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Intro to Elementals:
Wind Meditation

By SilverEagleDreamDancer

The wind speaks, rustling through the leaves of the tree, rippling the waves upon the water, urging the storm spirits on their journey across Grandfather Sky.

I am movement, I am trust, I am flow. In waves and gentle breezes I stir what is stationary and stagnant into bright vibrant life. From my depths whisper the voices of the Ancients that have traveled the glove dropping their wisdom like precious dew drops upon the morning glory. Sit and listen; receive what I offer and make it one with you. Breath my life into yours and you will understand who I am. I travel thorough your life in a rush of understanding, the harried breath of lovers and the tiniest coo of a dove.

I am formless force scattering long lost dreams among the ethers. I am unseen though my path is clearly visible. I am of what has been, speeding to what will be, through moments.

Listen to prayers that fill my wings. Listen to my endless song of flight.

Follow me through the depths of understanding to where we exist together as one. Then you will understand who I am.

Sit and be still and I will come to you, like a half forgotten song, once remembered in the night.

Sit still and I will help you remember of my ways and of the times we were one.

Sit still and receive, for I will fill you and teach you to fly upon my breath.

Sit still and be, and you will understand who I am.

My heart kisses the flame bringing it life. My fingers caress the sea carrying it's life to other shores. My lungs feed the Standing Ones, filling them with song. My love blows past your cheek when you're not even aware. Feel and be. Follow my joy through the canyons and you will understand who I am.

Walk with me, and together, we will be who I am.


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