus on those lessons we study the Moons for monthly lessons and that takes us into an understanding of the Wheel which we learn to use as yet another pattern. We come to see that the monthly lessons combine with the study of the Sacred Directions and help to guide us through the experiences we're having in life and in our spirituality unfolding. These cyclic patterns unfold to show us the way things work and we begin to relate to both the physical and spiritual realities, then to the balance we need to strive for and how to achieve that. But the mind doesn't want to have that 'program' take control and so it will challenge each step of the way with 'protocol' before giving approval. Sheesh, we have to reason with our own mind? Yep.

We often work better in the DreamLodge initially because of this, when the body is at rest it does not challenge the spirit and it is free to wander. Guides will show themselves to us there eagerly. We need to become aware of that on a conscious level and accept it before we are able to successfully participate in the spirit world as it pertains to the DreamLodge. That achieved, we begin to DreamWalk and can function there just as we do in the physical sense, our senses are active there too. Our spiritual Guides and Teachers will communicate with our Inner Spirit there and we can merge with that with little difficulty. Once this happens we retain the knowledge of the work the spirit does there and we can bring that knowledge and skill back with us consciously. It is our Medicine. The DreamLodge is just one dimension of spirituality though and there are endless dimensions to explore…dimensions our Guides are just waiting and eager to show us.

The mind has to be told to do that, to believe in what we're experiencing or what we want to experience…at least enough to let us explore. Our voice is the Commander-In-Chief of the mind, it will obey us and our Will determines that backed by our intentions. So we set our will to studies in the DreamLodge and suddenly a new door of learning opens up to us…and with that there are tasks the spirit fulfills in its path-it too is taking a journey and that journey is taking it through lifetimes like we pass through years of life. The spirit is eternal and will hold the keys to the past, present and future for us. Learning to communicate and work with it is challenging at first but it is usually the first Guide that we become consciously aware of as it is such a part of us. We learn to 'feel' that presence.

There are many ways of teaching people to come to that understanding and each tradition will have its own matrixes to use, matrixes that are universally based and vary slightly. Its the universal truths we're after though and one is that the mind, the spirit, then the eventual union of the two create a trinity within us.

We have to balance the focus and see the physical and mundane changes taking place and honor those too. If we shift our focus too strongly with the spiritual side then the physical side is at times overlooked. Initially that can be tempting because our curious mind wants to know more once it starts exploring. However, stirring that initial curiosity means we are challenging a mind that is heavily leaning to only the physical side pf what it's experienced and we're trying to find out how to balance the two…how to learn to walk between the worlds and see from both sides of the path we're walking. Wow, more stuff to learn. I hope you can see what I'm trying to say here. Understanding and balance are what allow us to progress through the lessons and it takes both or we get confused and start feeling quite lost. We grow frustrated, sometimes to the point where we just have to stop and sit down and let it sink in or toss our hands in the air and walk away.

We behave vulnerably because we're not seeing something that will answer those questions - yet - or because we are holding onto fears before we can let go and push through them. We're not Awake enough to name those things…yet. "And the day came when the risk it took to remain tight inside the bud was more than the risk it took to blossom."…Anais Nin Are you trying to take the risk of opening your mind? If so then know it will question and you will wonder for a time…is this real or is it Memorex? It's real alright, and there are many wonders to explore, fantastic experiences to undergo, and worlds upon worlds waiting to open to you.

Many Spirit Helpers are eagerly waiting for you to open up and allow them to come forward. And the Lodge community is here to help you when you find those times of confusion or want to talk about your experiences as you assimilate them.

As you come to meet your Guides you'll find the Sacred Directions will help you open those doors. Initially you'll probably ask if they are real or figments of your imagination. Your Inner Spirit will stir, it knows them all very well, and it will move you to a willing recognition there's more here than you can quite put your finger on. So, how do you get to know them and how can you trust them? Time and experience are the answer; willingness to remain open to explore and find your validations, and the discipline to study are also required. No one can do it for you, but they can show you how to do it yourself.

Remember, time means patience. A full round of lessons through the Sacred Directions is also accompanied by a full round of lessons through the cycles of Grandmother Moon and those two sources of knowledge and in-sight combine to introduce you to guidance, Self/Inner Spirit, and so much more. Validation comes as you work into gradual relationships with your Guides and your Self and you see for yourself that there is undeniable reality at play here, part of it tangible in the physical world and part of it intangible in the spirit world but gosh, they do work together.

So this is what someone means when they say they entered the Oneness with Spirit…when they walk between the worlds…when they follow guidance?! Wow! Am I really doing it too? You bet you are and if you can be patient with your process unfolding you'll find it's like a blossom, one petal at a time, one step at a time and when you follow the pattern of learning you get there in no time at all. When you arrive at the end of the first cycle of lessons you will have changed, grown, and be surprised at how you've raised your conscious awareness. It's just awesome.

I wish you well, many journeys, many encounters, many outstanding breakthroughs as you come to know your Guides and learn to trust them. I will say they do not steer us wrong, nor do they lead us astray, and those of us who have found ours will tell you that over and over. Learning to trust in them is the best thing you can do for yourself. Each one has so much to bring your way to enrich your life. Each one has a piece of the puzzle you're putting together, the map you need to follow to get where you're going and when you gather those pieces and put them together the path becomes very clear.

The Inner Spirit will being sharing its mission in this lifetime with you. Added to the path you see forming you'll start to find the purpose for which you were born unfolding with it. You'll recall things you knew about your life as a child and the Veil of Forgetfulness will begin to part as you step forward.

Spirit's Blessings to those of you who find the inspiration to step into that aspect of your spirituality, life is going to be very exciting when you do. I hope my words encourage some of those who are hesitant to take those first steps, or those feeling overwhelmed by the amount of material there is to study. It seems daunting at first, and you can narrow things down considerably when you pace yourself starting at the beginning…with the Seven Sacred Directions.

That's where it all begins and the doors to guidance reside. One Guide will lead to another and you'll meet several of them when you continue forward in that manner. I'm pulling for you and so is everyone else here at the Lodge. We're more than willing to share our experiences and knowledge with you when you post your questions in the discussion forums. So take that step, start to come to know your own Guides and don't be afraid to ask questions. All of us once stood in your shoes and we know the confusion that brings at first.

Let your Guides show you how wonderful they are, how dependable they are and where they can take you…and as you form those relationships you will learn to trust not only guidance but yourself…your Self. Then you can walk with conviction in knowing who you really are and where you're going in life. Bon Voyage!!!

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